Gratituesday: Our Family Service Trip

I’ve talked here recently about how important it is to serve together with your family. We’ll be talking about that more – and I’ll be sharing some specific ideas of ways to serve with your family, specifically a ministry we can all be a part of together here at Heavenly Homemakers!

But today, I want to share what my family is up to this week and part of next. We’ve been praying about, saving for, and working out details for this ministry opportunity for quite some time.

Originally, we had planned on all six of us going together on a foreign mission trip. That is still something we’d like to do within the next two years before our oldest, Asa, graduates from high school. 

But for now, while we continue to put funds aside for a bigger trip that will take us to a far away country, and while we give our younger boys a little more time to grow (we’re not quite ready to take our eight year-old overseas for a mission like this), Matt and I decided to plan a “state-side” mission trip instead. There are needs all over the world, and certainly needs right here in the United States. What a great stepping stone and training ground for our family!

God led our destination choice to be in Colorado. It just worked. The more we put together the details of our trip, the more we are seeing just how God has orchestrated this for us.

Supplies are ready. Bags are being packed. We take off Wednesday morning, will be staying with some friends in the Denver area, and will be serving in different forms of ministry the rest of this week and into the beginning of next. We’ll be taking pictures along the way so that I can share it all with you after we get back. In the meantime, I’ve got some fun posts and recipes lined up for you to read while we’re gone!

We are all so excited about this trip! It will be great family time together, a great learning experience, and most of all, a great time to grow closer to God as we serve Him as a family.

(And don’t forget the Denver and Colorado Springs Meet & Greet  events too! If you  live in the area, please make plans to come. We would love to meet you!!)

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  1. says

    Glad to be a part of the Link Up! Thanks for hosting. Today we’re sharing a simple pleasure a mother of growing children has, “Oh, This Glorious Day.”


  2. Sara Stone says

    That is awesome!!! Our family is planning to do a 6 month missions trip this fall to the southern US and Mexico. I know the roadblock for many people is not knowing how to make it happen. If that is the case for any of your readers, I would suggest that they contact Mission Builders International – You tell them what you can do, where you want to go, and when you can go and they will help you make it happen. It is free to get that help. Of course, donations are always appreciated to help them cover their expenses so they can help people serve in missions.


  3. says

    What a wonderful opportunity for your family. Teaching compassion and service to kids is a great challenge. This will be a great way tot do it!


  4. says

    AW, our old stomping grounds Laura where we met and served together! How fun is that? I can’t wait to hear and see all the pictures. Wave to the mountains for me please. Love you and your family.


    Laura Reply:

    Yes! We’re planning to head to Security Sunday morning to encourage the people there (whoever still goes there, anyway). My main goal that day: Hug Mary Greene. :)


    Jill Roper Reply:



  5. Charlotte Moore says

    I am GRATEFUL for GOD’S MERCY!!! Where would be be without it?? I can’t fathom.

    GOD BLESS you all on your trip. Now is this what you said a couple weeks ago you had to tell us but would have to wait????


    Laura Reply:

    No actually, I am still waiting on a few details to work out so that I can share about an opportunity that we can ALL be a part of together, no matter where we live. SOON!!


  6. Melinda says

    Pls email me details where/how my husband and I can donate to your family for your overseas mission trip. That is such an unselfish act to give your time and money too and I would love to be a part of that even though it will be through a donation gift.


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