I L.O.V.E. Jars

Imagine my joy…as I began to blog about my beloved jars…to find that you wanted to know more about them!! (And here I thought you’d think I was just a nerd with jars.) 

Yes, it’s true.

I LOVE talking about jars, and looking at jars, and using jars…

So, here’s a bit more information about my jars for you!

I use jars if at all possible for just about everything, as I’ve read about the unhealthy use of many plastics. (Don’t worry, more on plastics coming up in another post!)

Beyond trying to avoid plastic…I simply LOVE jars.

I love the way they look…I love all the different sizes and shapes they come in…I love all the things you can put into them…and I love how things look once they’re in them.

I like to display them on top of my fridge with my baked goods. I like to fill them with my oats, rice, popcorn, beans and pasta and put them into my pantry


I like to put my leftovers (if we happen to actually have any) into them so that I can see what I have in my fridge. 

I like to put my spices into small ones since I buy spices in bulk…and don’t like pulling out a one pound bag of oregano each time I need a teaspoon of it. (Do you know how big one pound of oregano is? About half the size of your pillow…no kidding.)

The milk we get from our farming friends is put into awesome half gallon jars.


And of course, I do a lot of canning in the summer/fall…so I need hundreds of jars for that. Most of my canning jars used to be my mom’s, which makes them even more special. (And by the way, why…when we use jars to preserve food do we call it “canning”? I think it should be called “jarring”….but whatever.)  :)


I ordered my milk jars from my health food co-op, Azure Standard, for a very reasonable price. I’ve gotten many of my other jars very inexpensively at the dollar store. Or at garage sales. 

Or…I’ve received them as gifts…because when people see cool jars…guess who they think of? 

Yes…their friend…the nerd with jars. ;)


  1. says

    Came here from Tammy’s Recipes. I love this post! After reading it, I’m now wondering why I only own a handful of jars and don’t use them more. Makes perfect sense to use them because you can see what’s inside! And they look nice and organized too… well, ok, YOURS do anyway! :)


  2. says

    Yesterday I cleaned out my pantry. I took everything out and organized it better. Jars one one of the things on my list to get to help organize it better. Yours jars look so great. I love really old jars also but most of the ones I have are small ones. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Jennifer says

    I love the look of your jars filled with grains and canned items above. I don’t know why I have never really used jars. I think you have inspired me. I may go out this weekend and start looking around for some.


  4. says

    Adding 1/2 gallon milk jars to the list… thanks! :) By the way, how well do they fit in your fridge compared to gallon jugs?

    I was just thinking how much I love jars, and was considering posting about it. But I’ll settle for just reading your great blog!
    Thanks! :)
    Michele :)


  5. says

    Found you through Tammy`s Recipes!I love this post!I love jars too.They make everything look so rustic!i plan on transfering all of my spices into small jelly jars and hanging them on the wall in the kitchen.I think that would add some nice country charm to the kitchen,plus free up some cabinet space!Nice meeting you!!Have a blessed weekend!~~~~Toni


  6. says

    LAURA! When I read your post about jars, I literally laughed out loud.

    Growing up, my parents had a room in their basement where we were instructed to put empty jars. Over time, that room contained TONS of jars! So many, in fact, that *some* of us kids started putting them in the recycling when my mom didn’t know. She would NOT have been happy!

    At my parents anniversary party several years ago, we were having them play the Newlywed Game. When the question was asked of my dad, “If the house was on fire,what would be the first thing she (my mom) would try to save?”, a couple of my brothers blurted out “THE JARS”!!! We have also bought each other gag gifts of jars like jar coffee mugs, etc.

    The funny thing is, I never seem to have a jar around my own house when I need one. I say I am a great disappointment to my mother and a shame to my family;)So I definitely need more jars.

