Gratituesday: Ping Pong

Even though, for months, the boys had been talking about wanting one – they were not expecting to get a Ping-Pong Table for Christmas. That’s why it was so much fun to surprise them with it this year!

(Santa gets great deals on used items at Craig’s List sometimes…)  :)

This has been so much fun for all of us. I hadn’t played ping-pong since I was a teenager at camp…or maybe since hanging out in the college “student center” as a freshman. Still though, I’m happy to report that I can still hold my own with some of my boys. I haven’t taken on Matt yet however…

Oh, and it’s probably not a good idea to ask me a question (such as, “Mom, what’s for breakfast tomorrow?”) when I’m in the middle of a match. I’m not good enough yet to simultaneously get my paddle on the ball while saying the word “muffins”. Maybe I’ll be that good eventually. :)


We put our new table up in our “game room” – the room that was built above what used to be a garage sometime during the 100+ year lifetime of this house. That room is perfect for our boys and their friends to play and make a mess. Now that we have the ping-pong table, that room is seeing even more traffic!

In just a short time, we are already seeing the blessings of having a ping-pong table. Yay God for giving us great deals and even better ways to spend time together! 

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  1. Sheri Beeker says

    Oh so fun!!! We used to have a ping pong table growing up also. We loved it! And fun to play around the table ping pong with like 4 or 5 people.


  2. says

    What a wonderful gift they received!! And its something the whole family can do together! I’m all for those kind of gifts! :)
    I would love to have one for the family but we don’t have a room to put it in. But I trust that if the Lord ever has one for us He’ll also have a place for us to put it too. LOL


    Laura Reply:

    I would have said that too, but we got a folding one. It still takes some room, but less than if it stayed out. We have to back a car out of the garage to play and fold up the table when we are done, but it is great. I’m surprised by what great exercise it is! And, like the reader mentioned below, a good mood elevator!


  3. Courtney says

    I got my husband a ping pong table for his birthday a few years ago and we love it! It’s great for those cold winter days when the kids have lots of energy to burn.


  4. says

    Ping pong is a family favorite here! Everyone wants to beat the papa who is, of course, the one to beat. :) Today I’m sharing about how thankful I am to share “good-night” words with my two still at home (ages 14 & 12) who, although they’re quickly growing up, still need to hear them from their mama. :)

    Blessings to you, Laura! And thanks for hosting! ~Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley :)


  5. says

    We had a pool table growing up (because it came with the house my mom and dad bought) I would have preferred the action of ping pong though. Hmmm…will have to think about that one. Thank you for hosting today!


  6. Amy floyd says

    We got our ping pong table in July of last year, and we all agree that it is one of the best purchases we have made. And we didn’t even get a good deal!


  7. Lisa says

    How fun! By the way, I love the curtains in that room.

    I am so grateful today for my father-in-law’s skills. He is a handyman and can also do plumbing and electricity. Well, we needed those skills last weekend. The electricity went out in half our house due to poor wiring (which we didn’t know about when we bought). By the end of the weekend, he and my husband had fixed the problem, and it cost us maybe $10. What a blessing!


  8. Brenda says

    Ours gets so, so much use. I like to play to ten points – to when *I* get ten points. And we don’t count the points my opponent gets. I win every time! :-)


  9. T.R. says

    The ping pong table sounds like fun! I haven’t played in I can’t remember how many years. I’m so competitive I’m not sure it’s a good idea. :O)

    I don’t have any “big” way in which God has blessed me thus far but I’m going to give gratitude for all the “smaller” ways that usually add up to something that helps out in a BIG way. :O)


  10. says

    Sounds like great family time & good exercise! I’m grateful for both, & for God’s grace giving us new beginnings through His Word. Thanks for the great post & for hosting & God bless!


  11. Lisa says

    We bought a ping pong table for Christmas too! My husband drags me out to play when my attitude and mood starts heading in the wrong direction. I love it! Oh, and our boys like it too. Just not as much.


  12. says

    Another reason to be grateful for the PP table: It’s one of (if not THE) best brain activity out there. Right brain, left brain, right brain, left brain, you get the idea. So, not only fun, but they’re getting smarter! Shhh, I won’t tell.


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