Gratituesday: My “New” Office


Want to see my desk? Think twice before you answer that. It’s not nearly as exciting as you might think. Plus is likely much messier than you imagined it to be.

See, for years now, my “desk” has been a card table, topped with a tablecloth since the top of the table was all torn up. Am I professional or what? It worked to hold my computer…and as you can see from the scary picture below, it also held piles of messy paperwork.

office 1

The piles of papers and notebooks were kinda, sorta organized. But woe to the person who put a non-heavenlyhomemaker piece of paper down on my desk. It would quickly get buried and lost in my mess.

Finally, a few weeks ago, Matt suggested it was time to get me a real desk. Not only would that be much more practical for my work, it would free up our card table to be used for gaming and to fold laundry in the upstairs hallway. Sounded good to me!

Ladies and…well, are there any gentlemen reading this? Introducing my new work space:


It’s just a simple black desk, but it has a drawer and a cabinet to house my junk files and paperwork. You’ll notice that my desk is placed right in front of a closet door. Who does that? Yeah, we do. It’s the only placement option in our guest room/office right now. Someday maybe we’ll rearrange, but we rarely use that closet, so for now it works.

How long until this desk is covered with papers? Here’s hoping I’ll keep it under control for at least a few days. :)

This Gratituesday, I’m thankful for my office upgrade. What are you thankful for?


  1. Michelle says

    I’m grateful for the $10 crock pot I found on clearance at wal-mart! Mine broke down about a year and a half ago and I really used it a lot. We had been unable to replace it but for $10 we can!


    Sandra @ Sandra's Ark Reply:

    Oh I love to hear about people get great bargains and opportunities like that.


  2. Deloris says

    I am so greatful today that after praying and asking for God to have the right person answer the phone at Medicaid, I got a gentlemen who is critically ill his medical card finally after 6 months of it being cut on and cut back off so he can go to the doctor at 1 today. I am PRAISING GOD for working this out for him and would appreciate prayers for Steve.


  3. Charlotte Moore says

    Thankful that GOD intervened in a situation last Friday that only HE could work out. HE is on time every time.

    Enjoy that new desk.


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