    I thought you’d enjoy that story since you have a jar obsession. Tiffany


  7. says

    I love jars too! I plan to fill my “new” pantry with jars filled with goodies. I love seeing things through the jars and the way they look. I was in a store a few weeks ago and fell in love with some that I saw. But as of now there is nowhere to put them so I’m not buying any.


  8. jersey girl says

    I too love jars and have been using them for years. I also love canning and came across a great tip on: blog.TotallyReady.com
    She suggests we use our canning jars for water storage after we eat the contents and before we refill them next season. Makes so much sense to me and takes up no additional room.


  9. says

    I love jars too! I love storing things in them as well as canning, etc.

    I am stopping by to invite you to participate in the The Carnival of Home Preserving.

    It is a Carnival to Share Recipes and How-To’s for Canning, Freezing, Dehydrating (drying), and Root Cellaring of Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs.

    The first edition is posted if you would like to come visit:

    Carnival of Home Preserving – July 14, 2008 Edition


    Submit your blog post (new or one of your archived ones that meets the above description) to the next edition of carnival of home preserving using the carnival submission form.

    The Deadline to Submit is every Sunday 6pm EST

    The Carnival posted by that Monday on the respective Host’s blog.

    Everyone is welcome to join in (beginners and experienced alike).



  10. Heather says

    If you live where you can go to an old-fashioned auction, they are jar heaven! I went to one in January, and brought home about 6 dozen canning jars, mostly quarts & half gallons, including a bunch of the pretty old blue ones (I love these for storage, but don’t use them for canning anymore), for $1–and the dollar was actually bid for something else that the jars came with. http://www.auctionzip.com will help you find auctions near you. They’re great for glass storageware & such things as crocks, kraut cutters, and other canning equipment, too, of course.


    Heather T. Reply:

    auctions are the best!


  11. Laura says

    At an estate sale down the street, I found a whole box of wide mouth quart jars, plus 3 extra thown in for a mere $6. That’s just .40/jar! I was so excited when I spied them and thought of you with your jar love, as well =) I also found a half-pint one with an old decorated lid that is fun.


  12. Erin says

    I love jars too. I use pyrex and small & tiny “canning jars to pack my kids lunch in for school. I wrap them so their is padding, and I talk to them about being careful with them. I was “spoken” to about using glass jars for my kids from their school, and my reply was, “I don’t use plastic because it can harm my children. My kids know they need to be careful with their jars. I am doing what’s best for my family, not what’s convenient.” They didn’t have much in response, but I’m sure they think I am a crazy mom because I won’t conform to what everyone else is doing.


    Tiffany Reply:

    Good for you! Every time I tell someone I am saving little jar for baby food they tell me why dont you just use the plastic ones. I give the same response, because its better for my baby. I also get no response. Good for you!


  13. Rachel says

    I have never posted a comment on your blog before but I have been following you for about a month now. I figured this post would be the best one for me to comment on.

    I was so excited to read that you love jars as much as I do. All of my family and friends know my love of jars & save them for me! Everytime I go to my families house I come home w/ boxes full of jars. I will take anything from spaghetti jars, pickle jars, & of course canning jars.

    Just today on craigslist I found a great deal. 100 canning jars w/ rings & lids for only $20!!!! Im going to go pick them up bright & early tmr morning. I will be dreaming fresh peaches, tomatoes, green beans & apples lol.

    -Im glad Im not the only one out there who loves JARS!!! :)


  14. Sue says

    Is there a place to buy the plastic lids inexpensively for the jars?


    Laura Reply:

    I’ve purchased them at Walmart or through my health food coop, Azure Standard.


  15. Heather T. says

    I also love jars, I don’t use them quite as much as you, but my dad used to collect bottles and jars and I kinda get that from him. I love auctions for finding the older more unique ones, they had some very neat jars back in the day, unlike now they are all the same.


  16. sharon says



  17. holly zeger says

    I found this blog threw the one you posted about big jars and little bananas. I love your ideas! I have started redoing my kitchen to add all my jars. I would love to can and do all that fun stuff this summer but my husband is in the army and we are moving to who knows where at this point in a few short years. But I can’t wait for farmers markets to open this summer!


