Gratituesday: Picnic in November

I can NOT get over the weather we are having this fall. Usually in my area, we have fall weather for around three hours, then it becomes very cold. This fall however, we have had WEEKS of beautiful weather. The boys have been able to play outside, the garden produced longer, our home improvement projects have been possible…

Today, November 8, we were actually able to eat our lunch outside. This NEVER happens in November. We were all sitting outside visiting and enjoying the sunshine…all six of us. It was time to eat and Matt suggested that we bring our lunch outside. In a very short time the men had a table and chairs set up and we were eating our roasted chicken with the works out in our front yard. Only one lady bug joined us, so I’d say it was quite a successful picnic!

I didn’t get a picture because I was hungry. :) 

I think that for as long as the weather holds out, we should eat our lunches outside again. What a great way to enjoy God’s fall blessings of beauty and warmth! After that, I suppose we could have picnics on the living room floor around the fireplace?

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  1. Erin says

    We are having the wonderful sunshine here too. Its strange, but lovely. And this is supposed to be a record breaking, very cold winter in the works. Certainly, doesn’t feel like it. Weird weather.


  2. says

    I am thankful for the opposite: cool weather. It usually feels like summer for a bit too long around here ;) We are loving temps that actually feel like fall. I was able to wear my heavy coat on Saturday. Love it!


  3. says

    Yesterday we also had a beautiful day. If the sun shines in November around here it is practically a miracle! Please God, a few more beautiful days?


  4. says

    I put the weather on my list of things I’m grateful for, too! :) It’s not as warm as wherever you are…definitely can’t eat outside, but it has been so sunny this week. :) God is good!


  5. says

    How awesome that your weather is playing nice. This week it is actually ‘Fall like’ here in So Cal after last week being redord high (100 degree) temps. This year the weather has been weird all around but I am glad that you guys get to enjoy it. I am hoping that it stays cool with no more heat waves! Rose :)


  6. says

    We are having great weather too! However, i wish it would cool off a little, we keep having to flip between our AC (during the day) and our Heat (at night). We can’t open windows due to allergies.


  7. Darla says

    I am grateful for friends from KS who are taking care of our injured son when we can’t (we live in MI). Good friends are a true blessing!!


  8. Deb says

    I am thankful for my salvation and for my family. I am thankful for the cancer God has allowed in my body. I am praying that He will be glorified and I will become more like Him through it.
    I am thankful for my Pastor’s wife and others that God has used to help me get the help I need for natural products for my health. I am thankful for Reliv…a liquid, whole food nutrition/vitamin that has helped me immensely.
    God is good ALL the time…ALL the time God is good!


  9. Christine says

    Hey Laura, I’m late in responding… my gratitude is for my health. I have been having some issues for the last several years, and I think I am slowly on the road to recovery!

    Also, my son (10) and I still have carpet picnics… When he was younger and would have a day off from school, we would have a carpet picnic to celebrate and watch a favorite TV show or short DVD together while we ate on our picnic blanket inside (we live in N Texas, where it’s ALWAYS warm in November (almost too warm, ya know.!?). This was a favorite tradition to do weekly when he was a lot younger, but he still enjoys it! Spread out a blanket in front of your fireplace, grab a board game, and have lunch with your boys on the floor!


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