How I Killed Two Birds With… a Chicken?

Remember how my 3-year old used to call the “kitchen” a “chicken?” What in the world – that kid turned 17 this week. He doesn’t get his words mixed up much anymore, though at times he makes up his own words (I have no idea where he gets that). I find him to be more endearing than ever. Rest assured, he’s got the kitchen-chicken thing figured out by now.


As you all know, I enjoy the occasional opportunity to focus on chicken. (See also: God is Bigger Than a Free Range Chicken and How to Fend Off Mean Roosters.) So here I am finally with a new post about poultry.

I didn’t actually kill the two birds I’m writing about today, as the dearly beloved had already found themselves beheaded and plucked and stashed safely in the back of my freezer. The point of this post is actually to share how cooking a couple chickens to make broth ended up saving me a significant amount of time and made about six full meals for my family. Thus, I feel like I killed two birds with one stone; but what I actually did was knock out a lot of pending work with the effort I put into cooking two birds.

You see now where I got the title for this article. It’s easy to see that being clever is what I do second best after securing my family’s need for sustenance. So back to the chickens…

chicken week 1

I had two smallish birds in the freezer, so I pulled them both out and put them directly into a large pot of hot water with a bunch of vegetables. (Note: I’ve found that there is no need to thaw the chickens before making the broth. It’s all part of keeping life simple, being efficient, and killing two birds with one…well. You get it.)

The chickens and veggies and water all worked their magic for several hours on my stove until they turned into the liquid gold I’d been hoping to create. At this point I pulled all the chicken off the bones. Then I blended the mushy vegetables until they were smooth, and stirred them right back into the broth that had been created. I then tossed all the chicken bones right back into the pot with a fresh batch of water and vegetables to make another round of broth. (We call this getting the most out of your chicken bones, or rather, killing more, or perhaps fewer, birds with two birds. Try to keep up.)

When all was said and done, I had three gallons of rich chicken broth, which, if I do it right, will make 5-6 meals for my family or to share with others as the needs arise. In addition, I had a 9×13 dish full of cooked chicken to use in those meals or in others.

chicken week 3

I guess we could say I killed more than 2 birds with my birds, seeing as I had more than 2 meal options available to me after my broth making efforts.

A couple days later I cooked rice directly in some of the broth (to give it great nourishment and flavor!) and stirred together a big dish of Cheesy Chicken and Rice. I used the remaining cooked chicken to make a pot of Shredded BBQ Chicken (which is seriously as easy as dumping bbq sauce into the cooked chicken and stirring it – let’s not make life hard).


With the rest of the broth, I will make batches of Potato Soup, Chicken Soup with a Kick, and 20-Minute Taco Soup.

So cook yourself a couple of chickens to make broth, then use the broth and chicken to make a handful of other great dishes for your family. You, too, can kill a lot of work with a couple of birds and have a whole lot of meals to enjoy with your family.

At this point I’m wondering why I don’t have an entire category on my site dedicated entirely to Chicken. (See also: On Thursday I Killed the Chicken and Chickens and Cowboys.)


This was taken six years ago when Malachi was only six
and I was still in my 30’s. What in the world?

What are your favorite dishes to make with broth and chicken?


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  1. Pat says

    I only did one chickeñ and got 3 meals and broth for 4 adult appetites. The first night we had chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli. The second meal was BBQ shredded chicken sandwiches. The third meal was homemade chicken and noodles over rice. There is still a cup of chicken left and it will go in a soup next week. There will be some broth for the freezer too.


  2. says

    I love to make chicken broth! Though I often throw the bones back into the same broth and make it extra strong. But I like the idea of doing another batch with veggies! Mitch makes a great veggie broth, but he hasn’t made it in awhile because it is a bit labor intensive. This sounds much easier. :)


  3. connie says

    hi laura…….did you ever share the “chicken” for “kitchen” story before? because my son did the exact same thing!!! he’s turning 14 soon, so he’s got it figured out now too :)
    and speaking of chicken (the food kind)…….i made your italian chicken in the crock pot with the seasoning, butter, and cream cheese last night. my family LOVES it. i have to refrain myself each time from eating the whole darn crock pot full as i’m shredding it and just telling the family i don’t have anything prepared for supper that day! thanks for all your yummy and easy recipes.


  4. Heidi says

    Love to do this, even with leg quarters that go on sale for .49/lb. They went on sale last yr for .29/lb!! I canned about 40 lbs. What a blessing. I like to make chicken pot pie with precooked chicken and broth.


  5. Felicia says

    Hi Laura,
    How do you store your broth?


    Laura Reply:

    I usually put them in 1/2 gallon jars in the fridge. :)


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