Gratituesday: My Computer is ALIVE!

Last week I whined to you that my computer seemed to be on the brink of death. This is quite a big deal for our household as we rely on our computer for many, many things, most importantly the work we do on this website.

Our computer is just over a year old, which should mean that having our computer up and die isn’t something we should have to fear. Yet, for the past couple of months we’ve been experiencing some crazy symptoms and scares. We’ve had it looked at, cleaned up and looked at again.

The guy working on it said he’d never seen anything like it – not a comforting statement from someone who’s been working on computers for many years. To say that I was under a bit of stress last week is quite an understatement. Looking back, I should have handled this better, knowing that God always works everything out. In the big scheme of things, having a dying computer, but having healthy children and a roof over our heads means that truly, all is well.

I won’t go into all of the specific stresses of the week, but let me just tell you a little bit about how God worked through this:

  1. A few weeks ago, my friend Brenda told me about Carbonite, letting me know that it was a great way to back up your computer. We decided to go for it.
  2. On Tuesday, Carbonite completed its back-up of our entire computer, including eBooks I have in the works plus hundreds of pictures we’ve taken.
  3. The VERY next day, the computer refused to boot up. Yeah, the very next day.
  4. After trying many other things, our computer-expert friend had to basically restore our computer to its original self, meaning that everything we had on it was wiped out and our computer came back to us like a brand new computer.

This means two things:

  1. We truly have a wonderfully working, like new computer again. It’s working fantastically.
  2. If we hadn’t just backed up all of our files, we would have lost everything stored on our computer.

I am so thankful that God prompted us to get everything backed up. Carbonite has already restored all of our files back to our computer. Wow.

I am so thankful that our computer is now working wonderfully again. And I am so thankful for friends who helped us out during that time, either by helping fix the computer, offering to help fix the computer or letting us borrow their laptops so we could at least do bare minimum work on the website while we waited to get our computer back. We have such great and helpful friends.

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  1. Tracy Compaan says

    YES! Love this. God is always good, always faithful, and Praise God that everything worked out for the good of you who love God and are called according to His purpose to run this website. :D
    Thank you for sharing this special story!


  2. Christina says

    Today, I’m grateful that the Lord disciplines me as His child. It hurts, even in the form of a gentle reminder, but I’m so grateful to have an opportunity to change! Glad your back up and running!


  3. Lana says

    So glad for you that you did the backup!

    My hubby works for IBM so when mine gets cranky he does a restore and it is great. He usually does ours about every 9 months and it is like having a new one. I am thankful that he can do this for me.


  4. Melisa says

    I follow several blogs and I have to say that Gratituesday has got to be the post I look forward to the most. God is good. Thank you for sharing!!


  5. Kristy says

    Thank you for posting this! I have been worried about 2 years worth of pictures. I am going to check this company out right away! You are such an inspiration and I love your blog!!


  6. Shelley P. says

    We were having problems with our computer as well. After you recommending SWAGBUCKS, I thought I would give it a try. My husband (who is amazing with computers) found that Swagbucks was messing up our computer BIG time. Please ask your computer person to look into this for you so you don’t have problems in the future.


  7. Linda says

    Just a bit of hope for those who KNOW they should back everything up, but fail to get it done before their hard drive crashes…if you take your computer to a really good repair shop, they should be able to hook your hard drive up to another and save most of your files.


  8. Lynn T says

    With all the time you use the computer you should consider getting a MAC, next chance you get. You’ll never go back to a PC. However, they are man made too, so keep the Carbonite going ;)


  9. says

    Laura . . . I keep doing my link wrong to link up to Gratituesday . . . so I am sorry it is on your blog three times – you can erase the first two – I did #23 the right way, finally :) Thanks for understanding.


  10. says

    Yay! God is so good to us! I wish my brother was closer to you (he lives in Alaska too). He has a gift with those kinds of problems. Hopefully your issues are resolved!


  11. says

    I’m so glad you had good things to say about Carbonite. We’ve been using them for the past six months or so, but haven’t had to *use* them yet. So I’m glad to know we’re in good hands.


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