Gratituesday: Time to Relax


For most people, school starts back up this week. Before Christmas, I hadn’t really made a plan about when we’d begin and end our Christmas break. I usually just kind of wing it, based on where the kids are in their math books and what kind of break I need.

We schooled right up until Christmas Eve…then decided to call it break-time.  Grandpa was here, Shannen was here, other company was here (off and on), the holidays were here, the snow kept falling, the kids got sick. Now that things are slowing down (everything except for the falling snow it seems)…I feel like slowing down and taking a break that actually feels like a break!

Therefore, I had a meeting with our school superintendent (aka, Daddy) and we decided to take one more week off from formal schooling. We’re ahead for the year anyway. Besides…half of what the boys have been doing these past couple of weeks have involved learning.

They’ve been cooking, we’ve played tons of games that involve counting and adding and decision making, they’ve researched and taken apart electronics (with Daddy) to try to fix them. They’ve even been writing and creating “movies” with the video part of my digital camera. Interspersed with all of these activities, we’ve been snuggling under blankets reading together, playing thinking games….

The official math books and history books can wait until next week. We’re taking a longer “break”…and wow are we enjoying it!

Thank you God for this wonderful time to relax with my family!

**As a side note…check out Teresa’s Less of Me Month going on at We should all take part, don’t you think?!

What are you grateful for this Gratituesday? Write about it on your blog and come link up with us here! If you don’t have a blog, be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you’re grateful for!


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    Sounds lovely! We took most of December off, mostly because I was feeling disorganized and a little frantic, so we were ready to hop into things today. But I think we’ll stick to our routines next December and enjoy more of a break after Christmas, when there’s lots of new stuff to play with.


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    It sounds wonderful! My little guy and I are doing the same thing this week, even though the older boys started back to school yesterday. Like you said, I needed the break. :)


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    I am new to your blog, I found ya as I was searching the web for info on grain types and bread making.

    I really love it here- thanks for making a blog full of helpful tips and resources. I’ll be back :O)

    Blessings from,

    oh and I made a post for Gratituesday too!


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