Homemade Chocolate Caramel Creamer

Disclaimer:  No one actually passed out while the following event took place.

Chocolate Caramel Coffee Creamer

I absolutely do not like coffee. Can’t stand the stuff. Never have liked it, no matter how I’ve tried to doctor it up. However, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always loved the way it smells, which is why, when a friend was over one morning earlier this week, I was excited to brew her some coffee. She actually likes how it tastes – and making some for her gave me an excuse to smell it. I know. I’m weird.

This is why I can hardly believe I’m about to say the following words:  I drank a cup of coffee on Tuesday. And I liked it.

Yes, my husband passed out when he heard the news. As did my children. Thankfully, they have all recovered nicely from the shock. I’m not sure I’m over it though. Seriously. I can’t believe I drank a cup of coffee and liked it.

Here’s how it all went down:  When I asked my friend what she would like for her coffee, she told me that she would usually add a shot of “Chocolate Caramel Creamer”. Since she and I are good at talking smack to each other, I said something very gentle and kind like, “Oh gag, are you serious? Do you know what’s in that stuff?”

(Partially hydrogenated oils, plus a bunch of weird stuff I can’t pronounce – in case you were wondering.)

Well, it just so happened that we had hosted a birthday party for Elias last week. And it just so happened that we had offered an ice cream sundae bar during the party. And it just so happened that I had leftover homemade hot fudge sauce, leftover homemade caramel sauce, and fresh cream in my fridge.

So I said to my friend, “You want REAL chocolate caramel creamer in your coffee? I’ll give you chocolate caramel creamer.”  And so, I heated some hot fudge and hot caramel on my stove, drizzled them into her coffee, then poured in some fresh cream.

She took one drink and passed out from the deliciousness. Not really. But she loved it and said something like, “You have got to try this!”  To which I reminded her, “Um no. I don’t like coffee”.

(It’s just like you’re a fly on my wall, huh? You’ve gotta love a play-by-play of my first coffee drinking experience.)

I finally gave in to the peer pressure, because shucks, it did smell really good, and I took a tiny, little sip. That was when it was my turn to pass out. Wow, it tasted good. I couldn’t believe it, so I took one more small sip just to see if I had completely lost my mind. I think the question of me losing my mind is definitely up for debate, but yeah – that stuff was good. I therefore made myself my very own cup of coffee with hot fudge, hot caramel, and cream. I sat down at the table with my friend, and together, we drank coffee.

Well now, I can’t say I’ve ever been able to write that sentence before.

The reason I share this with you is not ultimately because I have discovered a super healthy new recipe. I can’t say that this beverage is a must-have because of its stellar nutritional content. However, many of you have asked for an alternative to non-dairy creamers, which are really full of some not-so-good-for-you ingredients. If in fact you are looking for a better option for your coffee, I believe this might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Ingredients:  One cup of hot coffee that smells really good, one teaspoon hot fudge sauce, one teaspoon hot caramel sauce, and a few teaspoons of cream.

Make it. Smell it. Try it. And then, we will all pass out together.

Are you a coffee drinker? Have you found any great alternatives to purchased creamers you’d like to share?

UPDATE:  I love coffee now. Who knew?


  1. Amber Rogers says

    Oh, brother!! While I like chocolate sauce straight from the spoon, and caramel sauce most any which way, ruining a perfect cup of steaming hot coffee like that is just so WRONG!!!! Kinda like opening presents on Christmas eve instead of Christmas day, or wearing white shoes after labor day. It’s just not done!!
    Oh well, I am glad you had a fun day with a friend, and that you liked your coffee.


  2. says

    I love gingerbread lattes and have long patronized a little local coffee shack. I decided to try and duplicate the taste and real cream was the answer. No more creamer for me!


