Gratituesday: The Tradition

Four trips to Walmart. One day.

Why? To carry on the fun tradition our family started three years ago.

All last week, our boys were working on their lists. First, they each wrote a “wish list” of possible gifts for others to purchase for them. Then they exchanged lists and spent time figuring out what they’d like to get for each brother. On Friday afternoon (after the morning crowd cleared!), I took one boy at a time to do their Christmas shopping for each other. I’d drop the one off at home, then pick up another and head back to the store. (Yes, the same greeter was there all four times. We’re like BFFs now.)

I love this time with each of my boys. I love having one-on-one time with each of them. I love the opportunity to talk with them about budgets, spending, and giving. With the exception of Malachi (who doesn’t yet have any source of income or receive an allowance yet), the boys spent their own hard earned money on these presents. I love seeing their generosity and thoughtfulness. (Even if, deep down, they’re excited to be able to play with whatever gifts they purchase for their brothers!)

This has quickly become one of my favorite family traditions. What are yours?

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  1. says

    I Love this link up. It has allowed me to be conscious of even being grateful for the “not so great stuff”.
    We are starting a few new Christmas Traditions this year and keeping some old ones. Excited for December 1st to come!


  2. says

    Each year I love listening to your story about the boys. Probably my favorite tradition in our family is one we have done since our daughter (she is now 33) was a little girl. We chose a family that is in need and we surprise them with Christmas. A couple of times we did not know the family at all. We just knew there was a need. We also set aside an offering through out the year so that we have the ability to chose ministries we want to bless at the end of the year. We sit down and tell the children how much we have set aside and then they help us decide where the money should go. One year one of our children felt passionately about the children in Russia (way back in the late 80’s) who had no coats for the harsh winters. SO that year we gave coats for children. Our children have been such a blessing when it comes to giving. This year is no different. We will be giving Christmas to a 16 year old boy who lives in a very rough situation and is a brand new Christian. We are blessed.


    Angelina Reply:

    That is a fantastic idea. I love that!


  3. says

    My post today is about our tradition of not having Christmas carols in the house until Thanksgiving night – and then it is a Christmas song free for all for the rest of the season!


  4. Tori L. says

    When my four younger siblings and I were growing up, we had a similar tradition, only it was at the dollar store. Our whole family would go and wander around the store giving out suggestions of things we would like to our parents (who would spread the word) and then trying to navigate the aisles and avoid our siblings while we picked out their gifts. We found out that coats over top of your basket made a great privacy screen!

    I was a little sad to see that tradition die as we all grew up and graduated to bigger budgets and more expensive stores. :)


  5. says

    What a sweet tradition! I love all that. Our tradition is for me to do a lot of shopping while pestering hubby to give me some ideas for him, lol! But i am thankful today for learning a lesson.


  6. says

    I shared about traditions today, too. :) My husband and I sat down this morning and planned out how to accomplish our Christmas shopping trips with our kiddos this year — what a relief to have a plan!! Thanks for hosting, ~Lisa


  7. Lea says

    Great tradition. Your kids will remember and cherish these times as much as you! I bet they might just learn a thing or two as well. I am hoping as my kids get older we will be able to come up with some neat activities similar to this. Thanks for sharing.


  8. says

    i love your tradition!!! and that’s something your boys will always remember! one of our favorite traditions is going out and cutting down our own Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. we put the lights on it that night and then on saturday we spend the day decorating the house & tree while drinking egg nog!


  9. Allison says

    We follow my Godparents’ tradition and have our boys open their presents to each other on Christmas they don’t get lost in the shuffle of Christmas morning. I love seeing how excited they get to GIVE!


  10. says

    I’m glad it’s not just my boys who buy gifts for each other that, really, they just want to play with themselves!! That makes me laugh, and I’m going to try to go easy on them this year when I see that glazed look in their eyes!

    Thanks for the opportunity to link up!


  11. says

    I loved this thankful post today. I shared it on facebook and many of my “friends” enjoyed it as well. Sally Clarkson was the first to really instill a love for making family tradition. And now you, WITH YOUR PACK OF BOYS, get to inspire me with boy related fun traditions. This one’s a winner for sure!

    Blessings on you and yours as you bless us and ours!



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