Heavenly Homemaker’s Guide to Gardening and Preserving Ebook

I love gardening and preserving!! In this ebook, I share helpful tips I’ve learned about having a simple, yet successful organic garden. Read about how to plant, what to plant, when to plant, planting potatoes in both a garden and in a container and much more!

Beyond gardening, you’ll read my ideas about making the most of your farmer’s market!

Then comes my favorite part of the ebook: Freezing and canning all the wonderful produce from your garden or farmer’s market!!

This ebook includes instructions on the hot water bath canning method and step by step picture tutorials about:

*Canning Tomato Juice and Sauce
*Canning Tomato Soup
*Canning Applesauce
*Canning Peaches
*Canning Pears
*Freezing Peaches
*Freezing Berries
*Freezing Pumpkin
*Freezing Apples for Pie or Crisp
*Freezing Cherries for Pie or Crisp
*Freezing Corn
*Freezing Green Beans
*Freezing Broccoli
*Digging up and Storing potatoes
*Making Fruit Leather

I wrap up the ebook sharing a few of our favorite recipes using some of these delicious fruits and veggies!

Be inspired to grow and preserve delicious food for your family with Heavenly Homemaker’s Guide to Gardening and Preserving!


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  1. says

    Hi Laura,

    I just ordered my copy of this e-book and I can’t wait to try some of the canning procedures! For the very first time, in all my 51 years, I canned something just last week! It was my Homemade Salsa!! What FUN it was to hear all those lids go “pop” “pop” “pop” when they all sealed correctly!!

    I remember when I was a kid and I used to help my Mom can tomatoes, or peaches, or Homemade Tomato Sauce…and hearing those lids POP all over the place! It was so much fun!

    For a few years, I had asked my Mom to come stay with me for a while so she could teach me how to can. We never got around to doing that because she passed away last November of Lung Cancer.

    I would like to challenge all of you on this site, to take EVERY opportunity that you can, to learn AS MUCH as you can from your Mothers, before it is too late! You never know when that time will come.

    Thanks again Laura. I look forward to trying my hand at some of these recipes!! :)


    Theresa Reply:

    Christi, I couldn’t agree more. I grew up without a mother and WISH I could learn this stuff more “hands on.” I LOVE this site and how the Lord led me here!!!
    Sorry about your mothers passing…


    Lyndsay Reply:

    I know it’s a year after the original post, but that is so true. My grandmother passed away unexpectedly, and I was left with a lot of “I wish I hads”. This is my first year canning, and I did it at my mom’s house, side by side in her kitchen. We canned in the water pot that my grandma used to use. You’ve got to do as much as you can when you can with the people you love!


  2. Jean says

    Why does it still list a discount code if the discount code is invalid? :o/


    Laura Reply:

    Eh, because I’m almost always behind in my work and a little bit scatter brained?! ;) Sorry about that. Nothin’ like fixing something four months late!! Eek! Thanks for pointing that out to me!


  3. Samantha says

    Eventually, when hubby and I have a little extra and I’m not working on buying a printer, I WILL own this ebook! =]


  4. Carla says

    I was looking for a recipe for peach cobbler. I was directed to several different sites and NEVER found a recipe. GREAT WEBSITE!


    Laura Reply:

    I don’t have that recipe featured on my blog, but it is within this Gardening and Preserving ebook.


  5. Linda D. says

    Do you have any instructions on using a pressure canner? I am just starting out with canning and apparently the pressure canner is what works on flat top stoves…i can use it as a water bath, i believe. any tips?


    Laura Reply:

    No, I’m sorry that I don’t. I use my water bath on my flat stove top and have not had any trouble. My pressure cooker, I’m a little afraid of. :)


    Jen Reply:

    All the water bath pots I have seen say “not recommended for glass stove tops” is that what you have, adn have had no problems with it? I heard from someone to use my gas grill, but that scares me a little. If I can use my stovetop (flat glass or ceramic) I would be much more inclined to can.


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    Laura has a glass top and it has always worked for her! :)

  6. Rebecca Bahl says

    Am I missing something. I thought it was free today – the 19th- but it still says 7.95 and I don’t see a discount code to enter. Please help!


  7. Maggielou says

    Great freebie! So sorry I missed it. I am teaching canning classes at church & this would have been a great resource to show. Oh well, maybe next year. Thanks for all of the great info on your site!


  8. christie says

    I have been trying to add this to my cart to purchase but the add to cart button will not work. Please help?


    Laura Reply:

    Sorry about that. I’ve got it fixed now. Try again! :)


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