Gratituesday: We Laughed, We Cried

This morning I had the blessed opportunity to go out for breakfast with two very dear friends. We rarely see each other and both were in town for a wedding. Visiting between bites of wedding cake yesterday, we realized we needed more time for chatting. Setting our alarms to go off with the roosters, we squeezed in an early breakfast before they headed out of town this morning.

We pretty much skipped all of the “I like your cute shoes” kind of talk and went right to the heart of life:  “How’s your marriage?”, “How’s your spiritual walk?”, “How is God using you?”, “How have you been dealing with the pain from___ since the last time we talked?”

I felt so refreshed and sharpened by our brief but meaningful conversation. These gals know what it is to experience hurt and to let God help them land on their feet. They inspire me to be a better mother, a better wife and to have a stronger relationship with our Lord.

Do you have friends like this? If not, pray for God to provide them. The joy and encouragement from godly friendship is priceless.

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  1. says

    I love being married to a command man! Understanding who God created him to be, makes it much easier to understand him.


  2. says

    I had, or should I say “made” an opportunity to talk with an old friend this past week. We had not been close lately and I had some pretty difficult things on my heart to speak about. But I was so blessed. I have such joy in pursuing open, honest, Godly friendships. It is far worth the awkward moments to reach a place of unity and strength with another soul who is willing. Thank you Lord!


  3. says

    Thank God for friendships that endure! Just last weekend we had the opportunity to visit with dear friends who, although they’ve moved out of town, have remained some of our closest friends. Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting! So much to be thankful for!! ~Lisa


  4. Dacia says

    I am so very thankful for some close friends that I can share with and most importantly pray with and for through everything! It’s those conversations that skip the weather and shoes that are the “iron sharpening iron” we need!


  5. says

    Laura — I’m so glad you got to have this girl time! What a treat. I am so thankful for quality time spent with Christian gals . . .God is so good!


  6. says

    Hi Laura, Your dear friend Char helped me out with my Mother of the Year contest at NanaHood. Her mom made a beautiful quilt that was the prize for the contest. The winning story is my post today at NanaHood. All the women were awesome moms. It’s a shame only one could win. Blessings to you!


  7. says

    i’ve been reading your blog for awhile and not sure how i’ve missed gratituesday’s before this one… i really like the idea. i’ve been trying to focus on gratitude lately and what a difference it makes! thanks for your shining example! :)


  8. says

    Thank you for these posts. It’s easy to be thankful for ‘everyday’ things, but challenging us to write about what you are thankful for makes you realize there are things that we are grateful for that we don’t realize on a day to day basis. It made me ‘dig deeper’ today and realize how perfect my life really is (minus the fighting children every now and then….LOL). God really does always know best!


  9. heather shelton says

    my husband and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversay this year. We were both not raised in godly homes. Right after we were married we moved 2 hrs away from family and started freash. Since then we have had three sons, just recently our third son was in the NICU for 30days after complications from delivery, we are eternally grateful to our Lord and savior that has saved us. He loves us enough to have plucked us from the community we were ion and placed us into a body of believers that have loved,prayed,supported us like no ones business. God is so good and we are so in love with Him….


  10. says

    I love those chances to catch up with old friends and realize that you can pick up right where you left off. I take them for granted far too often!


  11. Lana says

    I’ve got those kind of gal pals! There is a group of 4 of us and one has been through a very tough time lately. Her husband was in an accident and was paralyzed. Praise God he is walking with a walker now and beck to work after 6 months of rehab. I hope she would say we were there for her! We certainly tried to be! Sure changed the outlook on life for the rest of us. I was actually grateful that all God required of me was my husband’s 9 months of unemployment.


  12. Barbara says

    I am greatful for my volunteer garden that has sprung up down from my compost pile. My Mom showed me I have squash & maybe cantaloupes coming up. Thank the Lord for his bounty!:)


  13. says

    i have been supremely blessed to have a group of friends where we build each other up in the Lord and hold one another accountable. thank you for your post.


  14. D says

    I got to spend the day with my youngest, alone. We do this for each child on their birthday or a day close to it. It is the only time we get to go out for lunch and just sit and talk one on one.


  15. Courtney says

    Reading this post actually made me realize I don’t have any close friends like this. I talk to my mom every day and consider her one of my best friends, but outside of family I don’t have anyone. I never thought to pray for close friends, but that’s exactly what I’m going to start doing!!


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