Gratituesday: The Wrestling Match

Wrestling matches with God aren’t very much fun. I’m not even sure why I choose to participate in the sport.  But every once in a while I find that He’s calling me to do something that I really, really don’t want to do. And so, the fight begins.

It’s funny that I would fight the One who has all the answers. It kind of seems pointless that I would consciously choose to go up against the Ultimate Champion. And yet, I know that God understands that it’s hard for me to go down without a fight. I believe that He’s okay with me having to meet him over and over again for a knock-down-drag-out. He’s strong enough to handle it. In fact, if God were  to talk smack to me, I’m pretty sure for the past few months He’d have been saying to me, “You want to fight? You want a piece of this? Bring it on, Sistah.”  :)

The time of wrestling, arguing, being stubborn, being fearful – that is when God can teach me the biggest lessons. How can I fully understand what He’s trying to do with me if I don’t question what He’s telling me and struggle against trying to grasp and accept His will for my life?

You know what I learned during my latest wrestling match with God? I learned that He will never call on me to do something without also completely preparing and equipping me. I learned that His ways are bigger than my ways. I learned that humbly seeking answers, letting friends in to help, and getting on my knees is the best way to stretch and find the truth.

I also learned that when you wrestle with God, surrender is sweet. God won this wrestling match, but I didn’t come out the loser. I came out with answers.

Victory doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

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  1. says

    I am so proud of you! Praying that you will continue to let Him use you – minus the wrestling match!


    Laura Reply:

    Hope you know how much you helped me come out on the winning side of my wrestling match. Love ya.


  2. Abbie says

    Look how blessed Jacob came out after his wrestling match ;). Not only will He work this struggle for your good, but has also successfully strengthened your relationship with him. “For when I am weak, then I am strong.”


  3. ms.p says

    Count me in. Right I am struggle but I have a peace that God will guide in the right direction. I just need to shut up and listen so I don’t miss it.


  4. says

    I often struggle with those matches as well. I love the verse that points out that God doesn’t call the equipped , he equips the called. It generally makes me feel better to know that’s how he works! :)


  5. says

    I love you! I giggled when I read this. Hubby and I were talking about giving our troubles over to God. I tend to play tug a war. Here God, I can’t deal with this I’m giving it to you…then a few moments later I’m pulling it back to stew over it or obsess and then tossing it back and then pulling some more. I can just hear God telling me Just let it go and TRUST me!


  6. Gayle Greeley says

    I love your emails thank you :) As for me, I am thankful for God hearing our prayers :) Yesterday my husband told me that for the first time since our daughter was born (15 years ago) he will move to 1st Shift on Monday. We will officially work the same shift for the first time in our Children’s lifetimes. AMAZING! GOD has always had a plan for me, sometimes I just need to be reminded that HE knows best!!!


  7. Allison says

    I am so glad you wrote that you question God. I was talking with a friend of mine and I told him that I question God. He said he believes and does not question. I thought about it – I think God understands my questioning. I believe in God I pray I thank God for my blessings. But I question too.


  8. Janet says

    Wow – I like the way you talk about that. Many try to ignore it. That’s how most people with a relationship with Christ are, but most people act like that doesn’t happen. Thanks for being so open about your walk with God.


  9. Karen says

    What a sweet blessing this post is. Thank you for sharing your heart and blessing your readers. I often struggle with imagining God is so unhappy with me when I struggle. Your post has given me a chance to look at this differently.

    Today I thank God for sending us our 12th pregnancy. I’m old(er), had some losses, and thought perhaps it may be over for us. Now we have the hope of seeing a new little one in our arms this fall, Lord willing. Even if we don’t get to keep this one full term, He is so good for smiling on us once again! May He be praised!


  10. Faith says

    I really appreciate your openess and transparency about your life. Its a blessing to be able to read how God is working in your life. You are so right about wrestling with God though…I guess we would all do good to remember who will always win those matches ;)..but I believe that through those struggles and questions, God builds our faith so that trusting Him becomes easier, because we can look behind us and see His faithfulness and smile because we know that He will always continue to be, as long as we are willing to keep following Him!…

    I wanted to take a minute and thank you again today for the blessing you are to me (since its Tuesday after all!). When I started our “healthy eating journey” a few months ago, I began to pray and ask God to help me be able to find useful info as well as healthy recipes I could learn to like and feed our family. Not only has God answered that prayer through your website, but I am starting to be able to share your recipes and page with my friends who are also interested in eating healthier. Me and my husband also started reading through the book “Love and respect” after your suggestion to read through a book together as a couple. God has used you to help us let God change our hearts and our marriage. We are closer now then we have been in a while!…

    My prayer is that you continue to follow God and that this page (filled with all sorts of useful info and great recipes!) will continue to touch peoples lives as it did mine. And most importantly that your love for Jesus will shine so that people will be pointed to, and changed by Him, for His glory…because THAT is what its all about! These bodies will one day be gone, but our souls will live forever :)….

    Anyway, sorry so long, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all you are doing here. I can honestly say that about 98% of what I make at home now, comes in some part from your recipes, even if I have “tweaked” them a bit. They are all yummy, and I feel better and look forward to seeing new recipes when I come on here. Its getting to where I have so many yummy ones to choose from, that its hard to decide what to make! (And that’s a GOOD problem to have right?! ;) )…anyway have a blessed day and thanks again for everything!


  11. says

    I’m sure your post hits home for most of us and one time or another, Laura. Thanks for being so honest and willing to share. Praise God the He is ever-patient with us, His children. :)

    Sharing a post about the simple joy to be found in snow. Thanks so much for hosting! ~Lisa


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