  3. Kathie says

    That’s awesome! I adore coffee, and I buy the Natural Bliss coffee creamer (it’s dairy, not non-dairy). Unfortunately it does not come in hazelnut which is my favorite. I need to do more research on homemade hazelnut extract so I can just use that with a bit of maple syrup and whole cream.


  4. Kathy says

    Been there, done that, Laura. I never bothered to tell you how great your caramel is in coffee, because– well, you wouldn’t have believed it.

    My husband is a big fan of the awful commercial caramel mochas, and I knew I had to try your fabulous caramel recipe in a homemade version. I haven’t mastered it completely (probably didn’t use enough cream, now that I think about it), but we’ll try some more.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    (You probably already know this, but the caramel is amazing in hot chocolate, too)


  5. Kristin says

    I use flavored stevia, but I splurged at Christmas and bought peppermint white chocolate creamer (in an effort to limit my Starbucks intake) before I remembered that nourishedkitchen.com (i think) has a creamer recipe. I’m going to get around to making it soon! I’m not a huge fan of carmel and chocolate together but the next time I make the sauces I’ll give it a try.


  6. Hayley says

    You crack me up :) I’m a coffee addict…at least I don’t add sugar though! I finally got hubby to switch from nasty crap creamer to Organic Valley flavored creamers. I think there are four ingredients in it – milk, cream, evaporated cane juice and vanilla. It’s pricier than the “fake” stuff but SO much better for him…they also make a hazelnut and I think another flavor.


  7. Lora says

    HAHA! I also have used your homemade caramel sauce in my coffee. I made 2 batches, used one for caramel corn and the other my family had over icecream. When I opened up the fridge during that week and saw we had some left, I just HAD to try it in my coffee…wonderful! I am kinda a strange coffee drinker. :-) I love it with just cream–that is how I normally have it, but sometimes I indulge in a mocha or latte. So, I use your caramel sauce when I feel like splurging! Thanks Laura!


  8. says

    Would love to try this as I can’t handle coffee without a little sweetener. However, we can’t have dairy. Any suggestions for making the caramel sauce without the heavy cream?


    Valerie Reply:

    Have you tried coconut milk?


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, coconut milk sounds like the best option – although I’ve never tried it to make the caramel sauce so I can’t say for sure if it will work.


  9. Gabby says

    Laura, you made me laugh with this post! I despised the taste of coffee until I was pregnant with our second son. I began to LOVE the smell of it when hubby would drink it. (Good ole’ pregnancy cravings) One day I got brave and decided to try it. Nine years later, I am still a certified coffee addict. I mean, you could just hook up an IV for the day and I would be happy :) I seriously try to limit to 2 cups a day, for my health.

    That being said, I am one of those coffee drinkers who needs to have SOMETHING in her coffee. Hubby…he drinks it straight up. I tease him that it tastes like snake venom that way. I can’t do artificial creamer, though. It reminds me of ground up chalk. I do straight up milk. But now I have a new goodie to add to my lineup.

    Thanks for the laugh!


  10. says

    Ha! You cracked me up as I read this! I didnt drink coffee for a very long time (I had to have kids first) but now I love it and am always looking for creamer recipes. Great job and we will have to try this one! Glad no-one really passed out. :)


  11. Lana says

    You are now a grown-up!! Serious coffee addicts at our house, we have 2 brewers and a Keurig. The Coffee Mate Natural Bliss creamers are a very good alternative to the nondairy stuff.


  12. says

    Yet another reason I HAVE to try your caramel sauce.:) This sounds delicious! In an effort to cut it caffeine recently, I made the switch to Teecino, and I love it! Caffeine free, herbal coffee! Ever try it? Now, if I can just get some caramel sauce in there… ;) thanks for a great post!


    Laura Reply:

    Never have tried it – I’ll have to look into it. :)


  13. Michele says

    LOL Love this post. Love the story. I love coffee cold, hot, strong…not weak. BLECH. I have made the hot fudge part now to try carmel… prob. will use almond milk or something and see how that works.
    Thanks for the laugh today. I enjoy laughter.


