Gratituesday: My Nana is Here!

Last week we got a surprise email. Nana had the opportunity to come to Nebraska (from Arkansas) – and she’d be here Saturday! I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear this news.

Nana is 84 (going on 43) and is my mom’s mom. We don’t get to see her nearly enough and well, I just needed a hug from my Nana. Not only have I had hugs, we’ve had a great time visiting and enjoying the boys (and their cousins).

We’ve had several family get-togethers since she arrived, with big spreads of food and wonderful story telling and memories shared.

What a blessing to have Nana helping me in my kitchen, just like I used to help her in hers.

I’m flying high this week. Thank you God for this wonderful woman and for the chance to make more memories!

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  1. Daphne says

    Enjoy your special guest! Both of my grandmas have passed away and I would love to have them around to hang out in my kitchen! They were wonderful cooks and I wish I could have learned more from them!


  2. Leah says

    Glad your nana is with you and away from all these horrible storms we’re having here in Arkansas!


  3. Brooke says

    Your nana sure does not look 84! That’s wonderful that she was able to come for a visit. :)

    I’m grateful for the wonderful husband I have; who loves me no matter how much I mess up, who works hard for our family, and who loves God and want to do His will in all we do. :)
    And I’m esp thankful that through my daily struggles, God does not give up on me.


  4. Jen says

    Laura, you look radiant in the picture with your Nana. :) Those times together are so priceless! My mom’s mom is gone now, but I just got to see my Grandma and Grandpa(Dad’s mom and dad) last weekend when we visited my hometown for my niece’s graduation. It’s the first time they’ve seen my 5 month old son, and we took precious pictures. My Grandma has been dealing with memory loss for several years now, and I always worry, each time I see her, that it might be the last time she remembers me, or the last time I see her at all. So hard! This time she sat and held the baby for almost the entire time we were there, and she was so joyful.

    Sorry to go on. I’m so happy for you to see your Nana, and you both look beautiful! :)


  5. says

    What a beautiful lady your Nana is! I can see a resemblance between you two.

    I never got to meet my dad’s mom (she passed away a few years before I was born) and I lost my mom’s mom when I was a junior in high school. I miss her so much.

    I’m so glad you get to have this time with your grandma. Visits like that are precious!


  6. Karen O'Dell says

    SNIFF, SNIFF…. what darling pictures! So thrilled that mom got to come north. She’ll be talking about this trip for months to come!! Four generations of Alley’s in one town this week! So thankful that mom’s had this opportunity to see you all!!


  7. says

    Such precious moments to be able to spend with your grandma! Both mine have gone on to Glory, but I have so many, many wonderful memories of my grandparents. Thanks for hosting, Laura! ~Lisa


  8. Lana says

    Have a happy time and saor every moment!

    I am so thankful for my husband. He is always there for me and loves me so very much. He has truely been my gift from God for almost 33 years.


  9. says

    How wonderful to have extended family around you this past week; what a blessing! Time with family is precious. While both my grandmas have passed away, my mom and I are very close, and I’m thankful for the opportunities we have to spend together!


  10. shellie deckard says

    Praise the Lord she’s not in Arkansas right now! We live in Arkansas and the weather has been adventuresome to say the least! What part of Arkansas is she from? We are from NW Arkansas, near the cities of Bentonville, Bella Vista, and Rogers.

    Your grandma looks like she’s such a sweet woman! And the familial resemblance is remarkable! Enjoy your visit!!!


    Leah Reply:

    I am also in NWA. I’m leaving with the kids to go stay with my parents. This weather has me completely freaked out. Praying God’s mercies for your family and all the others in the area. This is just too much!


  11. says

    Your post put a smile on my face! I had a Nana, too! She died two years ago at the age of 97, full faculties intact (and she often tell you that, too!) Until the age of 95, she would come to my house every fall and make her fabulous vegetable soup by the gallon. I had my twins help peel and wash vegetables. I have the best picture of them sitting around the table, with peelers and Nana aprons on. I do miss her…she was one of my best friends.

    Enjoy your visit and give her extra hugs!


  12. Laura says

    aw, makes me miss my Grandma. Your pic of her in the kitchen reminds me of a pic I have of my Gma making a pie with my daughter. Very sweet. Give your Nana a hug from me, wouldya?


  13. says

    this makes me miss my Grandma, too. My Grandma did not like to cook or be in the kitchen but we still had good times together! I have such fond memories of her! Your Nana is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy every minute with her!


  14. Jessica says

    If this were a facebook post, I’d DOUBLE “like” it!!!

    You are so blessed to have your Nana in such good health. I’m 26 & all of my grandparents have been gone for years…



  15. blair says

    Today I am thankful for the safety of my children and family.
    We live sw of okc, where there were tornadoes yesterday.
    Everyone please say a prayer for the Hammell family
    From Piedmont, okla. The mother is pregnant and injured.
    Their 3 year old son Ryan can’t be found. The life of their
    15 month old son, cole, has been lost. Their older son (between
    5 and 7), is not doing very good. Please say a prayer
    For this family who has suffered such great loss.


  16. Jenny says

    Laura, I can see where you get your good skin from! Your grandma has wonderful skin. Enjoy your time!


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