Gratituesday: Oranges!

We just got back from a long, long drive to and from California to visit Matt’s family. One of the best parts of the trip (besides seeing loved ones, obviously!) is that we got to bring home two big sacks full of fresh oranges from Matt’s uncle’s tree.


Wow, they taste good. I see a lot of Creamy Orange Coolers in our future, as well as simply lots and lots of sliced up oranges with our meals and snacks.

It is amazing how much better these oranges taste compared to store bought oranges. And, because they were given to us by beloved family members, we remember to pray for them each time we eat one. Such a tasty reminder! :)

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  1. Sara says

    Laura, after linking, I realize my “best friends” post doesn’t really fit your theme to a tee. I tried to delete it but mr kinky didnt let me. Im sorry! Feel free to delete it if you wish!


    Laura Reply:

    I felt that you were sharing that you were thankful for the friendship your kids have – fits the theme great! Thanks for linking!


    Sara@AJoyfulMother Reply:

    Laura, thank you so much for considering! I really appreciate it. By the way, it might be worth saying that it was you who started me on real food!! I started reading your blog after my son was born, and I learned so much. I am really not sucking up: it is the truth. I wrote about it here: Thank you so much for doing what you do!


  2. says

    Today I am so thankful for a wonderful birth team that God has placed me with. I love being a midwife. My stories of babies A-F are on my site.
    Enjoy those oranges Laura


  3. Hillary says

    Welcome Home! Any suggestions for road trip food? We travel a bit for our daughter’s competitive rock climbing competitions and I’ve been trying to incorporate whole foods when we’re on the road too.


  4. Janet Kiessling says

    Hi there, Laura:
    We are the Kiessling Family From California!!! Blessings to You! We Love our oranges here! We do eat them when ever possible! My grandma has a few trees that we get to pick some from! Tangerines are great, too! Have a great week!


  5. Daphne says

    We lived in SoCal for about 1 1/2 years and we lived in a city that had MANY citrus groves, strawberry farms and vineyards. I can’t tell you how much I miss all the fresh produce out there. We lived close to the avocado capital of the world too and they were always SO big, cheap and yummy!


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