  18. ShorterMama says

    What is the largest size you have? I have 1/2 gallon, but I’d love to get gallon ones – I’m not sure where to find them.


    Laura Reply:

    The largest I have is one gallon, but those are harder to come by. I’d say look online.


  19. says

    I have always been a great saver of jars. Back when I was single I had some people help me to move from my student-days apartment into a rental house closer to my place of employment. Paper bags were still used in grocery stores at the time, and I saved those too. My helpers made a lot of fun of my Bags of Bottles and my Boxes of Bags. *laugh*


  20. says

    It’s a pleasure reading your articles.

    The contents of my kitchen cabinets are slowly being transferred from their original packaging to jars. It really does give you that homestead-y, Little House on the Prairie feel. :)

    For those interested, I use glass Pyrex bowls for freezer storage (you can bake in them as well).


  21. Kathi says

    This is too funny! I also LOVE jars & do freeze my jam in jars. I’m guessing this is ok since I’ve never had any trouble with them breaking in the freezer..so far :) I wonder if you have the mason jar drinking glasses? They look like a mason canning jar with a handle. We love them. We are happy to have a store called Lehman’s in the town of Kidron, Ohio. It’s such a neat store. It makes me happy to go there & look at…jars :) Just kidding..sort of. They have lots of canning & preserving things, old fashioned toys, tools, kitchen gadgets, cookware, natural soaps & lotions. I can’t even explain how neat this store is. There is something for everyone. If you get a chance maybe look them up online or make a trip to Ohio :) My friend & I love your website. What a wonderful encouragement you are to us women. I’m also a mother of 3 boys & couldn’t agree with you more about how wonderful boys are. I’m rambling on now..I really just wanted to tell you about the drinking glasses & suggest a recipe for you. I used to sell pampered chef & this is a recipe similar to theirs. It’s so yummy & the perfect time to make it with all the fresh veggies. Make a pizza crust, spread in pan, bake about 5 minutes, brush with oil & crush 1-2 garlic cloves on top. Layer with fresh mushrooms, green peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, onions or whatever combo veggies you like. Top with mozzerella cheese. Bake ’til done. Sooo yummy :) Thank You for sharing your home, family recipes & most of all your testimony :) God Bless as you make your home heavenly :) PS..I sooo identify with you on your house..we live in a beautiful old frmhouse..I think it’s around 200 years old..love the house..not the basement so much..but feel so very blessed to raise my children here.


    Rhonda Reply:

    I finally got around to going to Lehmans a few weeks ago. Its not even that fr from me. What a fun store. I purchased some half gallon jars there.

    For gallon jars, I was able to get one at a meat market. I believe olives had come in it. and they only charged me a dollar for it.

    I just got a jar attachment for my Foodsaver. It can vaccuum pack any jar that uses a regular canning jar size lid. They also have a wide mouth version. This does not replace canning, but is for shelf stable items, to keep them fresh much longer. You can reuse the lids if you open it to remove part of the contents.

    I have decided to make jar storage between the studs of one wall in the kitchen, with doors. I am going to buy the doors first from a source I know of to get them cheap and then size the cabinet to the doors. But then again, option number 2 is NO doors, but having a little rail to keep them safely on the shelves. Also a very cool look.


  22. Katie says

    I have started using pint jars to freeze portions of ground meats. The big packs of ground beef are cheaper per pound. 1 pint jars fit exactly 1 pound of ground beef, keeps the freezer burn away, is reusable, doesnt leach any chemicals, and creates no additional disposable wrappings.


  23. Kelly Cox says

    I love the ball canning jars that are blue! Those would be so neat as a fan! I also have seen the blue jars used for handsoap (saw online where someone put a soap pump dispenser into the top of the jar lid……)I really want one next to my kitchen sink!


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