Gratituesday: Our Homeschool Basketball Team

Every year, it keeps getting better!

As you probably know, we are a soccer family. All of our boys play soccer, Matt coaches soccer, Asa and Justus referee soccer…we love soccer! When Asa was invited to play on a homeschool basketball team three years ago, we timidly stepped in. Did we want to take part in yet another activity? Would this eat up too much of our time?

The truth is, it does eat up a lot of our time between November and March. But do we regret our decision to become involved? Not even a little bit.

Asa has formed some incredible friendships with the players on the team. These are kids from all over central Nebraska. We most likely would not have met most of them if it wasn’t for basketball. 

In addition, all of our younger boys have become friends with the team’s younger siblings, playing together on the bleachers during games. They have so much fun!

The best part for me? Growing closer to the other team moms. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the friendships I have made because of this basketball team. 

We ended our season over the weekend when we went to Topeka, KS for a big tournament. Over 60 teams were there. It was one busy place! 

My favorite part of the tournament is always the large assembly on Friday afternoon where all of the teams and families come together between games. There is a little friendly court competition, then we have a short devotional time together. All of these teams may be competing for the first place trophies, but when we are all together in the gym, we know that we are all really on the same team, striving toward the same goal. It’s awesome!


Our team did great this year, with both our girls and our boys winning first place in each of their divisions!


Asa is #35, front left. You can’t tell in this picture, but he is now six feet tall. Wowza.

I’m so proud of these kids, and so grateful for their great attitudes and friendship with my sons. Go Falcons! (And thanks for bringing your moms along. I am so blessed by each of them.)


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  1. Lori says

    Can I just say, “I’m thankful for you!”? I am a lively yet organized gal like yourself and find your blog very helpful from the pantry page to the recipes to the easy going way you share your heart and mind so freely! I’ve made this a staple to my daily responsibilities and it frequently comes up in conversation. You have transitioning so simple with the how and why but never boring. I could go on but i won’t. So, thank you!!!!! And God bless your family and may He expand your time to be most effective. You have been a great help to our family!


  2. says

    I’m posting about faith this week and how it’s okay to just know one step at a time! This is my first time linking up so I just put my name and blog name instead of my post title in the link. I’m never sure which one I should put! Thanks for hosting! Debbie @


  3. says

    How fun! That is great that there is such a big event like this for home school families! There may be in Oklahoma, too….just not in the SW corner where we live. Congrats on the games and friendships that will last forever!


  4. says

    I used to play competitive club and church volleyball. The friendships were priceless! I can only imagine what it will be like when my kids are old enough to participate in sports.

    Thanks for hosting the link up!


  5. says

    Love checking in with you as you walk a few steps ahead of me raising your boys. Still learning the ropes here in my first year homeschooling my sons (9,7, and 5)( but when I get a chance to sit and write, I sure do love linking up with you here. Thank you.


  6. says

    Sounds like fun! That’s awesome that you guys have that connection with other kids and parents. Your boys will hold on to those memories for a long time!


  7. Mary N. says

    I had the pleasure of watching these kids play the weekend before they went to Kansas down at Hastings. Needless to say, I was very impressed with all of the kids and their sportsmanship. One of the girl team players is a granddaughter, Hailee, of whom I’m busting my buttons with pride for her. All of the girls and boys did amazing in Kansas according to my daughter. I’m very thankful that all of you wonderful MOMS are rearing your children with Godly principles and values and supporting them in their quest for a good life. God will bless all of you according to His Mercy and Grace!


  8. says

    My kids are still very young but I hope when they get older they get involved in some sort of sport. Sports may not have been my forte growing up, but I always wished they were.


  9. says

    It is so great that you are both so involved! It sounds like you all have such a wonderful time as a family and with the others associated with it. What a wonderful testimony!!


  10. says

    Thanks for sharing from your life! These times of being in close with our families are the things that matter most, and it is always good to be reminded.


  11. krystal says

    Thought I’d share as an alumni: Over a decade ago, I was a part of the homeschool basketball conference in highschool and those are some of my family’s and I’s best memories of my teens! It is such a special opportunity- glad your family can take part of it! :)


  12. Cindy says

    Hi Laura,
    I, too, was at the NDII!! My daughter’s high school team played in the Championship against the GREEN! :) Congratulations on your teams’ wins! I loved meeting some of the girls, and as the coach, meeting Coach Harvey, what a sweet Christian man. I remember last year wishing I had known you were there, and then TOTALLY forgetting this year.. :( I coached in 6 games and felt very frazzled most of the weekend. I love the pace when it is in McPherson. I will look forward to seeing you next year. In the mean time, cherish those memories and friendships! I know my daughter (#34) has lifetimes friendships that were woven through the strands of a basketball net! God is GOOD!!


    Laura Reply:

    No way!! We were in the same gym that whole time! I’m sure you were quite frazzled after coaching all those games – good job! We MUST meet next year!


  13. Layna says

    My husband coaches our boys team. Since you are going to be in Springfield on 3/19 you should attend the Homeschool Basketball national Championships, a lot of top teams and players will be playing and its good for the boys to watch and learn!! We are playing in it this year ( our first year) but have gone to watch before. Our sons like to watch the teams that have a boy who is already going to a D1 school to play basketball… its fun to watch!!


    Laura Reply:



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