Gratituesday: Love in Christ

Last weekend, our church hosted a biannual Clothing Exchange, where we opened our doors for everyone in the community to come and get free clothing. It takes hours and hours and hours of exhausting work to get an event such as this set up. Thousands of articles of clothing were donated and needed to be organized. I had the privilege of working for a few of those hours alongside so many brothers and sisters who gave so much of their time. Hundreds of people in our church and in our community were served through this event. All I can ever think of while we are preparing for this is, “THIS is what it means to serve. THIS is what it means to be a church. THIS is how we show Jesus to others.”  There were over 80 people LINED UP at the door on Saturday morning ready to come in and get clothes for their families, and many more who followed throughout the morning. It truly is beautiful to see that we are making an impact in the community.


Then, just today our church family met to celebrate the life of one of our elders who died suddenly last Monday. While it’s such a painful and sorrowful time of grieving together…as I see everyone hugging and crying together, again I think, “THIS is what it means to be unified. THIS is who we are called to be. THIS is what it means to show love and to be selfless.”

Barriers break down when Christians serve alongside Christians. Walls crumble when a loved one dies and we all grieve together. Love prevails when together we are reminded that only one thing is truly important.

THIS is what Christianity is all about.

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  1. Laura E says

    Don’t know if you knew or not, but my folks went to YC w/ your elder. Dad was actually able to visit him in the hospital while they were treating him.


    Laura Reply:

    ACTUALLY…I did hear all about this because they STAYED with us when they came for the funeral!!! It made me miss you more! I loved having them here. I had visited with your dad when he stayed iwth us this summer during the alumni choir reunion, but I hadn’t visited with your mom in forever! I so loved it and am so glad they came and stayed with us!!


    Laura E Reply:

    Well how ’bout that! I head from Dad this morning that they got in at around 1am, and wonderd if he had stayed with you. He didn’t mention that Mom had gone, too. I’m glad you enjoyed the time you spent together. :) Perhaps I’ll just have to convince Megan that a road trip is in order and come out and visit you…


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, please DO!!!! I would love that!

  2. Christi says

    Thank you L for this post. As sad as yesterday was, I was able to see rays of beauty shine through the dark clouds of grief. Thank you for reminding us to hold on to that and encouraging us to continue…


  3. says

    My husband managed a clothes closet through our church when we were in college. I know how much hard work goes in to it. It always blessed me to spend time there. There are some sweet people in this world who need to be loved on and given a helping hand.


  4. says

    Why is it so hard to do these things? We know it blesses others and we are commanded to serve but so many times we “can’t” make the time or find another more “interesting” activity. (Sigh) Inspiring post–Lord help me to look for more ways to serve.


  5. sharon says

    I work in a community Organization as a Homeless Prevention Counselor. I see so much need and to alleviate the need it takes lots of ahrd work. Kudos to your and your church family!! We hope to soon have a clothing swap, if you could email me the details on how u planned yours…did u collect the clothes days before the actual day? thanks laura!
    One last request for all of you: My best friend, Theresa, died suddenly of a massive heart attack saturday.So today I am grateful for friends and family, near and far. And grateful to God for giving me the strength to be there for her and her fmaily through sucha crisis. She leaves behind two gorgeous girls who are 16 and 19, as well as a husband. She was only 42 yrs old. I sat with her until they took her off life support. There is so much pain and grieving, please send out some prayers for her and her family, they need all the love and comfort they can get. Thank you and have a blessed week!


  6. says


    I’d love some details about how the clothing event was organized! It sounds like a great deal of work, but it’s also an idea which wouldn’t have lots of out of pocket costs for a church. Not to mention it would certainly help lots of people!!!



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