  14. Kathleen K says

    I LOVE coffee, and am trying very hard to get off my addiction (again). I can’t have the caffeine. And don’t even suggest I try decaffeinated. That won’t happen. Either the real stuff or none.

    But seriously Laura, IF you REALLY want to like the stuff (not that I recommend you get addicted or anything), then try some VERY good quality coffee. Organic is best. Its expensive, so again, I’m not recommending you develop this addiction. But there is no cheap national grocery store product that will compare to a wonderful cup of organic, freshly ground coffee!

    And that is how I got my husband to love coffee too!

    Kind of like comparing Wonder bread to your homemade bread….


  15. Shani says

    Hi Laura~

    We gave up commercially processed creamers a year ago, so I’ve had to get creative. My absolute favorite one is this:

    4 cups coconut milk
    1/2 cup sugar/sucanat/etc.
    1/2 (MORE or less) cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
    1/2 tsp. peppermint extract (optional)

    Pour 1/2 cup coconut milk into a saucepan with the sweetener and chocolate. Whisk together until chocolate is melted completely. Add rest of milk, heat through, then stir in extract.

    YUM!!! We got friends hooked on this over the holidays. :) This is actually our homemade hot chocolate recipe, so I fill the boys a big mug of it, then put the leftover in a glass jar in the fridge for my coffee for the rest of the week. Or for the next couple of days, if hubby finds out it’s in there, lol.
    Have a great day!



    Okay, between Shani and Laura’s recipes,…..I’m sooooo excited! *I am a coffee drinker and these ideas are outstanding! woohoo!!! You go girls!!! (Laura, “welcome to the club”!) :o)a


  16. Tabitha says

    Love love love this idea!!!!!! My husband always buys store bought flavored creamer….I hate the fact that is artificial junk in a bottle!!! Now I much make him some real creamer….and I hope that he will like it!!!!


  17. Barbara says

    I don’t think I’m addicted to coffee, but I enjoy it WITH something in it – like the stuff that’s bad for you . . . for the past two weeks, I’ve been drinking my coffee with cream only, no flavorings, no sugar; but I’m not really ‘enjoying’ it.

    Deliciously Organic (someone mentioned this earlier) has created some pretty awesome creamers, I’m just being lazy and not making them, but I think I’m ready to go back to it.

    As I prepare to get up for my 2nd cup, maybe I’ll add some fudge or caramel sauce along with my cream :)


  18. Colleena Stark says

    Oh Laura! You’re disposition is so uplifting! I would say you’re right on target about coffee, too. Smells glorious, but it’s not drinkable without just the right additives! Ha! Ha!


  19. Christie says

    Dear Laura,

    I love the smell, too ! Yet, since one of my doctors said , for me , even carrot juice would be like giving a hummingbird caffeine. So I figured coffee would put me off the charts. I sometimes , like once or twice a year tried to make healthy cup .. I used decaf. with stevia and vanilla soy milk ( when I was off dairy ). It was pretty good , of course I am not a coffe drinker… Just a smeller,too.:) I love herbal teas and tried the same combination . Since I used chamomile, it even helped me sleep. Now I hear coffee is supposedly helpful in moderation. So, who knows… I will pray about it, and maybe I won’t just smell anymore. Laura, I do believe you have the gift of exhortation . You have a good way of encouraging others.:)


  20. says

    Ha! You unknowingly followed my house rule: You can’t say “I don’t like it” until you’ve tried it – and “trying it” means three bites.

    Yep. You must take three bites before you can turn up your nose in my house. At the first bite you’re still mentally prepared to not like it. The second bite you’re over your angst and a little more open minded. At the third bite, you’re finally evaluating honestly whether you like the taste and it is THEN that you are finally able to determine whether you really like or not.

    Kudos to you for following the three bite..er sip…rule!


