Gratituesday: Our New Niece!


Remember this Gratituesday post back in June? The one about how Matt’s brother Randy and his wife Kari adopted a baby boy?

Well just wait until you hear what God has done for them now! 

Randy and Kari’s little boy is almost two years old. Just a few short weeks ago, at the end of August, they heard of another possible opportunity to adopt.  

And we fall to our knees and rejoice!  Last week their sweet baby girl was born!


 Here’s a quote from Randy and Kari’s blog… 

Her name is Bethany. Luke 24:50 — “And Jesus led them out as far as Bethany, and He lifted up His hands and blessed them.”
God has lead us to be blessed with this beautiful, little girl. May our daughter seek and know Him all of her life.


Her name is Paige.
Randy’s sister is Lori Paige, a wonderful woman of strength and character, whom we love dearly. May our daughter have a love for God and others like her Aunt Lori.

Her Name is Coppinger.
Our daughter, the newest member of the our family. How blessed we are to be together. May all of our family, church, community and friends fill our daughter’s life with love.

Here’s the proud big brother with “Baby Sister”!

Everytime I think of Bethany Paige, I feel like dancing for joy! I also am having to sit on myself to keep from driving directly to the airport. Oh, you have no idea how far away I feel right now. 

Bethany…I can’t wait to meet you. As soon as I can, I’m going to send you something very pink. I am so thankful God blessed our family with one as sweet as you.

God is SO good! Please share what you’re thankful for, either by writing about it on your blog then linking up here…or by leaving a comment on this post!


  1. Serenity says

    What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing and congrads on having another girl in the family!!!!!!!

    PS: Do they need baby girl clothes? Sarah just turned one and I have beautiful clothes that I would love to share if they could use them :)


  2. Jody says

    Adoption. So near to my heart. We brought home two children from Russia (our only two due to fertility issues) last June. Many blessings to your family as you welcome this sweet little bundle into your life.


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