Gratituesday: We’ve Come a Long Way


I’m sorry if it appears that I’m stuck on the subject of eczema, but while I’ve been writing during the past few days about our battle with Malachi’s eczema , I have been amazed at all the emotions it has brought out in me.  I’ve been bawling over the keyboard like crazy.  One of the biggest emotions I’ve felt is thankfulness! (Is thankfulness an emotion? I sure am feeling it!)

Those were some tough years. Many days we felt like we were fighting a losing battle. We got little sleep. The kind of sleep you get when you first bring a newborn baby home from the hostpital? We got that kind of sleep for three years. After Malachi turned three he finally started sleeping through most nights, only occasionally waking up scratching and crying. He slept the most peacefully if he was in our bed, so that is exactly where he slept until about a year ago (he’s five now).

At about age 3, the eczema gradually began to clear. It started healing first on his head and slowly moved down his body until now he mostly just suffers from sores on his legs. How I wish he didn’t suffer with eczema at all anymore…but WOW am I thankful that it is “only” on his legs now. He is not nearly as miserable as he had been. And he’s now able to sleep the night through and feel healthy and rested.

As I’ve been writing about our fight against chronic eczema, I’ve sifted through his baby pictures so that I could post one or two for you to see the severity of his problem.  I’ve just not been able to post one though. Those pictures are painful for me to look at and I’m sure they’d be painful for you to look at too. The poor guy. What a tough kid. 

BUT, because looking at all his baby and toddler pictures reminded me of how far we’ve come and made me so incredibly thankful to be at this point in our battle, I decided to go ahead and give you an idea of what we’ve been fighting against.

This picture was taken on Mother’s Day ’07, almost three years ago when Malachi was about 2 1/2. It’s not a super close up pic, because I just couldn’t post one that was. But, you get an idea of how the rash covered his face and neck (also arms and legs, but you can’t tell that in the picture).

Boys- Mothers Day '07(3) sm

Incidently, while we were fighting Malachi’s eczema issue, we were simultaneously fighting a battle of stubborn-ness with our then five year old Elias. There wasn’t an easy remedy for that issue either, but I think we’re on the winning end of it now.. ;)

And now here we are, three years later…


I am overjoyed with thanks that Malachi is feeling so much better!! Is it any wonder I can’t stop kissing those soft cheeks?! 

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  1. Jennifer says

    Wonderful! That must have been a hard road indeed, and I applaud your bravery for walking the road less traveled. I refuse to give my son antihistimines every day for his hives; I want to find a real solution, and I think we’re on the right track. Thank God your little guy is feeling so much better!


  2. says

    I LOVE seeing the beautiful faces of your boys! And, your Malachi does look so kissable. Poor buddy in the first picture; I can see why your heart just ached for him. But, you persevered and your perseverance is providing so much encouragement to so many others now.

    I am so grateful for your diligence to post about all this and thank you so much for your quick reply and even the research you did re: some of the questions I posted in my last comment.
    You’re a gem! Really. I have read many blogs; yours has been one of my favorite and one of the most practically helpful blogs yet! Thank you!


  3. Sarah says

    I have never met someone who had a child with the severe eczema that my now 3 year old dealt with. Now I have. I know about everything that you are talking about. The sleepless nights, the open sores, the looks and comments from others. It’s funny, just last night I was looking at pictures from when he was about 6 months to 2 years and they bring tears to my eyes too. While we did decide to go with the medications, I completely understand how hard it is to make those choices for someone with no voice to tell you how he is feeling.

    I have always loved your blog Laura, but now I think I love it just a little bit more. I feel like we have a “virtual” bond now, having gone through the same traumatic beginning of our child’s life.

    Does Malachi have any food allergies now? How about any problems with asthma? Eddie has a peanut allergy and we suspect a chocolate allergy. The asthma is mainly a problem when he gets sick with a cold, but the chocolate seems to set him off too.


    Laura Reply:

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve got through so many struggles at your house with eczema. :(

    The only trouble Malachi seems to have is peanuts…and we just keep him away. He does seem to have a little asthma, but not too severe, thankfully.


