Healthy Treat for Today: Yummy Lemonade…or Limeade

We mostly drink water and milk at our house. Sometimes when we have company though, I feel kind of boring with the drink choices I have to offer.

At one point I realized…why, I have LOTS of drink choices! 

Would you like your water cold…or room temp? Filtered, or not filtered? In a mug or in a glass? Ice or no ice? Crushed ice or cubed? Would you like a straw? What color of straw would you like? 

By the time I get through all of my questions, my guests feel like they are at a five star restaurant that caters to their every need. (Or something like that.)

Occasionally though…it’s fun to treat the kids (or company) to something special and exciting. And when I really think about it, our blender works overtime making yummy smoothies, slushies and milkshakes. 

Here’s the lemonade I make every once in a while for a refreshing change of pace. Or…I use limes instead of lemons to make limeade. Or…I use lemons and limes and make lemon-limeade. (Ice or no ice? Crushed or…)

Refreshing Lemonade or Limeade

8 cups cold water
4 lemons or 4 limes or 2 of each
1/4-1/2 cup real grade b organic maple syrup

1. Put the 8 cups of water into a pitcher
2. Slice the lemons and/or limes in half. Squeeze the juice into the pitcher of water.
3. Add maple syrup.
4. Refrigerate.


This will make you pucker…but it’s so yummy on a hot summer day!

Sometime soon I’ll share some of the recipes for the milkshakes I like to make! Our blender has been working overtime this summer on these healthy treats!



  1. says

    Your beverage options sound just like ours. We actually had friends over last week who wound up bringing their own drinks, because they knew we only kept water and milk in the house. I can’t wait to try out this new recipe!


  2. says

    That looks sooo good!

    You’re making me thirsty…..think I’ll go get some water….hmmm do I want ice or no ice, filtered or straight-up chlorine…decisions decisions…. ;-)

    I’ve never tried Agave…..but you are making me want to! Mmm.


  3. Kika says

    Last week I tried a few homemade batches of iced tea combinations – my family wasn’t overly impressed with my creations. The only one everyone liked was green tea bags and organic honey. So simple.


  4. Smonkey Mama says

    I just wanted to add something about your lemonade recipe. You can substitute REAL maple syrup for the agave and you have the perfect electrolyte replacement when your kids, hubby, or yourself have worked up a sweat in the yard or playing sports. It is such a great replacer for Gatorade or other sports drinks. I LOVE my homemade maple lemonade. I have used limes as well. It is delicious!! Try it and let me know what you think. :)
    I wanted to tell you Laura that I think you are awesome!! I found your site tonight while looking for a healthy graham cracker recipe to make with my kids. I have 4 kids as well and am expecting #5. I am also very health conscious of what my family eats. I am not perfect, but I do my best to give them the best that’s available. Thank you for your wonderful site. I will be back again and again!! :)


  5. says

    Here is another option. We make this at our house through the summer, but I have substituted 1 c lemon juice from the bottle when I don’t have lemons, and 1 tsp stevia for the syrup. The drink is nice and puckery without using sugar or syrup from our stash. It takes forever to make a pint of that stuff, so we save it for breakfast.


  6. Amber Rogers says

    I like to make sun tea. Just put green tea bags and your favorite sweetener in a big glass jar and fill with cold water. Place in the sun for several hours, then refridgerate. I like to add fresh mint, or squeeze an orange into it (I hate lemons).


  7. Daphne says

    We just made this and loved it! It was the first time I’ve made lemonade from scratch! Thanks for another great recipe!!


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