  21. Melissa says

    I’m a coffee addict, and I LOVE it with coconut milk (make it yourself using shredded coconut and hot water) and a pinch of raw sugar. Delish!


  22. says

    I always enjoy your humor! :O)

    I do have to say though that real coffee (regular or decaff) is unhealthy no matter what you do or do not put into it. I didn’t even count how many commenters used the words “addicted” or “addict” and that’s only the beginning. :O( Coffee has proven to be very unhelpful to one’s health and I cannot, in good conscience, recommend or commend anyone for drinking the stuff. I say enjoy the aroma if it pleases you (it personally gags me, but I know many people who truly enjoy the smell), and you will be much better off than indulging in the drinking of it (or forcing yourself to drink it).

    I think your chocolate caramel creamer would be fantastic in a mug of hot chocolate! (That should also be consumed in moderation.) And I think I would love to try that! Have a fantastic (coffee-free – haha) day!!! :o)


    kentucky Lady 717 Reply:

    Dr. Oz says 1-2 cups of coffee a day is good for you…..has been tested……..


  23. Carie says

    Love this post!! You’ve finally come over to the dark side, lol. I was the same way, coffee yuck! Then I had good coffee, and look at me now! I own a coffee shop:)


  24. Jaime Layton says

    I have JUST gotten away from fake coffee creamer in the last month. I am using Half and Half, a few drops liquid Vanilla Creme Stevia. With whipped cream on top, of course!


  25. Debbie says

    You are sooooo funny! I just love reading your posts. I have been drinking coffee since I was 15 years old and cannot imagine my life without it. I am excited to see a creamer alternative. I have been convicted lately on the use of commercial creamers. Can’t wait to try your version!


  26. Charlotte Moore says

    FUNNY story!!! Love to read your antics. I am a black coffee drinker. I learned to rink it that way when I married. I did not want to get used to cream or sugar so i stayed with the black. I really can’t tell the difference in regular or decaf except for getting me going in the morning. We use the lite or decaf and it really taste the same to me. I never drink regular coffee for a health issue with too much caffeine.

    I have read several things about coffee being good for you. Who knows???

    Enjoyed your post and the laugh. I could just picture your first taste. (-:


  27. Blythe says

    I’m the same… smells good… but can’t stand the taste…… Since your blog is mostly about health and food…. I’d like to bring up the fact that coffee is VERY un healthy for us. No one glass won’t do much but most people have an addiction with some very bad side effects…..


  28. says

    I love coffee but normally hate creamers. I will definitely have to try this out! By the way, have you ever attempted hot chocolate coffee or Mexican coffee? For hot chocolate coffee just take your cocoa mix and then mix with coffee instead of milk or water. For Mexican coffee, add some ground cinnamon and a type of brown sugar in with your grounds before you brew. A missionary friend in Arizona shared that with me and it is absolutely yummy!


  29. Coby says

    I love coffee, but alas, gave it up because it was giving me heart palpitations. Not fun! When I DID drink it, I just added a little milk and sugar, BUT…my husband would make a lovely milk froth to pour on top and sprinkle a little cocoa powder on top. SO good.

    I can’t talk about it anymore. I might cry. ;-)


  30. says

    Great recipe! I’m in the same boat…I never liked coffee until last year (after 37 years) that I tried it very light. 2 tbs of coffee for 1.5 cups of milk. That way it is delicious! In my country we don’t use the creamer, we make it with milk, but your recipe will be a nice touch on my coffee!


  31. Joy says

    There seems to be some disagreement here as to whether coffee is detrimental to our health. I’ve seen MANY articles citing research that tells of the antioxidant properties of coffee, and other benefits. In fact, I believe I’ve read that it is higher in antioxidants than many other “super” foods like cocoa and blueberries. However, it can also be so addicting,and I’m not sure it is good for our bodies to have an addiction to any substance. I personally would rather not deal with the effects of caffeine, so when I drink coffee it is usually organic naturally decaffeinated (unfortunately this type is very expensive, so my coffee drinking moments are rare).


