Gratituesday: The Fridge Is Clean

I know. It sounds like a silly thing to be grateful for. But my fridge sees a lot of food coming and going from its shelves and drawers. It is usually quite full and cluttered. If you recall, last week was incredibly busy, and my fridge was bursting at the seams. Yesterday we had company all day long, and I had a blast keeping up with feeding everyone! 

By last night, I really began to notice how junky the inside of my fridge was looking after weeks of neglect.  The shelves and drawers were covered with crumbs, crusty milk rings, and all sorts of sticky, icky something-or-others. 

So today, I decided we were cleaning out. I changed our menu plan today so we could have leftovers for lunch, even if it did mean that the meal before us was super random and not at all exciting. I pulled out everything from meatballs to kiwi and we had a “crazy buffet meal”. In the meantime, I scrubbed down shelves and rearranged the remaining refrigerator contents. 


If you didn’t already know that I love jars, I guess you do now.  :)

I didn’t even think about taking “before pictures” until after I was finished. I was simply on a mission. When this happens, there’s no stopping me. You just have to eat your random plate of lunch and not get in my way. ;)

How long will my fridge stay that clean? Probably for about a half a day. But tonight I’m thankful to be going to bed with a clean refrigerator. It’s the simple things in life, you know? :)

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  1. Jamie says

    Why does cleaning and organizing a fridge feel just as gratifying as stocking it full?? I get such a feeling of contentment after cleaning and organizing it, even though it usually means it’s pretty close to empty!


  2. says

    I know that feeling & it’s definitely a grateful feeling! Saturdays & Sundays we try to eat up any leftovers that are in the fridge & that gives me such a great feeling. Partly because I can see in there again & also because I know that food isn’t going to waste. :-)


  3. Laura says

    Love a clean fridge and yep, mine usually lasts about half a day, too. I clean out the leftovers and warm them up on a cookie sheet in the oven. Then, I open the ‘mama dinner store’ and the family comes over to shop. The girls love it and I get to clean out all the leftovers in a fun way. Plus, dh will eat anything, so he doesn’t mind whatever leftovers of the leftovers fill his plate!


  4. gina says

    I also cleaned mine out yesterday to find that an hour after I was done a little girl spilled milk in it trying to get her own drink.


  5. says

    I totally get it – mine is in dire need of a good scrubbing, too.

    Sure would be great if a little Fridge Fairy found it’s way to my house …. ;-)


  6. says

    We have the dreaded milk rings too. That’s a result of having raw milk in jars…one that I’m happy to live with. :) I’ve been putting down shoe box lids for my milk jugs/jars to sit on. When the lid gets too crusty for words, we toss it and put down another one.


  7. says

    I hear ya’ about being grateful for cleanliness, even if it’s just a fridge. My sister and crew are filming a show at my house as we speak, so my dh and I decided to splurge and get the house thoroughly and professionally cleaned prior to their arrival. It felt so good to see these two women, myself working alongside them like a plow horse, cleaning to within an inch of our lives. Nothing beats the feeling of a deeply cleaned (as opposed to “lick and a promise” cleaning) house!


  8. says

    We’re in the process of cleaning out the WHOLE HOUSE, so I love it when you get a fresh start, a clean slate, and I work to stay faithful in the keeping it from becoming overcrowded again.


  9. says

    So new to this blogging thing (in my third week) that I didn’t realize that I was supposed to put the name of my post in the name field and not my actual name haha. Oops. The name of my post is ” To Everything There is a Season”. Thank you for allowing us to link up here and show the ways God has blessed us in our daily lives.


    Laura Reply:

    Your “name” down there can be whatever you want it to be, no problem! :)


  10. says

    How funny, I just cleaned out my fridge the other day, too! Including wiping down all the walls, pulled off the light bulb cover to wash down, and even the light bulbs in there (yes, there was dripped gunk on the light bulbs). It’s so pretty and airy in there!
    I keep trying to keep it clean, so today’s a leftover and baking (to use up stuff in the fridge) kind of day, as long as the littles don’t decide to do something else.


  11. Linnea says

    I love organizing my fridge too! There is something very soothing about opening a sparkling clean fridge. But then, I’m a bit weird I think… =)


  12. Amy says

    I love to clean my fridge also, but am a little afraid of leftovers. How long do you go before you they are too old to eat. I am like a 3 day person, but I know that they can probably go longer.


  13. Jamie Garcia says

    You have a seriously tiny frig compared to the one I imagined you had! LOL

    My frig gets cleaned out everytime my MIL comes to visit. Our raw/pasture-only/organic milk comes in plastic jugs like the supermarket-go fig :)


    Laura Reply:

    Ha! That’s funny! Of course, my camera didn’t capture my produce drawer below, but when we moved into this house ten years ago, it had a side-by-side and that’s what we still have. The teeny freezer to the left of my fridge section doesn’t do much for me, but I guess it does hold a little. (Thankfully we have larger freezers in our storage room!) When this fridge ever dies, I will be getting one of those cool refrigerators with the big fridge on top and the freezer on the bottom!!


  14. amber says

    Looks great. I bought the Victorio per your advice. Made applesauce last week and loved it. Will try tomatoes tomorrow. Have you done any tomatoes yet?


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, I did make some tomoto sauce a couple weeks ago, and took pictures – just still haven’t had a chance to write about it. I’m hoping this week!


  15. says

    I know exactly what you mean! I just did mine a few days ago and decided that from now on I would clean the fridge out the day before my grocery shopping day. I don’t know about you, but I kept having the overwhelming urge to look inside the fridge all day just to glance at it’s “neatness”. ;)


  16. Nancy says

    Ok this is crazy. I randomly decided to clean my fridge today!! I had cleaned it a couple of months ago, but with the college swimmer kid home for summer and her friends over all the time, I had gone through tons of food. I too kept opening the fridge today to see how “neat” it looks. Now, hubby will come home late tonight and wonder where all the leftovers went. HAHA. Great minds think alike!!


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