Gratituesday: This and That

This Gratituesday, I decided to share several “little” things I’m thankful for, although really, can we call any of our blessings little? Except, of course, the first blessing I shared about weighs only a little over seven pounds…

1. Some of our close friends had a very sweet and adorable baby boy last week. Since we don’t see any more baby boys (or girls!!) in our future (unless God has something very different in mind for our future than we think He has) – I have to say that I have been living vicariously through my friend Jenny for the past few months. Now that the little guy has arrived, I have enjoyed loving on him as much as I can. Mmmmm….baby boys.

2. This week, Matt and the boys are doing a construction project for some friends of ours. Today all four of our sons headed out the door with Daddy, equipped with work gloves and a sack lunch. Seeing them all pile into the truck to go “tear off shingles and siding” made me sigh deeply with joy – not because I had the house to myself this morning, even though that was a nice way to get some work done. My heart was full, seeing my men head off together to work hard and learn. I can never take this gift of a godly daddy and four healthy sons for granted.

3. It just so happens that the couple Matt and the boys are working with/for this week used to live in the same town as and were great friends with my grandparents many years ago in Kansas. It was so wonderful to make this connection! Mrs. Spencer knows my Nana!! And she even remembered meeting my mom. I love this. I need this.

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  1. says

    Anytime boys can be with their daddy and learn new things is fabulous. So funny that you did a list. I decided that I am going to start my 1000 Gifts list. Have a wonderful day everyone.


  2. Kate says

    We live in one of the towns devastated by flooding in Pennsylvania – arguable the worst hit town – and just today all our local schools are back in session, my husband’s back to work, and we’re not all in crisis mode. There are still so many friends and neighbors who have lost literally everything they own – one lady at our church lost her car and all her belongings except what was in her purse. Today I just can’t be thankful enough for the National Guard, local first responders, and countless volunteers who have made my eyes fill with tears every time I see them working tirelessly to care for our little town.


    Kate Reply:



  3. says

    I had quite a Monday yesterday (nothing really serious, just car troubles and nothing seemed to go right). Looking forward to reading today’s links – always seems to cheer me up.

    I’m posting 10 favorite autumn recipes–I LOVE fall and the foods that go with it.


    DorthyM Reply:

    I hope today goes much better for you! And I look forward to seeing those recipes.
    Love the foods that fall brings. : )


  4. Naomi says

    Since it’s Gratituesday I thought I’d leave a note about what I’m thankful for.
    I am a stay at home mom of 3…ages 10 to 2 and I’m so very thankful that God sent my 3rd little blessing(2 yr old) to us. With both my other kids in school all day I get to experience babyhood all over again. I love his giggles, screaming fits, and kisses :)
    Hope you all have a great day, I’m also thankful for stumbling upon this blog page, I love to cook and enjoy the recipes, etc.
    ?THANKS! ?


  5. says

    Hi there,
    I accidentally posted my blog twice on your post. I’m number 31 and 32. I would prefer that you keep the #32 and delete the #31 if possible. Thanks for sharing your life with us! You’ve encouraged me to start my own blog.


  6. says

    It’s such a small world! It’s amazing all the connections made as we go through life!

    I’m sharing about a special quiet time I was able to have this weekend.


  7. says

    Wow, I would love for my boys to do some work project like that with my husband! I’m grateful that my kids enjoy hard work and accomplishing something, especially for other people. Sometimes when the elderly at our church are sick, my kids will make home-made cards for them. So I guess I’m grateful for kids who like to make others happy.


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