  32. Lena says

    My hubby likes the french vanilla creamer. I have tried to come up with a better version then the store bought one with no success. Can you try to find one and let us know what you come up with?


    Kori Ireland Reply:

    Here is one http://deliciouslyorganic.net/homemade-coffee-creamer/
    I haven’t tried it yet. It does require an actual vanilla bean,
    but some high quality extract, oil or paste may work.


    Mona Reply:

    Thank you!!! I love french vanilla and everytime I buy it, I look around for a healthier version. I stood and stared at the creamers today and finally bought another bottle of stuff I can’t pronounce. I’m so excited to try this recipe!!


  33. Chelesse B says

    I was so intrigued by this post that I just had to try it. Whipped up a batch of both the hot fudge and caramel and then made a pot of coffee. Sitting her sipping my freshly made concoction and enjoying thoroughly enjoying every second of it. A rainy afternoon, no children at home and a nice hot cup of coffee. This is truly heaven right now.


  34. kentucky Lady 717 says

    Great and funny article Laura, will definitely try this….I only have one cup a day, but my daughter(49)has just started drinking coffee….sending her your email to read…..bet she will try it too….I do not put sugar in mine, but will try it like you said…..she has always loved the smell of my coffee, but would never drink it until a few mos. ago,can’t wait to try this recipe…
    Keep up the good work….enjoy your articles…..


  35. Pam says

    Too funny – I love the smell, but hate the taste of coffee. I always want it to taste like hot chocolate and it never does. Probably b/c I have never thought of putting the chocolate carmel cream in it! Thanks for sharing your play-by-play – it’s wonderful!


  36. Lauree says

    Got a good laugh at this. I, too, cannot stand to drink coffee, but love the smell of it! Not sure this will entice me to drink a cup, but my son loves coffee and I’m definitely going to share this (and maybe have a cup) with him. Thank you — really enjoy your writing!


  37. deanna says

    I LOVE star bucks pumpkin spice…but of course all that corn syrup and hydrogenated yuck….so I made my own…similar to the method you use for caramel…sucanat and water, bring to a boil add some pumpkin puree and some spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves)reduce a little to make a syrup and add that to coffee with some cream…yum!! I have also added a bit of pumpkin puree and spices directly to the cream and shake it up keep in fridge, then just add it to your coffee and sugar how you like.


  38. Melinda Johnson says

    LOL! Great story! I LOVE coffee, or rather the cream that goes into it ;-) I guess I didn’t take the time to really look at the ingredient list, but I will try to make it from scratch, cup by cup, from now on. My husband thinks a dusting of whatever takes care of it, but for me, I need cream AND flavor. I always love your posts, so thanks for the smile! God bless!


  39. Debi P. says

    Glad I saw this … I have type II Diabetes now & had to give up all my flavored coffee creamers. It’s been hard to adjust to the taste of coffee with sweetner instead of sugar. But I did it. I used to used half-n-half in my coffee with the sweetner. Sometimes a dash of cinnamon. I ran out of half-n-half so I resorted to evaporated milk. OMG! Evap. milk is sooo good. I always use it now. It reminds me of how my grandma’s coffee tasted: rich and smooth. Mmmmm. I will have to try some of the other suggestions here. I love the sound of the pumpkin one!


  40. says

    What a wonderful idea! I’m going to try this. I didn’t like coffee until we got a french press and locally roasted coffee, I made it for my husband and took a sip to see if it was sweet enough and thought “wow I guess I like good coffee.” haha


  41. Theresa says

    I have to agree w/Lisa above, I never liked coffee, only the smell, until I tried GOOD coffee!! I buy certified organic, fair trade coffee, a Bolivian blend…soooo delish! I use a little sucanat and raw milk. I can’t drink it else where now. My FIL gave me some Starbucks coffee as a gift and gag! I guess I’m a food snob and a coffee snob! I didn’t like coffee until I was 33yrs old. LOL I started drinking it when I started homeschooling!


