Gratituesday: Oh, Hello Summer

I’m so close to the finish line I can taste it.

The new book I’m writing…well, it turned into two books because two seemed better than one with what I was purposing for this project. I’ve been working on them for months and since May I’ve been doing little else but writing, taking pictures, inserting pictures, formatting, editing, writing some more. Occasionally, I also did my fair share of whining and feeling defeated. In the middle of this exciting but very labor intensive project, I had to pray often and remember to put all of this into perspective.

(Here’s a sneak peek at the covers of each book. I can’t decide if I’m done with those yet or not.)

Overall, I’ve loved writing these books. Because I’ve adored cooking since I was a little girl, writing Teaching Your Kids to Cook (written for parents of kids ages 2-12) and Learn to Cook (written for students ages 8 and up) has been my most enjoyable writing experience. All throughout, I’ve felt that if I was a child again and someone gave me these books, I’d melt into a puddle of happiness. Yes, I’ve gone from giddy to exhausted…from exuberant to cross-eyed and back to giddy again – all within a thirty minute time period of writing. Bless my family for putting up with me.

Now, I’m on the home stretch. I’m down to the nitty-gritty details of perfecting and tweaking and perfecting some more.  The books are almost ready to turn over to Matt and others for the final editing process.

In the meantime, I’m giving myself permission to unglue from the computer screen a little more often. Yes indeed, I feel like I can finally say hello to a bit of a summer break. Instead of just sending my kids out to run in the sprinkler, I’m watching them shriek and play. Instead of waving to my kids as they run outside to jump on the trampoline, I’ve joined them a few times. Instead of only asking Matt how the garden is doing, I’ve dug into the dirt beside him.

Check out these baby birds in a nest on our porch, waiting for their mama to feed them breakfast…

Ahhhhh…it’s summertime. I’ve enjoyed it, but now I’m really enjoying it. I think I appreciate it even more than I ordinarily do, simply because I’m so giddy with excitement that my project is almost complete. (I’ll share more details as soon as I can.)

Bring on the sunshine and popsicles! :)

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  1. jonnie says

    Love the book , can’t wait to get a copy. My kids are ages 2 to 9 and they love cooking with me.. a idea for the cover colorful splatter marks…that’s what happens when my kids help me


  2. Rhonda says

    Great book ideas Laura. You do such a good job of sharing your passion. My daughters would have also loved books like these when they were little. Now they have homes of their own and love to cook for their friends and families:)

    Enjoy some “summer” fun with your boys. Sweet photo of the baby birds!


  3. says

    Congrats on the books being nearly complete! I was able to put the link up for Gratituesday and instead of putting my blog name, I put my own up there. Blame it on lack of sleep, lol.


  4. says

    What perfect timing for me and your new ebooks! My Gratituesday post today was about slowing down and letting my kids help me in the kitchen – these will be perfect! Thanks so much!!


  5. says

    So funny that I stopped by today to find a recipe. I’m actually putting together a book for my 5 year old Chef in training and came here for inspiration. Boy did I get some! I can’t wait to see your book! Oh and I’m having a party today with Tracy from Shelf Reliance after seeing it here on your BLOG. Thanks for posting about that too! Keep up the good work!


  6. says

    Congrats to you, Laura! Funny thing that like Suzy Q, I, too, am working on a cookbook only mine is being co-written by my muffin baking partner/ten year old daughter. :) Maybe one of these days (just maybe) we’ll actually publish it as an e-book just for fun. :) You’re an inspiration to so many of us! Blessings to you and yours, ~Lisa


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