Gratituesday: September and Still Standing

I ran into a friend at the soccer complex Saturday, and her question to me as I headed with my boys to our van cracked me up:  “Why are you leaving? Don’t you live here?”  Ha! Yeah, that about sums it up. :)

I try not to whine too much (or too loudly). Forgive me if it seems like I complain about soccer season. I truly love soccer games and practices and watching the birds begin to fly south while I’m at the soccer field and running back and forth from the soccer fields to drop off boys to referee games and coming home from games to scarf down a quick meal so that we can head back to the soccer field again or packing food so we can eat during half time…

I’m serious. Supporting our York College soccer teams and participating in the “Rec-League” with our boys is so stinkin’ much fun! I can’t stay away, and if YC has away games, I try as hard as I can to watch the games online. 

But yes, August through the end of October is just a little bit hectic for us. (I was actually trying to finish the newest eBook project I’m working on by November. I’m pretty sure that is not going to happen.)

So today, I’d like to give a little shout out to God. We’re heading toward the end of September – and I’m still standing. How about that?! Through umpteen jars of applesauce, dozens of soccer games, and countless stinky shin guards and missing soccer socks – I am surviving.

Better than that, I’m lovin’ it. 

Now, just make sure you don’t open our living room closet if you come over and we’ll all get along just fine. (That’s where our cleats and shin guards are kept. You don’t want to go there. Phew!)  ;)

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  1. Erin Kerbs says

    My 14 year old has soccer from July to Dec. 8th. I am going to freeze. But I am grateful I’m not freezing even more in a northern latitude or something. :)


  2. says

    I boycotted blogging and facebook for a long time in an attempt to gain some control over the chaos in my life…yeah that didn’t work!

    So I decided I may as well get back to sharing my life and all the chaos that goes with it. Part of that of course is participating in Gratituesday and I love that your post was about chaos in your life too!


  3. says

    We’ve got soccer going on here, too, though not NEARLY to the degree you do! I only have one dtr who plays now (goalie on a U-15 travel team) and two teenage boys who have a job setting up the fields for a rec league. But I’m like you — lovin’ it!


  4. says

    Thanks for this reminder – that in this season of busyness, we’re happy, healthy, learning, together, and having fun. I needed that today!


  5. Michele says

    I feel the same about fall. Thankful to be standing throughout the busy times of the fall. With a glad heart and not a grumpy one. :)


  6. Brooke says

    I am so thankful that I had an AMAZING weekend spent with my hubby! We stayed in a hotel in Mission Bay (San Diego, CA) and the view from our room was the beautiful bay and ocean and mountains. We had a blessed marriage retreat and a very fun wedding we got to attend. And just had a wonderful time being “us”. Thank you Lord!


  7. says

    I’m there with you on the whole soccer season, except my boy is only 6 so I’m sure the schedule is not as demanding as when they get older. But God keeps us going! What a blessing!


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