Lead Me…A Prayer for Your Marriage

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I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to marriage, in particular we can help our husbands be godly leaders and the kind of men we need and desire them to be. I know many of you have experienced a lot of hurt and disappointment in your marriage. Many of you want your husbands to step up and be a stronger spiritual leader in your home. 

Whether your husband is leading your family the way he should be or not, I thought you might enjoy this song that touched me heart recently.  I told you that listening to music ministers to me!  When I heard the the words of Lead Me, by Sanctus Real, I fell in love with the message.

I realize this song is directed more to men…as encouragement to let God lead them as they strive to lead their families. Maybe you’ll have an opportunity to share this song with your husband. Plus, I thought it would give us all some great words to pray as we ask the Lord to help our husbands be strong and to meet our needs. I’ve been using the words of this song to pray for several of our friends who are struggling in their marriages.

In addition and maybe more importantly, I think this song can be a heart check for each of us as wives. Are we being the kind of wife our husband needs? Are we loving our children the way we should be? Are we letting our husbands lead? Are we fulfilling the roles in the home that we should be? Do our husbands and children feel supported by us, or do they feel alone?

Just a few things to think about and pray over…

And no matter what, always remember that God is in control and that he loves you and is holding you up.


  1. Rhonda says

    Thank you Laura! I love this song. It was featured recently on our christian radio website and I have played it daily. Thank you for sharing music with us:)


    Rhonda Reply:

    The music video displayed at http://www.mybridgeradio.net is also touching.
    I love the image of men turning their hearts towards their families
    and God.


  2. Jiller says

    Music has always ministered to my soul. Great song Laura. YOu sweet sister are a blessing and I love you!
    Thank you so much for your gift.
    Love Jill


    Laura Reply:

    You are very welcome. :) Love you…


  3. says

    Wow..I love this song…the first time it came on (myhusband ourchased the CD) we were all in the care….and headed home…I was shocked that a song so personal would be playing…because after all it was something that I have been trying to say for 13 years now….I have told my husband what I want in our marraige, and he replied that only God can show him…well I think that God did, and now things are slowly changing, and the song has changed his views….


  4. Rebekah says

    I love this song also. My husband bought it off of Itunes last week I really think it speaks to him and challenges him. Thank you for our encouragement for a Godly marriage I’m so tired of hearing negative things about marriage. It is such an awesome thing that God has made.


  5. Marla says

    This is one of my favorite songs! My kids and I know every word. I think it says exactly how women feel.


  6. says

    Laura – this song is amazing! Thank you for sharing, I had not yet heard it.

    I remember a point in my marriage when I felt alone – I tried so hard to communicate it to my husband and it had to have been purely the grace of God that got it through to him because my words were no good. However, he’s struggling to be the man that God intends him to be and I have to say that I am truly happily married! If you knew anything about me, you would likely know that I never thought that would be possible, given the kind of family life I lived when I was growing up. I feel treasured and loved beyond all imagination and I pray that I do as good a job of loving and respecting my husband as he does me. What a wonderful blessing I hope this leaves for our children!


  7. says

    My husband came home when he first heard this song and played it to me telling me that he cried when he heard it. It is something we both struggle with, him leading (his mother never let his father lead the home) and me for letting him and not trying to take over (I also come from a very matriarchal family).

    I cried listening to it b/c it touched me so much that he thought of our family and our son and I that way :). I also love this song b/c it challenges ME! It reminds me that I need to let him lead…that it will never work if I am trying to do his job and not allowing him to step up. A real heart check for both of us!

    It plays on our local Christian radio station all the time and it seems like it comes on every time we’re in the car…what a blessing to have that reminder from God.


  8. Valerie says

    THANK YOU!!! I have an amazing husband, he’s my best friend, but he is not perfect and this gives me words to pray….THANK YOU!!! What an amazing song. Marriage has been heavy on my heart and mind lately too…striving to be the BEST wife I can be, not always easy, but prayerfully I try. Thanks for the encouragement! We have the best job in the world as wives and mothers. What a blessing this life is. :-)


  9. says

    Thank you Laura!!! It was just last night that I yelled at my husband about the dishes in the sink. What truly happened was frustration because I couldn’t get my thoughts out clearly. I needed to step back and explain to him how I felt and things were fine afterwards. Hearing this song makes me wonder if he feels alone. I wonder how my actions affected him.

    Romans 8:28
    2 John 1:6


  10. says

    This is very timely! At our homeschool conference I bought a preaching/teaching CD from Vision Forum titled “The Wise Woman’s Guide to Blessing Her Husband’s Vision.” I have payed attention to how I act and speak since listening to that!

    This is such a sweet song! Our 12th anniversary is Sunday and we don’t usually exchange big gifts. Still, I’d like to have something for him and I think this CD might be just the thing. Only I’ll have to figure out how to get to the store with him!


  11. says

    I absolutely LOVE this song. I just really listened to it for the first time the other day. It’s a great Father’s Day song.


  12. says

    This song really touched me. It made me comforted and happy with my husband’s love, and it made me ache for our loved ones whose marriages are falling apart and don’t have this kind of thing–or GOD, to tie them together. So hard! :(


  13. Becky Mason says

    Thanks for introducing this group to me. I love this song. We were looking for something for Father’s Day Video at church and thinking this is it! God Bless…


  14. Kristin says

    I know that this song is ‘aimed’ towards our husbands, but we as wives and mothers can take a lot from it to… it really is a partnership and our spouses are simply human….

    It takes hard work and dedication to our marriages to make even the ‘perfect’ ones work….

    Thank you Sanctus Real for a message we can ALL learn something from.


  15. Laura Joiner says

    This brings me to tears. My Husband left 9mo. ago and asked for a divorce ..our hearing is June 24. I still love him and this song speakswhat my heart wants to say but I know he would never listen. I pray his heart will change and miss him everyday.


    Laura Reply:

    I am so sorry to hear this. May God strengthen you as you go through this.


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