Introducing: Healthy Crock Pot Recipes at Heavenly Homemakers!

I’ve decided that up until now, I may have had the most bored crock pot in the world. If all of the crock pots gathered for a convention, my crock pot would win the award for least exciting uses and most reasons to yawn while plugged into a wall. If there was such an award. Or convention. Or if crock pots really had feelings. It may actually be¬†possible that I’ve taken the idea of “becoming one with my kitchen” a bit too far.

So many of the crock pot recipes I’ve seen call for Cream of Blechy Soup or MSG in a Jar. I think this is the main reason I’ve avoided much crock pot usage. But finally, I started doing a little bit of recipe research. While many of the recipes I’ve found do call for ingredients I don’t cook with, I’ve also discovered that I can make a few simple adaptations to make the recipe healthy. My crock pot and I are so excited about this! (If, in fact, crock pots do have feelings.)

And so, over the next few weeks or months or years or until I run out of healthy crock pot ideas, I’ll be occasionally sharing easy, healthy crock pot recipes. They will be recipes that contain real food ingredients and hopefully, they will be recipes that simplify your healthy cooking life.

I’m not sure how you’re feeling about this announcement, but I’m guessing your crock pot is going to be totally jazzed! (If, in fact, crock pots do have feelings.)

Regarding Lead Poisoning¬†from Crock Pots: I’ve heard that this is a problem and am very frustrated with the lack of information I can find on this subject. Because I was concerned, I called the folks at Hamilton Beach, as I own this crock pot. They informed me that none of their crock pots contain lead. I think I believe them. Not that they would lie, but since the lady I talked to didn’t elaborate, I just had to assume she knew this information to be true. And, I’m going to go on faith and feel comfortable using my crock pot. What have you learned about this subject?

I’ve been working on crock pot ideas for main dishes, side dishes, dips, soups and even a few desserts. Which would you like me to sharing with first?

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  1. Christina says

    MAIN DISHES pleeeeeeeeease! I use my crock pot, but do about the same 2 or 3 recipes. I returned a crock pot cook book because they all contained cans of “cream of blechy” soups. Why must they do that?


  2. Jenifer Parker says

    I have done ceramics for years and I believe you should be able to buy a test kit for lead in ceramic glazes. If the crock pot is glazed that should be a defining test. Call a ceramic shop locally and ask.


  3. says

    Oh my goodness, I can so relate! I’m so tired of looking for recipes because they all seem to contain “cream of blechy soup” a package of this, or a can of that. Doesn’t anyone know how to cook from scratch any more?

    I’ve adapted some recipes I’ve found, but I’m looking forward to trying some of your recipes.


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