Gratituesday: Spanish

If I felt like being cute and clever, I’d write some of this post in Spanish, just to impress you. However, as we all know, I struggle mightily with speaking anything but English. And actually, depending on the busyness of my day, sometimes my English doesn’t even come out very clearly. Bless my family’s heart for translating my well meaning but oft times meaningless garb when I’m in the midst of doing too many things at once. (I’m a master of not finishing sentences and making my family guess where in the world I’m asking them to go put the…)

Which is why I’m so thankful for the fact that my boys are learning to speak Spanish through Rosetta Stone. It’s pricey software, no doubt. But we are so thankful we invested in this for our kids. It has been a fabulous tool. In fact, Justus now sometimes speaks more Spanish than English – just because he enjoys it so much. Matt understands what he’s saying, and so does Asa (who is on his second year of learning the language). Me? Well, slowly I’m actually beginning to pick out a few words so that sometimes I can shock him by actually answering his questions that he asks entirely in Spanish. 


I mean, I have a time or two accidentally told him that we are having blue for breakfast or that it is cheese o’clock. Need I remind you that foreign languages are not my gift? 

As a home school mom, I am thankful that I don’t have to be a master of all subjects in order for my children to receive a great education. The resources available are fantastic, and Rosetta Stone is just one example. 

Now if I can just keep up with my kids. ;)

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  1. kelly says

    Just had to reply to this one…we just purchased Rosetta Stone through a set of circumstances that ONLY God could do. It’s also encouraging to hear how your boys are learning spanish!!God is so good, and not because we are getting the spanish, but because we don’t, I don’t deserve any thing and yet He loved me first and continues to pour out that love in big and little ways too. It was such a sweet thing to share this testimony with my kids about god’s provision. Rosetta Stone has always been put back on wish list after all the other school purchases. It arrives on wednesday!!! (miercoles =0) I think that is spanish for wed????


  2. says

    It’s been a while since I checked in with you here, since I posted an entree on my own site, or since I linked up with you on yours. But we are finally settled into our new home and I have begun homeschooling my three boys. Thank you for being one of the many sources of encouragement to me over the past year as I’ve felt this call. Truly!


  3. says

    I think I’m actually good with languages! Sadly, I never make time to develop this aptitude. Keep throwing it in the “maybe someday” pile. Like learning guitar. Sigh….


  4. says

    When I started schooling my own children A Beka and Bob Jones was it. What wonderful resource tools that are available these days. This was way back in the day, we even had to keep the kids inside during school hours since it was not really legal yet. Those were the days!
    Glad you have all the tools you need.


  5. says

    I am always amazed by homeschool moms. You are awesome!

    My Josie will never learn to read or speak Spanish or even English, but I hope I’m teaching her things every day too.


  6. says

    We also own and use Rosetta Stone for Spanish (although not this year). My kids all loved it! Thanks for hosting, Laura, this week I’m sharing about the package we received in the mail from our daughter who lives in Switzerland. What did she send us? You guessed it, chocolate (and cheese)!


    Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley :)


  7. Leah says

    This is one item I have been looking at to purchase. Did you buy the whole kit or year by year? Is there any thing you would change about it? What is the best thing about it?


    Laura Reply:

    I was less expensive to buy the whole set instead of year by year. Plus, once my kids finish the first one, they can go right into the next one. I’m not sure I would change anything about it. We love the way it teaches!


  8. Tracy A says

    I am so happy for your boys! Spanish is a wonderful language. I have been teaching it at the middle-high school level for 18 years, mostly in Christian schools. I have a heart to help others learn to share the gospel in Spanish! This is my first year at home with my four year old instead of brick and mortar teaching. I would love to be able to provide online support if your boys or any other home school students would like instruction or help! if I can help!Tracy M.


  9. says

    Thanks for the Linkups!! I agree about not having to know all the subjects in order to homeschool, lol, that would be funny if I thought I could do all that!!


  10. Birdie says

    “The desire for much, but the master of few”. That is what your writing makes me think of when it comes to myself :->! Why oh why must we homeschool moms be so hard on our selves? Thanks for your honesty, I did one year of French with mine.


  11. Kathy says

    Funny that I read this post while taking a break from trying to help my children with their Spanish homework! My older children used Rosetta Stone, but the drawback is not having anyone fluent in the language to actually practice with. My younger children have the opportunity this fall to learn Spanish from a native of Guatemala.


  12. says

    My daughter read your post and was happy to hear that her mom isn’t the only one with this “disease!” My family is constantly frustrated with my lack of completed sentences. The sad part is that I am unaware that I am even doing this! I think it’s called, “Momitis.” ;)

    We hope to purchase the Rosetta Stone as well. Hopefully, in the near future – thanks for your encouragement!


  13. says

    Maybe one of these days we can get Rosetta Stone! But for now we have something on a much smaller scale for learning Spanish. My son has definitely picked it faster than anyone!

    Thanks for sharing!


  14. says

    My husband wants to get Rosetta Stone so badly. We recently moved and have several Spanish speaking people in our community. We aren’t used to not having them also be able to speak English, but that’s the new norm. I’m grateful for it because it’s a daily reminder of Heaven, but I think it’s time we hop on the train of learning a second language. I would love for my son to be bi-lingual but haven’t taken time to research how to go about it.


  15. T.R. says

    My gratitude to God is giving me understanding to not freak out when things don’t go right like I used to. Last year was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    stressful all because I worried about every thing and how it looked to others and myself. This year I’m much calmer and am able to handle those things that have come up without all the stress behind what it means about me, that I’m actually seeing some long needed progress in my life. I’m grateful that what ever God did to my spirit is working. :O)


  16. Dana says

    funny how the point that stuck with me is that I’m thankful that I’m not the only mom who stops mid-sentence when speaking to my family!! It has become quite the family source of alternating amusement and frustration! ME? I just laugh and try to remember what it was that I was asking them to do.


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