Gratituesday: So Busy!

It’s so easy to whine and complain about being busy. When people ask, “How are you?” one of the first responses for many of us is often, “Good. Just really, really busy.”  And sometimes, I think we can get into an “I’m busier than you are” competition – as if the person with the busiest, most difficult-to-keep schedule wins some sort of prize. (The pass-out-from-exhaustion-prize, maybe?)

I’m often guilty of being too busy, and I’m guilty of complaining about “how much I have to do!”  Truly, it’s not good to be so busy that you can’t love on people, that you can’t care for your family, or that you can’t get enough rest and take care of yourself. If we’re that busy, even with good activities, something needs to give. 

But trusting that we are busy doing good, that we are busy ministering to others as God has called us to do, that we are busy being productive with our time – how about instead of complaining, we take the time to be grateful that we are busy?

To be busy means that God is using you! To be busy means that you are healthy. To be busy means that you have plenty of work to do. To be busy means that you are serving others. To be busy means that you have been given wonderful opportunities. 

I am thankful to be busy. And I’m equally thankful for the quiet time God gives me each day to spend with Him, just listening and learning. 

Never forget, we are all too busy to skip out on time with God each day. Being busy without Him means that we’re just…busy. 

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  1. says

    I blogged about something similar today ( I have been so busy and in such a bad mood that I needed to step back and re-evaluate my to do list and priorities. I enjoyed reading your blog, because it made me feel better knowing I am not the only one out there stretched thin.


  2. Susan Parker says

    Sunday I was complaining of all I have to do, another week with sick kids..stomch bug this time..and mountain high laudry -then out of the blue, I logged onto your site, like I have done at least a hundred times before..but this time, I noticed your sidebar (which have noticed before but not the subject before. There it was – SMACK DAB RIGHT THERE STARING AT ME (which I now believe it was God sending me a message) here is what I read:

    I could not believe it and then my mind went to the Disney movie Pollyanna (which I love that movie and the meaning behind it). Pollyanna was taught by her father, who was a missionary to play the Glad Game. She wanted a doll, but didn’t get one, but in the missionary barrel was crutches. Her father taught her to be ‘glad’ that she doesn’t need them.

    I felt your post about stop complaining, was another way of saying let’s play the GLAD GAME, and it changed my stinking attitude for the night and today.

    I think I will dig out my old VHS Pollyanna movie and watch it with my girls and be GLAD I HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEND MY TIME WITH THEM.

    I am truly blessed by God!



  3. says

    Don’t we all find ourselves in this place? Yes, busyness that pushes out our relationship with the Lord is TOO busy! It’s a constant effort of evaluation. Thank you for the call to refocus.


  4. says

    There’s a certain person in my life who always tries to one-up me whenever I mention being busy or tired. It drives me nuts sometimes because all I want is a little sympathy. But, as much as it makes my temper spike, it’s good to have that constant reminder that others are busy and stressed and tired, too.


  5. Charlotte Moore says

    I am sure we can all say GUILTY on this one. So easy to do. We need to be more grateful that is for sure.

    THANK the LORD for HIS MERCY!!!!


  6. says

    Loved this, thank you.
    This helped me to step back and think about what I was busy with, and evaluate whether it was ‘good’ busy or ‘bad’ busy. So often we get caught up doing something that is good, without realizing that there is something even better that could be taking our time. Thank you!


  7. says

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder. Complaining doesn’t change anything – does it?


    Niki French Reply:

    YOu can remove #18 in the link-up. I apologize I put my own name there instead of the name of my post! I apologize.


  8. Cheri Parrish says

    I’m so grateful that God has given me the energy I need to be busy. I recently stopped telling people I was busy when people asked how I was. Instead I say that I’m enjoying a full life. It sounds more grateful and less whiny. And I really am enjoying it.


  9. says

    Great perspective on our busy lifestyles! Being busy is good. We’re to be workers at home right? But being too busy is not. Finding that balance isn’t always easy, but you’re right that’s why we need Him!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment this morning. I appreciate it and your prayers! :)


  10. Ann Guinn says

    Thanks, Laura, for another timely and godly insight into our busy lives as women! I also admit that I really need this reminder. One of my favorite words about so many things in life is, “balance”. Lord, help us to find joy in the schedule that YOU have placed us in, and help us to let go of the rest!


  11. Heather says

    Yes! So true Laura! Being busy with out Him is NO good! Have you ever heard this acronyme?
    B ound
    U nder
    S atan’s
    Y oke

    Makes me chuckle ’cause it’s SO true if we are running on our own steam! :)


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