  4. Amy says

    Thank you for blogging about the battle you have been fighting against Malachi’s eczema. I am able to relate so closely to your story that I too, have been bawling over my computer while reading about your journey. I too have been amazed at the emotions it has brought out in me. I have spent the past 6 years tirelessly trying to explain the causes/solutions to our daughter’s eczema to our family and friends. This is the first time I have heard a story that is so similar to Kathleen’s. I am so encouraged to hear that you are having wonderful results!
    Tell Matt thank you for telling my Matt (Brown) about your blog!!


  5. Erin says

    I am a mommy with eczema. I found that I am allergic to a common preservative in toiletries which I avoid but the eczema is still there just not as bad. I use natural soaps and laundry detergent and wash my dishes with gloves on. Sometimes I even wash my babes with gloves on when the eczema is really bad. I have really appreciated these lasts posts on eczema. I am always looking for new things to try and relieve the rashes. Thanks so much for the info.


  6. sammie says

    I suffered the same way when I was little–the eczema was so bad that at one point my mom had to shave my head to get to the sores on my scalp. I suffered with it up into my early teens. I’ve since outgrown what ever allergen was causing the eczema, but I still use the ointment that my mom used to rub on me–Bag Balm!! It worked miracles for me! A flair-up of eczema would go away in days vs. weeks with the doctor prescribed goop.
    So happy for Malachai and for the whole family!


  7. says

    I cannot even imagine having to endure that. Praise God for His providence and seeing y’all through this without meds! God is good! All the time!


  8. Ariana says

    I’m so happy to hear your son is on the road to recovery. It’s interesting to note that your other 4 children don’t have eczema troubles. Any theory on that one? Our first born child has such bad eczema it almost prevented us from having more children. Our doctor said that most likely our next baby will have the same trouble. But now that next baby is 13 months old and has beautiful skin. I thank God every day for him and our decision not to let eczema prevent us from having more.


  9. Christine says

    Thank you for sharing your story. If your remedies stop working, colloidal oatmeal baths helped my son with his various rashes and 40% zinc oxide paste helped too.

    God bless your strength.


    Priscilla Reply:

    where did you find the 40% zinc oxide paste?

    did you make your own colloidal oatmeal bath, with fresh oatmeal flour? if so, how much. to use in a bath, for teenager? Thank U!


  10. Rhonda says

    Thank you so much for sharing about Malachi. His smiling face is so CUTE!! I also appreciate your comments about criticism and sleepless nights. It takes a lot of energy (emotional and physical) to be persistent and research remedies to help your kids. There have been times when I just want everything else to stop so I can catch up because the needs of one child takes so much time and energy. When criticized for not “doing enough” for one of my children with special needs I have often needed to remind people that I have 3 other children and a husband and a job that all need my attention also. Sometimes we are truly doing the best we can and need to simply pray that God will guide us and give us the wisdom we need to be the moms He wants us to be.


  11. Lee Ann says

    I’m so thankful for you posting this RIGHT NOW :) I have a three year old who cries every night, and whines most of the day. She’s miserable. We’ve been doing NAET treatments (is that what you were doing with the chiropractor?) Unfortunately, after many weeks, it’s not helping. Tomorrow we are on our way to a dr who is a dermatologist and an allergist. I’m doing nearly everything you said in your previous post, except for the black currant seed oil. I’ve very interested in that.


  12. says

    My mom has struggled with eczema her whole life. Hers is mostly related to external irritants, heat, and stress. I wonder if her diet may be aggravating it too? Hmmm. . .
    I am so sorry that your little man has had to go through this, but I am happy for you that you seem to have it under control!


  13. says

    I made my first gratituesday post today. Thank you for hosting this feature. I am thankful that your son is feeling so much better. He looks so sweet and happy!


  14. Melissa says

    I don’t have a child with eczema, but I used to babysit a little boy who had a case similar to Malachi’s. He is seven now, and after lots of trial and error and misery, he is clear most of the time. Anyway, one of the tricks his mom uses is to give him a vinegar bath once a week. She uses about a cup of vinegar in a regular bath, and it really helps keep him clear. It sounds like you have found lots of your own solutions, but I wanted to share this one just in case.


  15. says

    My son had severe eczema when he was a baby (his face cheeks were were raw) and then we figured out that he was getting allergens through my breastmilk. Once we figured it out and I eliminated those allergens from my diet, he looked, and acted like a different child. Now he is not nursing, but my family is eating more whole food and fruits and vegetables. My son’s food allergies have brough an awareness to us about what is in the food we eat and this has positively impacted our family.


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