Gratituesday: The Budget


Over the weekend, Matt and I finally had a chance to sit down together to go over our 2010 budget. 

I know I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to looking at the budget with my husband…but in a weird kind of way, it feels like a date of sorts (the kind of date where I’m in my stained bathrobe sporting a pitiful ponytail and there are four loud kids running around with stinky feet).

It’s just nice to sit down with my husband and plan and dream and discuss our daily lives and our future goals. 

I came away from our “budgeting date” extremely thankful for two specific things:

  1. My husband and I are on the same page when it comes to spending, giving and saving money. I know that  marriages can be strained because one spouse likes to spend more money than the other…or one spouse likes to hold back money and not share with those in need. I’m thankful that Matt and I barely have to use words…and then when one of us does, the other just nods…because we think alike when it comes to money.
  2. The bottom line of our budget showed us that after all is said and done, this year we should be able to give a little more and save a little more. It was an incredible relief and blessing to see how God has provided what we need to be able to do these things. 

Always, always God takes care of his children. 

What are you thankful for this Gratituesday? Big or small…there’s ALWAYS something to be thankful for! Write about what you’re grateful for on your blog, then come link up with us here. Or, if you don’t have a blog, be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you’re thankful for!

Let’s all share what God is doing in our lives!


  1. Melody says

    My husband and I married at 18 and began a family the 1st year. We did not have enough sense about money yet and accumulated debt. 2 Years ago, God gave Nathan an awesome job and we set out to eliminate debt for all the right reasons. Before we completely succeeded however, Nathan’s job was removed. That was August. He is a carpenter and does remodeling/construction contracts presently. It’s not consistant. In July, we were setting our sights on the realistic goal of buying our 1st home so we did not sign a new year’s lease but opted to pay the $50 extra/mo. to have the liberty of moving when the time came.

    Our income has drastically been reduced to where it’s not logical to continue the rent like that. Nathan contacted our landlady and God gave us favor. Of course she was pleased to put us back on a lease again, but she took all the extra $50/mos. putting it toward our rent. Possibly, it’s only a big thing to me, but we feel so blessed.

    The holidays were especially tight. Aonymous friends gave a gift that covered more than 1 bill.

    I’m a homeschooling SAHM who is looking for a job outside the home which means my kids may have to go back to public school. But we have never done without our needs, and since God knows our needs, I know HE will work it ALL out. Under God, it’s never a question of if, but what HIS will is in the meantime. :)


  2. Jessica says

    Today I am thankful for a husband and that skillfully and willingly has done his best to button up this old drafty house. Last year we nearly froze (our hot water did!) in certain rooms. I often take his skills for granted, but he’s done a great job and saved us tons of money in the process.


  3. says

    Great post.

    We are the opposite- under major financial strain right now- caused in great part by the economy and in part by our own lack of planning. The blessing is that my husband and I see eye to eye too. We got in this mess as a team and we’ll still be a team after this is all over

    God is with us and takes care of us- even when it is in a different way than the way I’d prefer:)


  4. Sara says

    My marriage, too, has been blessed by both of us being on the same page, financially speaking. The negative, though, is that neither of us are very financially charitable. I think my husband just doesn’t think about it, but I do… and then justify keeping the money to pay for our own needs. I’m a financial geek (I LOVE budgeting!), which is a benefit in so many ways but also tends to hinder my generosity. Goal for this year? I think so!


  5. says

    Hubby and I are getting on the same page….I am more of a spender, him the saver. We took Financial Peace class and we were doing good until some major car repairs emptied our emergency fund. Things are really tight right now, but God has provided for us everytime we have needed Him! We have a plan once we get our tax refund…should be most helpful. THankful I found this site, cooking from scratch is not as bad as I thought and my kids really like nearly everything I have made. Thanks Laura for a great and inspirational site!


  6. says

    Great post! This is one area my husband and I need to sit down and do. Before we were saved we started drowning in debt. Then trying to get out of debt we were a victim of fraud, which sent us into more debt. After almost 5 years we are slowly coming out of the hole. But not on our own…but by the grace of God. Thank you for this post! I’m passing it on to my husband for him to read. Have a great day.


  7. Meghan says

    money…uggh. We need help. I pray for some serious help from God about how He wants us to handle being stewards of our money.


  8. says

    glad you and your husband are on the same page. my husband and I have times when we are and times when we aren’t. thanks for the encouragement and can’t wait to see more of your helpmeet seris


  9. says

    Some months ago, I started Time Out Tuesdays as a way for me to pause to think about all the good, praiseworthy things and life, while focusing on being, not doing. Unfortunately, I got out of the habit of it and was just getting back into it this week when I stumbled upon your Gratituesday. A double blessing to keep me focused on the positive. Thank you! And, praise God!


  10. says

    I’m lucky enough to be married to someone who’s just as much of a penny-pincher as I am. He loves when I find new ways to make every dollar go farther, even if it takes a bit longer or seems crazy.

    What am I thankful for? My husband. Sitting in the Dr’s office with a sick son last night I met so many single young mothers regretfully caring for little ones. We’ve been married 8 yrs. and he’s always stood by my side. I’ve never had to worry about if he’ll be there for our son and I.


  11. says

    I am thankful that I have found a great way to save money on buying wedding, birthday, and other gifts and household items at almost wholesale.

    Saving money in all areas is surprisingly easy. It just takes some research.


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