Gratituesday: Prayer for Healing

When my friends are hurt, I hurt. 

Last week, one of my friends became very ill. I’ve watched my church family rally around her family, helping with the kids, taking meals…and I’ve been so thankful to be a part of a body of believers that cares for one another.

I’ve been fighting a head cold myself, so it wasn’t wise for me to head over to her house to offer any help. But I’m doing much better now so finally tonight I got to go for a short visit. 

I didn’t do much. I delivered milk to her door and made a Wal-mart list of things they needed since I was on my way to the store. That was it.

But I got to hug my friend’s neck…and more importantly…I got to do what I’d been longing to do since I heard she’d become sick:  I got to pray with her.

Prayer is so powerful. When I feel helpless to do something to “make everything better” when truly, there’s not much I can do to help her body heal…I am so thankful that I can fall to my knees, take my friend’s hands, and pray.

It was beautiful, and I’m not sure but that she may have felt just a little bit better when I left. 

I know I sure did.

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  1. says

    I am looking forward to all the other responses to your Gratuituesday post. It is amazing to see the way God is working in each of our lives. Showing us completely different things to be thankful for, yet making them SO clear to each of us!
    Thanks for doing this, love your blog and have fun going back in the archives to read more each visit :)


  2. says

    I am so thankful, too, for the privilege of prayer. We are not helpless when others are hurting, we can enlist the power of the almighty God, the creator of the universe, and He hears us — amazing!


  3. elaine says

    Yes, indeed, what a powerful weapon we have in our arsenal!! I love all the encouraging things the Lord has to say about prayer … “the prayers of a righteous man avail much” … “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” Right now we are interceding for a dear friend who is critically ill and standing on the promises of God for his healing and complete restoration. What a comfort to know our prayers have power and avail much! Thanks for such a sweet post.


  4. says

    I had a friend do that with me when I miscarried last year. Hearing her call for comfort to come to me was so helpful and loving. I am sure your friend feels the same. I hope she gets better soon!


  5. says

    Thank you for the reminder of prayer and a friend. So important to remember that God puts people in our lives, and we need to rely on them, and in turn support them.


  6. says

    My sweet, young husband passed away after a 5 year battle with cancer last February. The prayers of our friends are absolutely, without a doubt what got me through that time. The meals were nice, the presents and care packages people sent and brought reminded me I was not alone, but the most meaningful things were the emails, the cards, and the Facebook posts that told us we were being prayed for. Prayer carries us through!


  7. darialauren says

    I’m due to have my first baby in about 6 days and its the most encouraging thing to hear my friends and family say they are praying for me! I’m sure it meant a lot to her as well!
    Mat 21:22 “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”


  8. Tami says

    It’s funny that you wrote on this today. For the last week, we, along with a multitude of others, have been interceding on behalf of a dear friend who found out (at 30 weeks pregnant) that her baby was not healthy and things were looking bad. Doctors estimated the baby might only live for another few weeks. She had another ultrasound today and baby looks to be improving! Praise the LORD! Not that our prayers heal, but the God we serve is the ONE Who gives life and breath! And there’s a reason He commanded us to “pray without ceasing…”!


  9. says

    I actually did a post on gratitude just recently. I have learned that being grateful helps me be all around happier. When I notice those things around me that are wonderful blessings I don’t focus on the problems or issues. All things come from God and living with a prayer of thanksgiving in our hearts can make all the difference.


  10. Daphne says

    Prayer is a wonderful, powerful thing! I’m thankful that God heard all the prayers said for a dear friends baby. The baby is two weeks old and has spina bifida. After a long surgery two days after birth she gets to go home today!!


  11. says

    We have a son who we adopted at age 10 which is now fifteen. He has spent the last year at a treatment center. We have not seen him in the whole time. He came home with the family he will be living with to start the healing process. It was amazing to see God’s hand. God is still in the miracle business.

    I am glad you got to pray with your friend.
    In Christ Alone,


  12. Susan Alexander says

    We caught the norovirus this past weekend and I am so thankful for modern medicine that helped my husband get through the horribly painful cramps and for a good friend who is picking us up some supplies to help us get back to eating food again.


  13. Samantha says

    We have been sick here. My 13 month old had RSV plus a staph infection and sever diaper rash which got infected from the doctors not knowing what it was.. boy oh boy! But with all the prayers we recieved and the prayers we sent up as well she is much much better. I love Gratituesday!


  14. says

    One of my favorite stories from the Bible is of the centurion officer who tells Jesus “You don’t have to come to my house, just say the word and I know it will be done”. I’ll say a prayer for your friend, too!


    elaine Reply:

    mine too!!


  15. says

    On Sunday, our minister discussed the importance of “falling upon his neck” in the Bible. It’s mentioned several places, including in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. He talked about it being a hug, an emotional, love-filled hug. How appropriate that you used similar phrasing in your post. I’m sure your hug, and your thoughtfulness did much to cheer your friend in spirits, if nothing more. It’s so nice to know we have friends we can count on in good times and bad.

    I’ve been away from blogging and Gratituesday far to long. It does a soul good to be reminded all that is right in our families, our communities, and the world! Happy New Year!


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