Gratituesday: Wrapping It Up

Every year is my favorite school year. This year was no exception.

I love home schooling my kids. I love all the time we get to spend together every day. I love reading piles of incredible books with them. I love having a flexible schedule. I love learning beside them. Seriously, did you know that we have 60,000 miles of blood vessels in our bodies? That’s enough to go around the entire earth almost three times! Yes, I learned that today. I am getting so smart. (It is an added benefit to home schooling that the kids are getting smarter as well.)  ;)

We’ll be continuing to read all summer, but we do usually take a break from “regular school work” for a couple of months. This week, we’re wrapping up our last few math lessons and finishing the final chapters of a few books…

And then? Well, it would appear that we started a new tradition last year on our final “official” school day:  Ice Cream Cones for Breakfast.

And not the healthy, homemade ice cream either. I know. I don’t know how that even came about. But apparently I did it last year, so that’s all the boys have been talking about for the past few days. Hey, why not? We can have broccoli for lunch that day.

I am so thankful for the gift of another great school year with my kids. And…I am amazed at a God who could arrange 60,000 miles worth of blood vessels in my body with such perfection. What an amazing Creator!

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  1. hannah says

    yes, even the slightest knowledge of the complexity in the human body points us to an Intelligent, Wonderful Designer.


  2. says

    I mentioned to my husband today that I’m looking forward to teaching our children as they get older, because I will learn right along with them! How exciting!

    Love seeing beautiful Mother Teresa in your books!

    Thank you for this lovely link up!


  3. says

    Hi, Laura! I’ve been praying with my hubby about whether the Lord is calling us to homeschool. Our boys were in a private Christian school that was absolutely wonderful, but last Fall when we decided after much prayer and God’s amazing blessing for me to leave my job and stay at home, we had to take them out of the Christian private school due to no longer having the income from my job. This year has been a HUGE adjustment to public school and has left me feeling confused and worried if it’s the right thing. Anyway, I know the Lord will guide us to the right decision. Not sure why I’m blabbing all this. But would love your insight and your prayers. Blessings, Kelly


    Lisa Reply:

    May the Lord give you and your husband clear direction of HIS will
    for your family! Being a homeschooling “veteran” of 20 years, I
    cannot encourage you more to at least give it a try. While it is
    work to home educate, the blessing of learning along with my children
    has been priceless — I wouldn’t trade a single day! In my Gratituesday
    post this week I shared how we took the afternoon off yesterday to
    take advantage of the beautiful sunshine by going on a hike.




    Mona Reply:

    My DD went to K & 1st in public school. I drove DH talking about possibly homeschooling! Finally, we decided to try it for a year. Worst case, she would go back to public school. We loved it!! I llove having her home with me and I did K with DS too.


  4. says

    Linking up with you today. We are also on the Eastern Hemisphere core, but we still have several weeks to go before we finish. I think I’m learning things now that I didn’t when I was in school. It’s fun!


  5. says

    Good morning and thank you for hosting Gratituesday. (Love that name BTW)
    I posted about a journey the Lord took me on that started in the fall and ended up completely different than what I expected. I pray it blesses and encourages your readers.


  6. says

    I am grateful that, even though we can’t afford new cars right now, that good ol’ Beulah is still getting my family safely from point A to point B.


  7. Jenika says

    I echo your thankfulness for homeschooling. I love it too. Truly love it. There are days where I feel overwhelmed and ineffective, but God does this amazing thing…almost always I wake up the next morning loving it again. The hours and hours spent reading with my kids is priceless…and, yes, I am learning too! My husband was quizzing ME on geography the other day and informed that I am getting better! Funny!

    So, I pour out a heart of gratitude and awe to a God that put miles and miles of blood vessels in our amazing bodies and that same God that blessed our family in a way that only HE can.

    PS We, too, are taking a break from school for several weeks, although my 8 year old said, “that doesn’t mean reading, does it?” :)

    Thanks, Laura, for all you do too! Blessings to your week!


  8. says

    We’re wrapping up our “school year” this week, too, but will continue the learning through June and July at a much lighter, relaxed level (reading, finishing our math texts (we’re woefully behind for some reason), and summer music lessons). Looking forward to a season of rest and relaxation. :) I’m sure our small homestead will demand much of our time, but being outside in the sunshine and warm air working together as a family does such wonderful things for the mind and body!

    Thanks for hosting, Laura!



  9. says

    I absolutely love your site!! I’ve been reading for several weeks now. Thank you for hosting as well. Truly appreciate it! :)


  10. says

    Love it! You’re giving the boys a wonderful love of learning, and wonderful memories of reading together and ice cream cones for breakfast as a celebration. :) Those are the kinds of things that families do to make their own special happily every after.


  11. Laura S. says

    I can relate to the ice cream “tradition”! We live in Colorado Springs and have the Olympic Training Center here. They always light their big torch when the Olympics are going on and we like to drive down to see it. I guess, the first time, we stopped at an ice cream shop on the way home. So, the next time (2 years later!) the kids insisted that we stop and get ice cream again because it was a tradition!! I couldn’t argue… Looking forward to doing it again this year! :-)


  12. Terie says

    I would love to try some of her mixes!!!


    Brooke Reply:

    Hey Terie, it appears that you hit the wrong comment button since it seams you are aiming at winning the prize from Wild Tree. Go to the home page and scroll down a little more. :)


  13. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time (and of course I love it!) but today is the first time I’ve ever linked up or commented! :) And I totally get ice cream cones for breakfast–although I’m an ice cream junkie (not the healthy, homemade type either unfortunately) so I can totally see myself doing this as well.


  14. Brooke says

    Laura, thank you for sharing. What a fun tradition!

    I am thankful that my daughter’s first year at school has been blessed. I”m so thankful that she loves school and learning. I’m thankful that we were blessed to get her into a great school here where we live. And I am SOOO thankful that her summer is starting in a little over 2 weeks :)


  15. says

    I love Sonlight! We just did Apologia General Science and found out that crying is actually healthy and beneficial – tears cried for joy are chemically different than tears cried for sorrow or pain. Another amazing testimony of our Amazing Creator who made us fearfully and wonderfully! Enjoy your summer break! We’ll be there in a few weeks. :-)


  16. Dee says

    Aww, ice cream for breakfast is a wonderful way to celebrate the last day of school!

    My little ones are not in school yet, but I’m really looking forward to homeschooling them in the future.


  17. says

    Ice Cream for breakfast once a year doesn’t sound so bad. Just think, some kids eat worse than that everyday.

    Today I linked up and am thankful for getting to hear a friends testimony this morning. God is faithful!


  18. Jeanne says

    For the last fifteen years, ice cream sundaes have been served for breakfast on the first and last day of school!


  19. says

    I am thankful for all the women out there who encourage me in my role as a homemaker… even while I’m single and baby-less! This is the best time of training, and I’m so glad that you amazing ladies who know what you are doing take the time to tell me what you know. :)


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