Gratituesday: The Girls In My Life


“So Laura, don’t you ever wish you had little girls?”

People ask me that question quite often as they observe my boy-filled life. My answer is always “no.”  God knew what He was doing when He gave me all sons and no daughters. Plus we snatched up little Gladis, who gets to be our daughter/sister/friend/delight in Honduras.

I didn’t have any sisters when I was growing up either – just one brother. You know what I have now?  All kinds of sisters! My brother’s wife, Matt’s sister, Matt’s brothers wife, plus all the Christian sisters God has put in my life. So, do you know what I might have someday? Four daughters, if God sees fit that all of our boys get married.

Guess what else I have? Several nieces. Precious, sweet girls who give me excuses to buy pink, giggle, and talk about fingernail polish. Girls who tell me, “Hey, cute jeans” and “I like your sweater.”

I do sometimes wonder what my daughter might have looked like had I actually had one. I usually look no farther than my brother’s girls. If I had a daughter, I’m pretty sure she would look a lot like this:


This niece of mine looks so much like I did when I was little. 

I got to see two of my Kansas nieces briefly this weekend. My oldest niece, who is 12, and also a lot like I was when I was her age, spent some time in the kitchen with me, helping me and chatting as we worked on lunch.

niece 1

Yep, except for the braces, I bet I could find some
12 year old pictures of me that would look a lot like this.

While we worked, she asked me, “Do you ever wish you had girls, Aunt Laura?”  It was a moment I had not planned, but it was the perfect opportunity to stop my work and look right into her eyes. “Not even a little bit, Kailey,” I told her, “because God gave me nieces like you instead.”

You should have seen her smile. She’s old enough and mature enough to hear my heart. I’ve said it to others, but there was something pretty special about sharing it directly with her.

I’m so thankful for all the girls God put in my life to love on. Bring on the shopping trips, hair styling, and shared smiles as we watch the boys race through the room at lightening speed.

Now your turn. Share what you’re thankful for!  Leave a comment on this post letting us know how God is working in your life. If you’ve written a blog post about what you’re thankful for, leave the link in the comments so we can visit your blog to read about it. We love sharing and reading about God’s blessings!


  1. mindingmomma says

    I am thankful that the Lord led me to Quilter’s Depot, a local fabric store. There is a free sewing bee about three times a month. I’ve been twice. I haven’t met anyone yet. Is that something to be thankful for? Oh yes. I have lived here over a year and the closest fabric store to me is full of mean people. Really mean. One of the workers practically stopped me at the counter, quizzed me on my being there (it was a class day and I didn’t have a machine in hand), and promptly informed me there was no hand-sewing in their store, no sewing bees, and if I wanted to sign up for a class, i would need a Bernina machine. I walked out very dejected. I finally went to google and looked for a store a little farther away from my home. I don’t like driving much, but there is only two turns to get to this new store. And while I don’t know the name of the lovely lady at the counter yet, she has been so friendly and helpful and encouraging, i look forward to getting there.


  2. Lana says

    This week I am thankful for friends. Sometimes being an empty nester stay at home wife just gets lonely and yesterday friends met me for lunch when I really needed some talk time.


  3. ms.p says

    Everyday little things. My van start to take my daughter to school which she didn’t give me a hard time this morning(all morning I prayed that she give no problems) The clothes that are on the living room ready to put away. the snow coming down(trying to find the joy in it). not knowing what I am making for supper(need to but I haven’t done menu plan all this month). My hubby job opportunity that he has. need to pass couple more test for a job. So close but so far away


  4. says

    I’m also thankful for the girls in my life – I’m sixteen, I have five brothers, and no sisters! Your post just reminded me how blessed I am to have my handful of girl-friends and my mother.


  5. Brooke Small says

    I love this! I used to think the same way of people… ” I bet they wish they had a boy in the mix of their four girls…” But God changed my heart. People have asked me about that too… “Did you wish for a boy? Gonna try for a boy? etc…”
    Me: “Well, whatever God blesses us with is great!” And sure enough God blessed me with 3 girls :) I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything. God knows what he’s doing.


  6. Vanessa says

    I’m thankful that my husband and I were not able to have biological children. While we prayed and cried out to God for years for our “own” family, if we had been blessed with biological children we never would have our beautiful daughter through adoption or dived into the world of foster care. Because God decided biological children were not best for our future we took leaps of faith and have been blessed beyond measure.


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