Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

When I mentioned that I was making homemade ice cream sandwiches for the YC ladies soccer team, several of you said, “You ARE going to share your recipe aren’t you?!”

Uh yeah. Who am I to hold back on a recipe that includes cookies and ice cream? That would just be mean. Although this isn’t really a recipe exactly.  I just put ice cream between two cookies and called it a sandwich. I didn’t even make the homemade ice cream this time. I needed to make 40 of these and I was making homemade ice cream for the team another day…so this time it was Breyers to the rescue!

First off, I baked TWO double batches of these chocolate chip cookies. I used a Pampered Chef medium sized scoop so that my cookies would mostly, sort of turn out uniform in size. You must make sure your cookies are completely cooled for obvious ice cream sliding avoidance purposes. In fact, I made mine ahead and froze them. Then they were nice and cold and ready for ice cream.

Here’s the Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich math:

~A double batch of chocolate chip cookies made about 40 big cookies, which was enough for 20 ice cream sandwiches. Therefore I needed TWO double batches of chocolate chip cookies to make 40 ice cream sandwiches.   I suppose that would be a quadruple batch, wouldn’t it?
~One container of Breyers Ice Cream was enough for thirty ice cream sandwiches.

I let the ice cream soften just a bit on my counter top. By “just a bit” I mean I have  no idea exactly how long I left it there. I brought it home from the store and put a few other groceries away and helped one of the kids on a math problem then got out supplies to make the sandwiches then started some meat cooking on the stove then washed my hands and finally started putting the sandwiches together. Yeah, about that long. The ice cream was then nice and soft for scooping, but not yet running all over my counter and down into my silverware drawer.

Once your ice cream is soft – but not too soft, good luck with that – pick two cookies that look pretty similar in size.


Place a scoop of ice cream onto one of the cookies. If you get some on your fingers you are not allowed to lick it off. You are making these to share with other people right?  Work hard to avoid the temptation to lick your ice creamy fingers. It will not be easy. But you can do it. If I can do it, you can do it. Believe me. Because it was lunch time and I hadn’t eaten yet.


Place the second cookie on top of the ice cream which is on top of the first cookie. Squish it down just a little bit. But not too much. If you squish too much the ice cream will ooze all out of the sides of the sandwich and wow will you have a mess. So don’t blame me if you squish too hard. I warned you to do slight squishing.


Hold up the pretty ice cream sandwich and show all family members and friends who are around and wish to see it. And then tell them that sorry, they can’t eat it yet.


Place each ice cream sandwich in a little fold top sandwich bag. Who knew those were really for ice cream sandwiches and not just ham and turkey?


Place all the wrapped sandwiches on a pan in the freezer for at least two hours or for however long you need to keep them there. Or for however long you can keep them there as these are rather tasty and people will want to take them out of the freezer and eat them.


When you are eating your very own ice cream sandwich, you are then allowed to do all the squishing of the ice cream you would like to do. You are also then allowed to lick your fingers…and the ice cream that may or may not be running all the way down your arm toward your elbow.

Go ahead, see if you can lick your elbow.

You tried it just now didn’t you?

For the record, I am not quite able to reach my elbow to lick it. I will need to catch the running ice cream before it reaches my elbow. You?

No, not my elbow…yours. You may NOT lick my elbow.

Lick your own elbow…if you can.

Can you?

Yeah, explain this one to your family.

“Mama, why are you sitting at the computer trying to lick your elbow?”

“Just getting ready to make Ice Cream Sandwiches, Dear.”


  1. says

    And if you want to go really over the top, after assembling, roll them in mini chocolate chips or chopped nuts or toffee bits or crushed M&Ms or mini M&Ms or some such. MMMM. Must. Make…


    Danielle Reply:

    Okay why was I thinking the same thing!!!!???


  2. says

    I really love your blog, it is so fun. I am interested in some of your products. Especially the new service and letter of the week one for the smaller kids. If you ever want me to do a review or a giveaway on my blog, I would LOVE to. Thanks for the great recipe! ;) I am excited to try it! My husband would love me to make a whole bunch of these for him!


  3. Rebekah says

    I think freezing the cookies ahead of time is probably a great idea. I made some the other day and didn’t freeze the cookies and it made kind’ve a mess but they were still awesome!!!!! Best Ice cream sandwiches I’ve ever had!


  4. elaine says

    My daddy always told me if I could kiss my elbow I would turn into a boy. I guess that’s why the Good Lord put our elbows just out of our mouth’s reach :)


  5. elaine says

    I was so busy thinking about elbows I forgot to mention – these look fabulous! And, yes – you are hilarious and I can’t wait to read your blog every day!!


  6. Debbie says

    My 8-year-old daughter loves to show people that she actually CAN lick her own elbow! She has an especially long tongue that she can make reach even the very end of her elbow. It’s quite a sight. She can also lick her nose. I’m so proud. :-)

    I hadn’t thought of using cookies for ice cream sandwiches in a long time. I’ll have to make that the treat for this weekend. Yum!


  7. Serenity says

    I am going to HAVE to try this! My teenage brothers love ice cream and bought Drumsticks last time I sent them to the store. On sale they are 2.50 for a box of 4! Yeah, that lasted one night and they had ice cream to go with them :)

    Have fun with your girlies this week!!!


  8. Kathy Shaner says

    Hey– I made ice cream sandwiches last summer with your graham cracker recipe, and they were fabulous! I made the chocolate version of the crackers, and I rolled them a little thicker. And I didn’t worry about leaving them in the oven to get crispy (although the crackers that did end up crispy still made great ice cream sandwiches). I cut them into rounds before baking, and the rest of the work was basically the same as what you describe here.

    I’ve always loved those chocolate cookie parts of store-bought ice cream sandwiches, and I was looking for a good substitute. This recipe didn’t turn out EXACTLY like those, but they were sure good!


  9. says

    You are too funny! Thanks for my first laugh of the day. I needed it! These look fab and I am sure I will try these soon, using some of my low-sugar stuff. Yum, I can taste them now!

    Stop by and visit me over at Free 2 Be Frugal sometime soon…we are back up and running once again!


  10. Tracy says

    These sandwiches sound awesome, can’t wait to try them! I’ll have you know my husband bet me $1000 I couldn’t lick my elbow. Imagine his surprise when I did. Too bad the money’s all the same. Keep up the good work!


  11. Emmi Rose says

    Dear Laura,
    These were amazing.
    Your cookie recipe turned out perfectly, and I have tried to make a healthy one so many times.
    Sucanat is my sweetener of choice so I love that the recipes on your blog all use it already and I won’t have to guess the outcome of a new recipe.
    Thank you for taking the time to write this blog, it is such a great place to come and rest.
    In His Grace, emmi rose


  12. Kathie says

    Awesome! My husband adores chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches…I will make a batch of these for part of his birthday present (last year his cake was a giant chocolate chip ice cream sandwich).


  13. Shannon says

    Squeeze them a bit so the ice cream is at the edge and overflowing a bit the roll the in sprinkles, mini chocolate chips etc. Just watched Ree do an episode on this very thing. :)


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