Gratituesday: My Broken Dryer


My dryer is was around 35 years old. Yes, that’s as old young as I am. 

We bought it used and cheap when we lived in Colorado and it has served us well for around 11 years.

A couple of years ago it stopped working. But, when your old dryer breaks down, do you go buy a new one? Of course not. You have your father-in-law take it apart and fix it for you when he comes to town for a visit. And then you thank him profusely and start using your old dryer again.

But last week, ye old dryer broke again. I discovered that it was broken when I went to take the clothes out of the dryer and noticed that the clothes were still very wet. I started the dryer again (sometimes it would take two rounds anyway). An hour later…wet clothes. Wet towels and socks to be exact. Ick. 

Matt called his dad (who had the nerve to be at home in California this time when our dryer broke) and talked through some of the issues and possibilities. Over the next few days, as he had time, Matt took the dryer apart and tested some of the things his dad suggested could be the problem. 

I have to say…I think it was mighty considerate of my dryer to break down in May, instead of say…January. I’ve been hanging most of my laundry out on the line anyway…so a broken dryer this time of year doesn’t really bother me. Except for the fact that I’m not a big fan of crispy socks…and the idea of hanging out our thunderwear (sorry I just couldn’t bring myself to blog the real word) makes me feel a little too up close and personal with the neighbors.

Anyway, long story long…our dryer is a gonner. We could have spent $200 on a part that might have fixed it, but yeah, I don’t think so.

But guess what? We just so happened to have another dryer. (Have I ever told you that we own a few storage units in town that we rent out?)  Yes, we own a few storage units in town that we rent out. About a year ago when someone moved out of their storage unit, they left their washer and dryer behind. They told us just to sell them or give them to someone who needed them. We’ve offered them a couple of times to some folks who we thought could use them, but no one took us up on the offer.

So, yay for us. We pulled the old dryer out, and put the new (to us) dryer in. Easy as that! (says the girl who had nothing to do with lugging the old dryer down the stairs and out the door and hauling the new dryer in and up the stairs and getting it set up and ready to use).

I’m so grateful for our new dryer…and I think I’ll head upstairs right this minute and go start a load of um…socks. :)

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    Laura, God has overwhelmingly gifted us over the years with dryers. Since moving to Jersey, we have been given two. One we passed on to our missionaries who returned from France. It sat awhile awaiting it’s new home. When they got it hooked up and working in their new home, they let us know that the gift would keep on giving. We weren’t sure what that meant until the next Sunday when they brought us a laundry basket full of clean clothes. The load that we had left in the dryer.


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    I know it seems like a bit of a stretch but I really am grateful for my dishwasher – especially now that I have figured out how to get sparkly dishes out of it!


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    Our dryer recently died, too. Money’s too tight right now to buy a new one, though. We already were line drying a lot of things, so we rigged up another line in the basement and started hanging everything. At first, I thought it was going to be horrible, but it’s really been fine. Hubby doesn’t know it yet (he helps with laundry), but I’m not sure I ever want to go back, even when the economy gets better!


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    That’s so great you already had a “spare”! It’s funny you mention this, cause I went to get the dry clothes from last night out this morning and they were still damp. I’m wondering if I even started it last night! We’ll see …


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    We had a similar dryer problem earlier this year, and also happened to have an extra lying around. It feels good to be taken care of, no?


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    We had an old dryer at our latest apartment. I’m thinking it’s from the 70’s but it does to a a descent drying job.
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    Have a great week!


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    Gratituesday snuck up on me until it was almost Wednesday!! I’ll get it next week. Anyway, congrats on your “new” dryer. In our 20 years of marriage, I’ve never had a real “new” washer or dryer, just get hand-me-downs from people who do get new ones! Fine with me! Lori


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