Gratituesday: Short But Sweet Visit

My dad can rarely get away from his work (one draw-back of being self-employed and being a work-a-holic). ;)  As he and his wife are coming up on their fourth anniversary, he actually took a few days off to get away. I was so grateful to hear it. I was even more grateful to hear that they were going to spend part of their get away time with us! (Side note:  In case you aren’t aware, I lost my mom seven years ago and my dad remarried four years ago this month. You can read a little bit more about this here.)

“Papa” bought the special breakfast he likes to get to spoil the boys. Here are the leftovers.
Not pictured:  Chocolate Long John. Don’t ask me what happened to that one.

Dad and Tacy got to be here to watch our boys play in their soccer tournament over the weekend, then today, we visited and enjoyed down-time together. They watched the boys jump on the trampoline and do “their flips and tricks”. Tacy and I took a walk. We all just relaxed. Their visit was short but sweet and we treasured it all.

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  1. Tracy says

    We spent time with grandparents this weekend as well. And my mother-in-law ALWAYS stops at Krispy Kreme on the way to our house to pick up doughnuts for the kids. Grandparents are really special!


  2. Dawn says

    We’ve been talking about building our daughter a bed so we can give her crib (converted into a day bed now) to the baby. This past Sunday we stopped at an estate sale after church. They were selling a twin sized bed with wooden frames for $10.00. We asked for $5.00 and they accepted. We wouldn’t be able to build a bed for that price. We are currently unemployed, so this find was especially grand. It was fun that it happened right after church too. : D. We are thankful!


  3. says

    We find out tomorrow if we will qualify for a gorgeous, low income townhouse (to rent). We are praying we do, as it will dramatically change our financial situation. I am grateful for the hope of being able to move there!


  4. says

    I am so happy you got to spend some time with your dad and Tracy. I am sure the visit is bittersweet. God in his perfect time makes all things new. Have a great day.


  5. Jason Bonham says

    We are glad you all got to see your special dad and yes he does work hard. For J to take time off with as busy as he is wow. Next time you talk to him tell him hi for us :)


  6. Betty Stewart says

    We moved to TN 9 months ago from TX and I fell and broke my hip 8 weeks ago. I am so thankful for all the friends and help the Lord has provided in my recovery. I am up and cooking now and looking forward to your receipes and coconut oil. Thnks for your great site.


  7. says

    We had a quite a nice blessing this weekend in the form of RAIN! It has been so dry and hot here. The animals have been miserable. It is great to have a break in the hot weather, and a chance to enjoy the outdoors.
    I’m glad you got a chance to visit with your family. I’m sure you treasure every moment with him.


  8. Jamie says

    Isn’t family a wonderful thing to be thankful for? I’m so thankful for my parents this week and their interaction with my son. :)


  9. blair says

    im thankful for all the people on this site, the ones who encouraged me to try canning all those peaches last week! i got 27 pints canned and up in the cabinet.. and ive left the cabinet door open so i can see them.. oh and i ate one and gave one to my mother in law. also i am very thankful for the 80something degree weather in oklahoma this week!


  10. Daphne says

    That’s great that you got to see them even if only for awhile. This weekend is my grandpa’s 90th bday so over Labor Day weekend we had a big party for him. It’s about an eight hour drive to see him but we were able to go down and see most of my gigantic family. Like you said, it was short but sweet! My boys are so blessed to be able to know their great-grandparents!


  11. says

    I wrote brief post about Gratituesday. I am thankful, you are here. I read some posts that touched my heart. One, in particular, brought back memories and feelings from my past. I am thankful.


  12. Janet Herndon says

    What a blessing to have your Dad and Tacy there for the long weekend! They are such special people! Would love to be able to see them again!! I am thankful for having my twin sister, Joyce, here for a visit for 9 days. Over the weekend we went to the ITA Twins Convention in Branson. We had never been before. It was sooooooo much fun!!! So neat to meet and get acquainted with other twins from all over the country!! Loved every moment of my time with Joyce!!


  13. says

    So happy to hear your Dad was able to spend some time with you all and sorry to hear about your Mom. I can empathize as I lost my Dad back in 1994. My Mom has since remarried and I am so happy to see her happy. Love and blessings, Kelly


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