  42. Leah says

    i had to laugh–I LOVE coffee!!! and i LOVE those horrible creamers too! but since we can’t have them anymore, i had to figure out something (frankly, whole organic milk wasn’t cutting it) so i used heavy cream, vanilla to taste and organic cane sugar. delicious!


  43. Katie says

    Also thought you should know that your warm chocolate soothers are great with coffee! I had some extra and wanted to add something to my coffee. That was perfect!


  44. Lisa says

    Thank you for this. I do use that ucky (but tasty) fake stuff sometimes. I am so excited to use your idea you can’t even imagine. Also, I will make this for my daughter who drinks that stuff. I worry about all the bad stuff she eats so now I know one thing will be healthier. :)


  45. kentucky Lady 717 says

    Can’t wait to try this….sounds great and seems like I can smell the cup of coffee above LOL…I wish….the muffins looks yummy too…..


  46. Stacy S. says

    I tried it your way…made the sauces and everything….still didn’t like it. sorry. love the sauces though!


  47. Kim Saf says

    Anyone tried coconut milk in their coffee? I have to go off all milk for at least 3 weeks, and I’m trying to find a substitute for cream (even the yucky nondairy creamer has milk protein in it, unfortunately!)


  48. Christi says

    i saw a recipe on pinterest with one part milk or cream, one part condensed milk, and some vanilla extract. I tried it and it is good! I have to check condensed milk because I’m not sure what all is in it.


  49. Kimberly says

    Thanks for the tip- I love to find new ways to enjoy my coffee- although lately I am really into tea!
    Which brings up an interesting point…I was in a trendy market some time ago and stumbled upon something in a grinder called Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar…at 3.99 for 2.65 oz. I bought it because it looked so interesting… and it was. I quickly used it up- with the help of my kids and husband- coffee,tea,ice cream,fruit(especially grilled peaches,pineapple,etc. in the summer),pancakes, muffins,the possibilities were endless…I decided to try and make my own….It actually worked out pretty well.I bought whole vanilla beans at a discount-type warehouse, got some turbinado type sugar, and some cinamon sticks – put it all together…voila! I don’t know what the cost is per serving or tsp., but I have been making it for quite some time now and have had no need to buy and ingredients since I started making it- maybe a year ago!


  50. says

    Mitch and I recently switched to Natural Bliss by Coffeemate after being grossed out by the ingredient label of hydrogenated oils and no real dairy. . . This ingredient label reads nonfat milk, cream, sugar and vanilla. They currently have three different flavors available: sweet cream, vanilla, and chocolate.


  51. Mona G. says

    I am so glad to hear this…..and I stopped using coffeemate over a year ago because of the bad ingredients in it….and I have been using heavy cream…which probably isn’t all that good either eh ? Especially the amount I use in each cup….can’t wait to try the Natural Bliss by Coffeemate…..thanks for the info…..


  52. Karie says

    I make my own creamer and keep it handy in the fridge. One can sweetened condensed milk, 12 oz half and half or whole milk. Stir together over low heat in a saucepan. Add whatever flavors you want: caramel ice cream topping, 2 Tbsp cocoa powder and 1/2 tsp raspberry extract (my favorite!!), a little cinnamon, ginger and cloves (chai-ish!). It makes it hard to give up coffee when I can make it so yummy!


  53. E says

    I never liked coffee as a young adult. Ick, nasty bitter stuff. It was a gradual thing. Enough sugar and cream and it was ok. Now my day doesn’t start without it. It’s the highlight of my day. Recently I discovered some chocolate Carmel cream at the store and oh yum!!. But expensive. So I’m going to try your idea here. My first cup is “plain” (sugar and cream). Then comes the treat. Chocolate Carmel. Thanks!


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