Gratituesday: The Completed Living Room

Remember two years ago when Matt and his dad tore into our living room so that they could insulate our walls?

After they tore out the lath and plaster, they sprayed in some awesome foam insulation, and then put up dry wall. And of course, they got all that mess cleaned up and put the living room furniture back where it was supposed to be. 

At that point, the project kind of came to a halt. That’s because all Matt does is sit around all day watching TV.

I am so totally big fat kidding. 

The guy is an extremely hard worker and finds himself with more to do in a day than he typically has time for. Plus, the outside of our house has needed painting, so in the warm months, he works on that project instead of indoor projects. 

Slowly but surely, Matt textured all of the walls, then painted all of the walls, then put up and painted the trim. It has been a work in progress for quite some time. But a couple of weeks ago, we were finally able to hang curtains and call the room “finished”. 

Now, just for added “aaaahhhh” effect, go back up and look at the “during” pictures. 

And now…

Isn’t it beautiful!!!

I love the wall colors we picked (gold and raspberry). Those colors were actually picked by a great friend of mine who has the decorating gift. I clearly do not have that gift. If it were up to me, the wall would have been a very exciting shade of…off white. ;)  We found a great new rug that is a perfect match. And another friend helped me pick out sheer curtains.

Now, the laptop isn’t a living room decoration, but if you look over to the right of the picture, you will see that Asa, our 15 year old, was doing his Algebra 2 lesson this afternoon when I snapped this shot. I’m sure he’s pleased to have his feet in the picture. 

I can’t tell you how great it feels to have this project completed! Each time I walk into the room, I just have to stop and stare for a moment. (Not at Asa’s feet – but at the warm, pretty colors.)

I’m thankful for my hard working husband and my beautiful living room – and sure – even for Asa’s feet. :)

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  1. Jenika says

    Beautiful, yes! And, I think you have every right to be thankful for your 15 year old son’s feet in a picture that you snapped in the middle of the day…when most 15 year old are away at school (esp when those feet are attached to the body of a boy doing MATH!!).

    You are BLESSED to have him HOME! Be thankful for his FEET!



  2. Shellie D. says

    Its gorgeous! I imagine all that new insulation is going to feel pretty good this winter!! Love your colors and the windows or beautiful!


  3. Jamie says

    BEAUTIFUL! Our first house had the plaster like yours did…it pretty much sent me screaming everytime my husband had to work on a project.


  4. says

    It looks so beautiful! We are marathon projecters ourselves. With my husband’s long hours as a trauma surgeon and my busy-ness keeping up with 6 kids and a few dozen critters, things take forever and a day to get doen! So glad you have your lr back!


  5. Ann Marie says

    Beautiful – It looks so cozy and inviting! I love it when a big project like that is finally finished and you can just sit back and admire your accomplishment.


  6. Charlotte Moore says

    BEAUTIFUL indeed!! I am proud for you.

    I am so THANKFUL for all the LORD has done for me. GOD is good!!


  7. Kimberly S. says

    Beautiful! I love how cozy it looks. Now you’ve got me thinking, wonder what my husband would say if I suggested tearing out our living room’s plaster walls, insulating, and then hanging up drywall. Only reason I’m thinking about that is there was obviously a door in the corner of our living room that led to the 1st floor bedroom and the door was once removed, but the doorway hole was not correctly reinforced and now we have a huge crack in the wall in the bedroom closet. Meaning the drywall in the bedroom closet has completely split. And in the living room, you can see an outline on the wall where the door would have been. We’re planning on selling the house in the spring and it’s tempting to rip out the outside walls and the wall between the bedroom and living room to properly fix everything. Not sure my husband, who unfortunately is not a handy man, would want to tackle that project.


  8. says

    What a beautiful room and what a gift your husband is!
    We seem to be in a perpetual state of remodel, so I know the ‘fun’ that goes along with this type of project.


  9. Julie H says

    Just lovely!!

    We have lived in our 60yr+ house for 10 years and have yet to paint our Living Room. We are rectifying that in the next few weeks…can’t wait to sit back and have that ‘Awwwww’ moment!


  10. Sheila Laurence says

    I’m just kind of stuck on the 2 years piece. :) Could 2 years REALLY have passed that quickly? But it looks beautiful!


  11. Lauren says

    Absolutely gorgeous and what great colors!
    Thank you for making me feel better about it taking us going on 6 months to finish a floor install! :)


  12. Carol Arnold says

    I love it, too. What an attractive and comfortable setting for your family and friends to enjoy! Great job by your hard-working guy! :-)


  13. Suzanne says

    Is that Teaching Textbooks Algebra2? My three boys use TT, and we love it.
    Your room looks cozy and I’m sure feels warmer too.
    God bless.


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, LOVE Teaching Textbooks!!!!


  14. Susan F says

    I do remember when you posted the demolition photos! Congratulations on a beautiful and welcoming livingroom. It is a wonderful job.


  15. says

    Ah, we have a project like that going on too! Last year we tore out our master bathroom, and we’re just now almost done with it. I was very excited when we had a working shower and toilet again!


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