Gratituesday: The SUN!

I think it’s likely that I have and will write a Gratituesday post praising God for sunshine every April on my blog. But I won’t apologize for the redundancy. Or the repetitiveness. Or even for the fact that I have said it over and over again. Because the sun is shining again in Nebraska and I am SO THANKFUL!!!

Winter is lovely. Snow is fun.  Sitting around the fireplace is cozy. Soups and stews are comforting. I love that God gives us seasons and all the beautiful changes that come with them. I’ve tried very hard not to be whiny about the cold, cloudy, sunless days that have lasted for several months in these parts. It’s all a part of what God gives us and whining doesn’t help me warm up one bit. :)

But well…I’m ready for a little Vitamin D in my life. I am ready to open up my house and let the sun shine in. And I can’t wait to get my hands in the soil.

Justus (11) brought me in a handful of my favorite lavender wild flowers today. He said, “Remember how I used to do this when I was little?”  And then he dumped the wilting, yet beautiful little flowers in my lap. The sweetie. 

Spring is here! The sun is shining again! (And I’m prepared for the fact that there may still be a snow storm or two before summertime, but I can deal with it.)  I’m so thankful for the refreshing gift of sunshine!

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  1. says

    I am right there with you Laura! It has been sooo wonderful to see and feel the beautiful sunshine after the cold, cold winter! And I am also loving the extended daylight that just seemed to happen overnight – the days seem so much longer when it stays light out longer!

    Thanks for hosting Gratituesday!


  2. says

    Oh Laura, I am grateful for sunshine too! (Not that we’ve had much snow here in Denver.)

    I’ve got books on the brain again…or is it still? Anyway, this week I’ve been grateful for the Denver Public Library and it’s part in my budding readers’ development.

    Have a beautiful, sunshiny week!:)


  3. says

    I could not agree more Laura. This has been the longest winter of my life. The walls have been closing in. We still have snow in the forecast for next week but I KNOW spring is right around the corner, thank you Jesus!


  4. says

    I had already posted about kicking my cat back outside on my home blog, but I did link up my Freak of Gastric Bypass blog. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for in that area this year.

    Love Gratituesday. Really lifts my mood to see what others are thankful for.



  5. Jessica says

    Completely off topic…but today most of all I am thankful for my oldest daughter. Today we celebrate nine years of Abby! I can’t begin to express what a blessing she is to our family. God has given her a thoughtful, creative, Christ honoring heart. She is incredibly special!


  6. says

    Laura, My 12 year old (my youngest of three sons) gave me a single flower a few days ago. These moments with our growing boys are so sweet as they are the training grounds for these future men of ours. So sweet! Thanks for hosting. :) ~Lisa


  7. Muna says

    I am thankful for the changing seasons. This time of year we get to experience beautiful weather, colorful flowers and all. The Lord made it all perfect.


  8. Kathleen T says

    I’m in northern Idaho…same latitude as Maine. Today is the first day in the 50’s since I don’t know when, 53 is our high today! We have a day of blue sky before more snow and rain this week, and I am thankful for the lift the blue sky can bring. We get snow into May! In the mean time, all of my little seedling sprouts are bursting forth indoors, bearing our family’s hope to feed ourselves. We cannot plant until Memorial Day weekend because of our late snow and frost conditions here, but I am thankful for the hope of harvest to come from our tiny apartment patio garden! Bring on the Spring!


  9. Daphne says

    I couldn’t agree more with you on this. We live in northern MO and I love the snow, the fires, hot chocolate, sledding, etc…BUT…I LOVE spring! I love the smells, the extended daylight, all the blooming trees and flowers sleeping with the windows open and hearing all the bugs and bugs.


  10. Lori says

    Hi Laura-

    I am grateful for your wonderful blog and all of the knowledge I have gained about healthy eating. With some of our tax refund, I was able to purchase a Nutri mill and am very anxiously awaiting its arrival. I had never even heard of grinding my own wheat until I started reading your blog. I have ordered my wheat through the Amish who live just a couple miles away. I have been busy reading through your whole wheat recipes and the many comments.

    Thank you and God Bless!


  11. says

    Last week my post was about the 4 distinct seasons we have up here in Canada. It makes us appreciate them that much more. I am also thankful for the sun. Today is raining but I am also thankful for a day like today so I can take a break from the spring cleaning & snuggle up with a book on this dreary day, while my girls nap.


  12. Christa says

    Everything within me is rejoicing! The crocus came and went already. We have daffodils in bloom. The tulips have shot up and the country rose bush is already budding. There are signs of new life all over the yard. Purple iris and day lilies are poking their heads out of the ground. While I raked the dead leaves out of the flower beds my 3 little girls (22 month old included) played with the worms that were disturbed in the process. Living in New England there’s a saying, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” It really does change a lot but we’re so grateful for this change!


  13. says

    I know this sounds crazy, but today I’m thankful to have a daughter that is driving her own car! I truly enjoy your website and appreciate everything you do!


  14. Samantha says

    I am thankful fo having the ability to stay home with my daughter and still make our household money by watching other children! =]

    I also love the sunshine, but I have had a tan since Feb here in Missouri =]


  15. says

    Ahh. So many things to be thankful for. I am also loving the sunshine, but I’m not ready for the snow that they are predicting on friday! I keep reminding myself that after the fairly mild winter we had, a little bit of snow now isn’t that bad!


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