Gratituesday: My Gift

Ever since I lost my mom to ALS in July of 2004, Mother’s Day has been difficult for me. I miss her every day, but Mother’s Day is always harder.

Matt has always been so considerate each Mother’s Day – spoiling me and making the day special, yet acknowledging and understanding that it is a day that I tend to feel sad. I love his strength and compassion.

We don’t tend to give each other gifts on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. We’ve never felt much need, and instead, fixing special food has always been our fun tradition. That is why I was so surprised to be presented with this on our way to church Sunday morning:

Receiving a gift at all was surprise enough. Seeing that he picked out a Bible with a cover described as “Pink and Chocolate” – well, does that tell you how well he knows me or what? And did you see what he had engraved on my new Bible?

Isn’t he the sweetest?

My husband shows me great honor in how he continually treats me like his queen. He had all of our boys sign the inside of the Bible, letting it be a gift from all of them.

I feel empowered to rise to the occasion and be the kind of Heavenly Homemaker they deserve and desire. I am honored to be the one God has chosen to make our family’s home more heavenly.

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  1. says

    It is always so special to receive any gift, large or small when it has so much thought put into it! You can tell how much you mean to your family :)


  2. says

    Laura, the bible is beautiful; what a wonderful idea!
    I’m so sorry you lost your Mom. ALS is such a terrible disease.
    As for my gratitude this morning, I’m grateful for a lesson taught to me by my little dog: you can’t always see what needs to be dealt with; many times there are things hidden beneath the surface….
    Have a blessed day!


  3. says

    What a sweet gift! You are a Proverbs 31 woman as well as a Titus 2:3 mother. I know you will enjoy that bible for the wisdom it holds as well as the sweet gesture from your family. :)


  4. Chris says

    Love the Bibe!
    This was my first Mother’s Day without my mom(I lost her 8.5 months ago.) And my hubby did an extra good job of taking care of me on Sunday. It was such a hard day and I’m sure Mother’s Day will never be the same without my mom here with me. I am also soooo thankful for a husband who cares so much about me!!


  5. Katie says

    Lovely gift! :) I lost my mother 4 years ago just before my first son was born, and I know what you mean about Mother’s Day.


  6. Charlotte Moore says

    We are not ones that think you have to do gifts at certain times either. I do like gifts for my birthday and anniversary though. To me those are very special. The rest of the time if we want something and can afford we just get it.

    I am so grateful to have a great grand daughter after 42 years of boys. She is a delight and it is PINK at my house.

    GOD BLESS!!!


  7. Sherry says

    I read this post and was touched by your reference to ALS. Our dear, dear friend who has been an honorary grandfather to my kids for the last 15 years, since my father passed away, has been diagnosed with ALS and it is tragic to see this vibrant and servant minded man be robbed of his vitality and abilities. My thoughts and prayers are with you at your loss. No matter how long…those losses can never be filled. I am grateful though, that even through all of this…it teaches us how to celebrate the small joys and triumphs, and how to live through the challenges. Thank you!


  8. says

    It’s so important for us to realize that on those “supposedly” happy days, many are grieving or don’t have happy memories. However, just as you show in your post, little things can still bring that peace, comfort and joy – even in those times.


  9. Paula says

    I was so glad to read your Mother’s Day post. I lost my mom to breast cancer in 2009, so Mother’s Day is sad for me too. It is such a strange feeling—gratitude for what you have mixed in with sadness for what you lost. I am so grateful for my son and husband for keeping the day special for me.


  10. Debbie says

    What a wonderful and very thoughtful husband you have! I love that he had your boys sign it, too. What a beautiful gift to treasure always!


  11. Lisa says

    That is so beautiful, Laura. What a wonderful husband God has given you.

    Sunday was my first Mother’s Day! Well, our baby hasn’t made her appearance quite yet, but she’s alive and kicking in my womb, so we counted it =)


  12. Nicole B. says

    I posted a gratitude blog link under my name! I really am happy to be able to share about how God blessed our family with a car when we really needed it! God is so awesome!
    I am so glad that you were able to find joy in your mother’s day. It is great to know that even without our parents, God is our ultimate parent and will always be there with us!

    God bless!
    Nicole B.


  13. Brooke says

    That is so sweet of Matt!

    This mother’s day was tough for me too. It was a fun but busy weekend, thankfully spent with my four favorite people and other family. I kept looking at my girls and thanking God that I had each one of them and that they are healthy and alive! Late Sunday afternoon I popped on over at my sister’s house with a bouquet of flowers. How could we imagine that she’d be spending her first mother’s day without a baby in her arms?? I came home and just wept. I hugged my girls and just thanked God again for them!


  14. says

    I have made an attempt to do my very first link-up. If it worked, I will be grateful for the success. If it didn’t, then I will be grateful for the learning process and try again another day.


  15. Amy says

    That is the same exact Bible I have! My husband gave it to me on the day I was baptised :-) I am glad you had a nice Mother’s Day. Your husband is setting such a great example to your boys for how to take care of their wives one day.


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