Healthy Treat for Today: Trail Mix With HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIPS

Who knew? 

You can make your very own chocolate chips!!

Okay, well, I’m actually not clever enough to make them into the shape of chocolate chips…so maybe we’d better call them chocolate chunks.

Chip…Chunk…whatever. How cool are WE to know how to make our very own Chocolate Chiunpks?

I’ve had this recipe for a while, but hadn’t really thought about making it. Then I saw it on another post and was reminded! I’m SO glad for the reminder!

The recipe comes from my FAVORITE nutrition book:  Nourishing Traditions

I adapted it just a bit because it had a pretty bitter chocolate taste…and you may need to adapt it more, depending on how bitter you like your chocolate. 

Also, depending on the quality of coconut oil you use, you may or may not have a
coconut-y taste in your chips. I LIKE it with the coconut taste. 

Okay…so are you ready?!?! 

Homemade Chocolate ChipsYum

1/2 cup cocoa powder
1/2 cup rapadura or sucanat
1 cup coconut oil
1 T. vanilla

Mix ingredients in a glass container and set in simmering water until melted. Mix together well. 
(Anybody wanna know what I was doing at exactly 2:04 yesterday?)
(uh, see…you can see my clock there, behind the melting chocolate chip mixture.)

Spread mixture on a piece of buttered parchment paper and allow to cool in the refrigerater. 

When hardened, remove parchment paper and break into chunks. Store in refrigerator in an airtight container.

Aren’t they beautiful? Mmmmm-mmmm. (See a more thorough chocolate chip making tutorial here!)

Now…for the Trail Mix part…

1/2 cup pecans
1/2 cup cashews
1/2 cup peanuts
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup dried apricots, cut into pieces
1/3 cup homemade chocolate chips

Mix it all together and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator…if it makes it that far!

Come back tomorrow for a recipe for whole wheat, rapadura Chocolate Chiumpk Cookies!

(And let me know if you can figure out how to pronounce that.)  :)


  1. says

    I think I’m gonna be in the kitchen all weekend. (Pretzels, Crackers, Trail Mix…)Could I use another kind of oil in the chocolate Chiunpks? :-) G doesn’t like coconut flavor at all…


  2. Laura says

    Yes, radawhodah, otherwise known as Rapadura…is a great sugar choice because it is VERY minimally processed and has lots of good minerals still in it…but if there’s none available to you and you need to make chocolate chiumpks RIGHT NOW (and you know you do), you can use organic brown sugar or succanat.

    And about using a different kind of oil…you can experiment and see. I’m sure something else would work. I’m going to play around with one or two today and see what I get!


  3. Tana says

    I cannot taste coconut in coconut oil. I buy mine at Walmart. The expeller pressed (I think) is supposed to be better, but this is still non hydrogenated.
    Laura, how about a recipe for the granola you make?
    Malachi said yesterday, “Its granola, I love it.” So I figured we would love it too.


  4. says

    Rapadura? Where would you be able to find this? on the internet or Whole Foods?

    Thanks! I think I’ll do some research on it too. I have never heard of it, but that doesn’t really mean much, coming from me!


  5. says

    Please help!! I attempted the chocolate chip recipe and it totally didn’t turn out…I am so bummed! I didn’t have rapadura, so I used evaporated cane…it didn’t work! It never would dissolve. I thought it looked all melted, so I poured it in the 9×13, and the sugar was all just in the bottom. Okay, when I try this again with rapadura, how long do you actually heat it?


  6. says

    I need help- could you please give us a bit more direction? I couldn’t get the sugar to dissolve in 30 minutes of boiling it in a double boiler. So I microwaved it. Thant almost worked. But not. How long do you cook it for? did you put something on the bottom of your pan to raise the glass jar up? Help please!


  7. says

    I have made a coco/coconut peanutbutter almond bark.

    You simple melt the coconut oil peanutbutter and add the coco powder and sweetner of your choice…sooooooo goooood.


    Mrs. Hansen Reply:

    Would you please share the exact proportions in your peanut butter almond bark recipe? Thanks!


  8. understanding says

    I made the chocolate chips… YummY!! I’m having a problem though when I bake them in a chocolate chip cookie recipe. They don’t hold form. They seem to loose all shape and melt into the dough and you don’t really taste a chocolate chip at all. Any ideas?? Help please!!


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, they do have a hard time keeping their shape. Try freezing the chunks before stirring them into the chocolate chip cookie dough and see if that helps at all. :)


    understanding Reply:

    Thank you so much for your reply… I have been wondering about using
    Soy Lecithin. I’ve read how it is used alot in candy making to act as
    a binder. Do you think that would help with keeping the chocolate chips
    in their form once they are baked in a cookie? I so appreciate any help
    that I can get.

    Thanks so much!


    Laura Reply:

    Soy lecithin is not very good for you, which is one good reason for making homemade chocolate chips!

  9. Hanna says

    Looks awesome!!
    Can you use something other than coconut oil?? Would safflower oil work? I’m dying to make these, but I won’t be able to get coconut oil for a while!


    Laura Reply:

    I’m not sure they would work with saflower oil…not sure they’d set up. You can use butter though!


  10. Linda says

    to firm up the chips I use old fashion parafin wax (like what is used in canning). does not take much but helps it hold its form better


  11. laura b says

    i tried making these with honey instead. totally didn’t work.


    the honey separated and it came out like those little squares of chocolate with caramel in the center.



  12. says

    I just got some Nestle Dark Chocolate morsels and I don’t believe they have any soy in them, just an FYI.


    Mrs. Hansen Reply:

    Correct! However, are they made with cane or GMO beet sugar and what about the milk? Is it non-GMO or non-RBST. If you make your own, you can control the ingredients. However, per Guittard, they only use cane sugar in their chocolate chips and they do screen for GMO soy. If you buy their semi-sweet, there’s no milk issue.


  13. Rachel says

    How long does it take to melt this?


    Laura Reply:

    I’m assuming you mean the homemade chocolate chips? I’d say around 10 minutes?


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