Gratituesday: Wild and Wacky Surprise


My husband and I are a little rebellious when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t we show our love every day of the year? Do we really need to spend a lot of money on February 14 to say, “I love you”? 

Last year for Valentine’s Day, I got new potholders and Matt got new work gloves. It was our special way of saying, “I heart you. Will you be mine? Oh wait, you already are mine. Here let me give you a little something you really need.”

This year, I really didn’t expect anything at all. There was nothing either of us needed, Matt was working all weekend…I thought we’d have our special Peach Cobbler breakfast and that would be the end of it.

Imagine my surprise Sunday morning when I stumbled out of bed to grab the church clothes I’d laid out the night before…and there on top of my shirt was this:


How fun is that?  Matt found it a few weeks ago on clearance (at a shop downtown where he does snow removal service) and thought it was perfect. I’m not sure how well you know me, but those words? They describe me pretty accurately. Wild and wacky? Yeah…that’s me the majority of the time. Wonderful? Well…thankfully at least my husband thinks so. (I can also be rather dull and dorky…but thankfully those particular ornaments were sold out.)

I got a big kick out of my surprise gift…and it cracks me up every time I look at it. I love it that Matt was sweet enough to get me such a fun gift and surprise me with it! And I’m really grateful that even though I’m totally wacky, he chose me anyway. 

What are you grateful for this Gratituesday?  Write about it on your blog, then come link up here so we can all come read about what you’re thankful for! If you don’t have a blog, be sure to leave a comment here letting us know what God is doing in your life!


  1. says

    We also don’t ‘do’ VDay here. It’s just not our deal.

    Those cute little ‘wacky’ gifts really do something special for a marriage, especially in the long term. Laughing together over the occasional little something is so wonderful.


  2. says

    I gave my DH a new set of Rook cards, which I don’t even play with him. Pretty romantic, eh? He didn’t complain.

    I like your ‘wacky’ gift — how nice when you least expect it! =)


  3. Melissa says

    That was such a sweet gift. Just knowing that he was out and about and saw something that made him think of you. How special.

    My two children (20’s) sent me a bouquet of flowers for Valentines. This is the first time they have ever done this. I was so surprised. I do not think it was actually for Valentines. I believe it was just a way for each of them to say thank you and that they appreciate the things I have done for them.


  4. Bethany says

    I love your ‘wacky’ gift, too! We did not “do” Valentine’s this year either. We just couldn’t afford it and neither of us really needed anything. I just cooked what my husband wanted for dinner: homemade lasagna with a Caesar salad and flourless chocolate cakes with chocolate ganach and vanilla bean ice cream. The time we spent together as a family was wonderful and we didn’t have to spend much!
    By the way, I love reading your blog and especially love all of your healthy recipes. I try to do more healthy foods for my family b/c they like to snack a lot and we know how store-bought foods have yucky things in them… Thanks again!


  5. Kelly Smith says

    I am grateful for having a family that really enjoys being home everyday all day together. My husband works from home and we homeschool and we all just really enjoy spending time together. I also am grateful for finally getting snow last week. we finally got to build a snowman and had a blast riding the hydroplane water raft behind the 4 wheeler. Life is good, God is good!!!
    By the way, the truffles were a big hit for our Valentine’s day!! Thanks Laura for the recipe!!


  6. Kika says

    We don’t celebrate Valentines with eachother – will do special baking or crafts with the kids, though. I refuse to be forced into “showing my love to my husband” on some predetermined day – seems ridiculous to me. It is our choice to show love to eachother everyday and make special date nights because WE want to. Otherwise it just feels like another commercial opportunity for businesses.


  7. Miranda says

    Laura, I’m a newcomer to your site and love it! I’m a 50 yr old grandma to two precious boys who will be visiting me later this year (they live faaaaar away from me). I’m so glad to find some fun, healthy recipes to prepare for them–and look forward to using them for me and my hubby in the meantime.
    I really enjoyed Kelly’s comment–we homeschooled our kids, too, and hubby still works from home–wonderful blessings with benefits that continue to this day! Yes, God is good!


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