How is the Funky Fresh Challenge #5 Going For You? (Sneak Peek at my Whole Wheat Pitas)

I decided to check in with you mid-week to hear a little about how the Funky Fresh Kitchen Challenge is going for you so far. Remember, the challenge this week is to “Try Something New“.  Have you figured out what to make? Have you given it a go yet?

I had a chance to experiment with Whole Wheat Pita Bread this afternoon. Success!! Oh – except for the fact that a Pig in a Blanket had apparently rolled off the baking pan and onto the oven floor a few days ago. Obviously, I was unaware of this at the time. When I heated my oven to bake the pitas (500°!), my oven started smoking something terrible. When I went to investigate, it turns out I had a blackened pig just a smokin’ away at the bottom of my oven.

Once I aired out my kitchen and continued making pitas, I was very happy with the results. (Happy, that is, with the results of my pitas – not so much my stinky kitchen.)  I’ll share the pita recipe on Friday and give you a chance to share what you tried too!

Now don’t you go telling anyone that the Heavenly Homemaker has pigs smoking in her kitchen. That just doesn’t sound right. ;)


  1. Sarah says

    I tried to make bread. Due to improper yeast storage (in a cupboard next to the stove), my yeast was dead on arrival and my bread failed to rise. I bought new yeast and will try again on Saturday.


  2. Barbara says

    Those pitas look AMAZING! I can’t wait for the recipe. I haven’t tried anything new – yet – this week. Last week I made turkey pot pie filling and a crust – both new. I’m currently soaking beans and making navy bean soup for Wednesday’s dinner; I’m hoping to make ‘sloppy lentils’ for Thursday’s dinner – both of these will be new for me to make. Thanks for your inspired and encouraging posts!


  3. Cheryl says

    My homemade, totally from scratch chocolate cake was yummy! I even snuck a teaspoon of my homemade vanilla into it!

    I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make a cake from scratch. Really not that much harder then those mixes.


  4. Joanna Sigman says

    The pitas look great! Tried a new Peanutbutter Granola recipe. And then used part of it in a new recipe for Granola cookies. Both recipes were a huge success! Yay for healthy AND tasty! :)


  5. MichelleL says

    I love trying new recipes, so every week we have at least one new recipe to try. This week was Mexican Chicken Lasagna. No weird ingredients, everyone loved it, yay!! Those pitas look great, can’t wait to give them a try! :-)


  6. Mandy says

    I’ve been meaning to try your giant breakfast cookies and your chewy granola bars recipes…..perhaps this is the day to finally get around to doing it. I stayed up after the kids went to bed and completely cleaned the kitchen last night….COMPLETELY!!! What better time to experiment with new delicious recipes:)


  7. mrs. p says

    I made potato chip cookies for my daughters lunch. I also made your vanilla cinnamon crumb topping muffins. My daughter loves them she has requested more. Tomorrow I am making white chicken chili and breakfast sausage using ground hamburger.Last week we made homemade pretzels. My daughter got a cookbook at the library. LOL


  8. Laura Gregory says

    i tryed a new recipe for a hashbrown caserol with no cream soup! it turned out to be a keeper! i even think i like it better than the cream soup one :)


  9. Karen says

    Oh wow! You have really inspired me to give whole wheat pitas another try. I began making them a few years ago, then just gave up because, honestly, they did not taste good. Yours look so beautiful. I can hardly wait for the recipe! I’ll be starting my kombucha tea soon. Just trying to squeeze it in between all the other kitchen stuff. Whew!


  10. Jenifer Parker says

    Good story and yummy looking pitas. I had the same thing recently with something burnt and put water on to boil with cinnamon and vanilla to ‘cleanse’ the air. LOL


  11. Kristin says

    Can’t wait to check out your recipe. I tried making pita years ago. It was great fresh out of the oven, but was dried out the next day :( Since then I’ve stuck to Trader Joe’s whole wheat pita.


  12. Kim says

    We have been loving pitas stuffed with chicken salad and lettuce at lunch time. I have been buying the whole wheat pitas off of the day old bread rack at our local grocery store. I cannot wait to try your recipe!! I would love to make some at home.


  13. says

    I made my first try at veg. stock yesterday and I burned the onions. I changed the pot and hoped for the best. It seemed to work. The stock was a little too sweet for me, next time I’m leaving out the tomatoes. I’m going to try a roasted veg. stock next time. I plan to make a lot of soup this winter, it’s cheap and nutritious.


  14. Ashley says

    I haven’t made anything new yet this week :( I did last week and it was a hit! I made Hamburger rolls! All it is is biscuits flattened and you put seasoned hamburger meat in it (cooked) top with cheese and onions if you like those. Roll the biscuit over top the meat, bake till the biscuit is done! Easy peasy, and yummy too!


  15. Callie says

    Can’t wait for this recipe. My kids love hummus and pita. So far I’ve only made the homemade hummus and they had to use carrots. If I can get the pita making down, I’ll be golden!


  16. says

    I made crackers for the first time! Oh, yum. As my husband said “these may be a problem.” He knows they took a while to make and yet we could eat them all in about 10 minutes with the kids. But, I’m glad to know how much they loved them and how inexpensive they are to make….good stuff!


  17. Christina B. says

    I can’t wait to read your recipe for the pitas. I have been experimenting with trout and I am planning to try some new combos for my breakfast cookies.


  18. Brighid says

    Something new: steamed bok choy. Sounds basic and it is. But I’d only ever added to stir fries. It’s not bad with tomato sauce covering it. (Too much garden produce!)


  19. Jennifer Blaine says

    I have yet had the time to make something new. I am however, cleaning out my closets!! So a plus there. Maybe I will have the time this weekend.


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