Gratituesday: Printing in Progress…

Guess what?! You asked for it…we’ve been working on it…it’s just about to happen!

Ever since we launched our Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve downloadable curriculum, many of you have asked if/when the kit could be purchased in a hard copy. It’s been several months in coming, but it’s allllllllmost ready! Actually…a few are sitting ready to ship! (Always a funny term to me. What…like we have a boat?)

We’ve researched the best way to go about printing and binding our curriculum and finally settled on investing in a nice printer to create the books ourselves. The printer has been humming for a good part of the afternoon and we’re very happy with the quality of the pages. These 240+ full color page curriculum kits are placed in a nice 3 ring binder, making it easy for you to pull out pages for your family’s use. 


I can’t tell you how exciting this is after so many months of working to figure out what would be the best printable deal and option for you. That’s why this news becomes the Gratituesday post for this week. That, and I’ve done little else but play with our printer tonight so that’s sort of the biggest thing on my mind right now. It is SO exciting! I love how the curriculum kit looks in book form!!!

The Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Curriculum Kit in Book Form is ready for Pre-Order NOW! As we have four Books completely finished, the first four of you to order should for sure have yours sent within a couple of days, making it possible to have in your hands before Christmas!! Beyond that, all we can say is that we’ll do our best.  January is a great time to begin using this curriculum so we’ll work hard to get the books out in a timely fashion. (Keep in mind that you can buy a downloadable copy and have it immediately in your possession!)

I’m very thankful to all of you for your patience as we figured all of this out. It sure is nice to see our lovely printer, sitting over there in the corner getting a work-out. Woohoo!

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  1. Sandra says

    How exciting!! I have had my eye on this curriculum since you first posted about it – and one day will actually be able to purchase it. There just hasn’t been the extra money to do it, but I am working on saving up for it! I think it is just such a wonderful concept and I thank you for coming up with the idea and for sharing it with all of us! Blessings!!!


  2. says

    Hi, I have been all over your blog tonight and it looks great. Your pumpkin cookies look yummie! I’m in the market myself for a printer but mine won’t need to be quite that high tech. Thanks so much for having Gratituesday!! Kristina


  3. says

    I still love the idea of Gratituesday and need to start doing it weekly. A little reminder of my blessings would do me wonders when I start to dwell on things!


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