Gratituesday: New Shoes

It’s borderline ridiculous that I am gushing over and dedicating my Gratituesday post to my (fantastic, awesome, super comfortable) new running shoes, but here goes anyway.

You know how I started exercising? I’m really starting to love it and crave it. All has been going great and I feel like my friend and I are making great progress in our exercise routine. But my feet have been killing me. I’ve never spent much money on my shoes and never have felt the need to do so until now. However, Matt and I decided that since I’m serious about this exercise thing, good shoes are a necessity.

I must have tried on at least twenty pairs of shoes. I lost track of how many stores we checked out. None of the shoes I tried were comfortable – not even the more expensive pairs. I thought it may be because my feet were blistered and sore. I had just about decided that maybe truly comfortable shoes were out of the question and that I’d just need to settle on a pair and go home. I was almost at the point of not even caring about the price of the shoes, so long as I could find one that half way sort of worked for me. And I was definitely beyond caring about the color of the shoe. Bring on the neon orange with purple stripes for all I cared, as long as they were comfortable.

Finally, I put my feet into these:

If I could have done a happy dance without embarrassing myself and knocking over the display of athletic socks, I would have. True comfort – on my feet. Really, it was possible. And could it be that the shoes were on sale, making the cost actually below my target price? Sure enough. And joy upon joy, they weren’t hot pink with green and yellow stripes.

I haven’t taken them off since last Tuesday (except to sleep – I think). I love these shoes. They are incredibly comfortable and have made exercising so much more enjoyable.

I know there are more important things in life, but today, I sure am thankful for my new shoes. Comfortable feet rock. :)

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  1. Kristin says

    Buy another pair, they will have a different version by the time you need a new pair that you may not like :/ someone taught me to take the manufacturer inserts out and replace them with the green ones, makes a world of difference!


    Emily Reply:

    I got the green inserts when I had a job that kept me on my feet (on concrete) all day.
    They really made a HUGE difference for me!


    julie Reply:

    I second the idea to buy another pair. (Maybe two)
    Once upon a time I found THE PERFECT pair of shoes, and was mever able to find them again)

    I’ve also heard that if you wear a different pair of shoes every other day, they’ll last longer!!!


    Amanda Reply:

    What are “green inserts” and where do you find them?


  2. says

    You mean there is hope for me yet?!? I need to go shoe shopping this weekend and have been dreading it. . . but you have given me that extra burst of hope — thank you! :)

    (and I second Kristin’s comment — buy another pair if you can! This is the very reason I have to go shopping this weekend, mine are shot and they don’t make them anymore)

    All for Him,


  3. Kristin says

    If you are exercising hard daily, you should get a second pair like suggested because shoes need a “rest”. Helps them last longer. Shoes are the one thing I will splurge on and it is definitely worth it.


  4. says

    It is hard to find good, comfortable exercise shoes that really fit for your feet! That’s why I’ve just bought the new version of my same running shoes, year after year. They wear out, but at least I know that model works for me — who needs variety or change?!! Glad you found some good shoes!


  5. Cheryl R says

    Okay, what brand are they and where did you find them???


    Laura Reply:

    They are Reebok Vibetech Solarvibe, and I believe I got them at Finish Line. I really can’t remember what store because we shopped at so many different ones!


    Cheryl R Reply:

    Thank you. May have to go looking for a pair (or two) of those!


  6. says

    As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news” Romans 10:15

    Congratulations Laura, and please buy another pair! Think of the time and money you will save.


  7. says

    Thank you for the link up! And I too need a comfy pair of shoes. One foot is a bit smaller than the other. It only seems to be noticeable when I have shoes on b/c one doesn’t fit the same. I have weird feet anyways. Thanks for the shoe tip ;)


  8. Kristen says

    I agree with other commenters that you should go ahead and buy another pair or two. Now that you know what you want, order online!


  9. says

    Good shoes are heard to fine. It always takes me forever to find new shoes. When I think I find a pair I like I’ll wear them around the house for a while to make sure. A few minutes in the store can be misleading. I’m thinking of buying new shoes soon but I dread all of the shopping to find a comfy pair.


  10. jill says

    I just did the same thing. I was afraid to order online without trying them on. The pair I wanted was about $100, but they didn’t have my size. I searched online, same price. Then, my dd wanted to go to Nordstrom Rack. Oh wow, they had them, my shoes for half the price. Last pair in my size. I felt just like you, like a little kid I didn’t want to take them off. I also got some minnetonka slippers at Marshalls which were a steal. Wasn’t sure if I liked them, but got them home and love the comfort.
    The shoes I got were minimals, weighing in at 6 ounces, Brooks Green Silence, black with a bit of aqua. I still want the Merrell Dash, but haven’t seen a deal on them yet.


  11. says

    Love the shoes too! Makes all the difference when you do that “e” word. lol Thanks for hosting again today! I got to go play in the dirt and [lant my garden this week. Heavenly!


  12. Linda D says

    Great shoes are hard to find and price can’t always be the number 1 deciding factor. I went to a shoe store the personal trainer recommended. The bits of advice he told me were: make sure I get a shoe that is half a size up from what I normally wear, try a pair on a jog around the store or outside (if they will let you), and try one shoe on from one pair and another from another pair and then jog around the store. I must have spent an hour in the store doing this and came away with a good pair of shoes…Hope you enjoy your shoes. I didn’t get a great deal on mine but they weren’t over $100.


  13. Shirley says

    It is so important to find comfortable shoes. Laura, you persevered and found some. Comfortable shoes can make life a whole lot better for everyone.


  14. Heather says

    Find the right shoe for you – that is awesome! Some people like Nike, some like Adidas, etc. I have been wearing my Asics Gel Nimbus since they were in the 8s. Now it is Gel Nimbus 13. Now I just check ebay, order my size and go from there. Just got a new pair last night. They always fit, they are always wonderfu. I’m glad you found your “shoe.”


  15. Kelly says

    Congrats on your new shoes! Exercise shoes (and clothes) are the only items of clothing I spend money on because I walk 3-6 miles a day and exercise is my hobby. I am currently loving K-Swiss Tubes but I have also had love affairs with Asics, Nike, and New Balance. Guaranteed they will change the model before you buy new ones so I definitely second the advice of buying another pair NOW. Enjoy them and your new-found exercise habit. You will never regret making physical fitness a priority.


  16. rylie says

    Ah man…this is the first time I’ve done this, and when I saw name, instead of title, I thought I needed to put my name in there. Silly, I know. But I thought the title might just show up. Is there any way to have this redone? the title is Rejoicing in Times of Discouragement. Thanks so much in advance, and I’ll get it right next time. :)


    Laura Reply:

    No problem, just repost it the way you want. I can delete your other one if you want.


  17. Michele says

    SHOES…gotta have them but ohhh I don’t like them. So hard to find shoes that fit my feet. High arches…wide feet…and short ones to boot. LOL Sorry for the pun. Glad you got some that fit. I recommend like most on here, get a 2nd pair. I will definitely be doing that next time. I have not had a good pair of shoes for 5 years…Still looking. We have to drive 2 hours away for a store that has a selection worth looking at. AHHHH the joys of a small town. :):)


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