Gratituesday: Mother-Daughter Banquet

Last weekend, our congregation held a special Mother-Daughter Banquet. And why, you might ask, is the mother of four boys writing about this event?   :)

When this banquet was announced a few weeks ago, I nodded in approval and then didn’t give it another thought. I knew the mothers and daughters would have a lovely time together while I stayed home and had a rockin’ good time with all my menfolk. There would be Star Wars music involved at “my party” and there would be dirty socks and there would be burping contests. I love my life, I love being the mother of all boys and I love all that comes with it…even if it is a little uh…burpy sometimes. Not being included in a Mother-Daughter Banquet didn’t upset me in the least…I am so grateful for the life God’s chosen for me.

But my friend Rose had a different plan for me for that evening. It would appear that several of the gals were talking about how they could get me to this Mother-Daughter Banquet. They paired me up with a young-married college friend whose mother doesn’t live around here. We both needed an excuse to be there, they said. Why didn’t we come together?

And so we did. I picked up my adorable and fun friend Sarah and together, we headed to the Mother-Daughter Banquet.

It was a beautiful evening. There were over 140 ladies there:  Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Daughters, Nieces, Sisters, Friends. I loved having the chance to spend time with Sarah and with all the other gals in attendance. The littlest girls there were wonderful to watch, as they came in all dolled up in their prettiest dresses…all twirling around.

Sarah blessed me with a beautiful pink wrist corsage to wear for the evening. Everything about the evening was so…girl. So feminine. Such a celebration of womanhood and sisterhood.

I love my church family. I love that they cared enough to work out a way for me to join them for the Mother-Daughter evening. You know, one of these days…one of those little girls in the pretty, twirly dresses might grow up and catch the eye of one of my sons and become my daughter. What a lovely thought.

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  1. Samantha says

    Aww so sweet! =] Today I would have to be grateful for Azure standard delivering very close to home and us being blessed enough to purchase about $100 worth of flour and other necessities! =]

    Happy Gratituesday!


  2. Christina says

    What a beautiful gesture! And what fun!

    Today, I am grateful for being a stay at home mom who gets to figure out all kinds of ways to love on an nurture and guide my 2 sweet children. And this may seem minor, but I’m grateful today that we are hopefully getting new cell phones and switching cell phone providers. We are finally at the end of enduring a long two year contract with one of the most horrible phones ever designed. Yes, thankful for the experience, and thankful for its end!


  3. Kori Kauffman says

    Our church has a Mother-Daughter banquet also. It is not for Mothers that have Daughters, but those that are a Mother or a Daughter; so for ALL women!!
    I am grateful for God’s unending, unmatched loved:)


  4. Lana says

    I am thankful for my dear husband (whom I’m sure I don’t tell enough) for working so hard to provide for us. I’m thankful that he is happy to have me stay at home with our children. I’m grateful, too, for the privilege of homeschooling them! We are truly blessed!


  5. Katherine says

    As the mother of two boys I can truly relate. Last weekend they had there friends over for a sleep over. On the way back from getting a late night snack they were all making farting noises. To some it would be annoying, me I found it to be music as they laughed after each one. Thanks God for my wonderful boys!!


  6. says

    Thank you for your sweet story. I am so glad that you had someone to “mother” for the banquet. You are such a great example of a Godly woman!


  7. says

    What can I say, there are certain women in the congregation, yourself included, that it’s hard to imagine an event without them. I am very glad you came, and brought all your little “shopping bags.”


  8. sharon says

    what fun!!!! :) Today I am grateful for wise doctors, friendly nurses, helpful teachers, and friends and family, as we prepare for my sons surgery tomorrow.


  9. says

    What fun to go to the mother/daughter banquet and celebrate womanhood!How very special that it!!

    Today I am grateful for our time of family worship. We have it every night and it has been a wonderful addition to our life. It has changed the atmosphere of our home and the hearts of our children. What a blessing it is!!


    Danielle B Reply:

    We have nightly family worship too!! I remember years ago going over to this girl’s house w/a friend. My friend was picking up her son. And just as we were leaving the family gathered together for their family worship. It was so neat! And it stuck w/me, and I wanted to do the same thing when I got married!


    Kristi Reply:

    YEAH – it is a beautiful thing and it is fun to teach others about it

    I wrote about it here:

    My husband is chronicling his journey here – the Lord has done and
    continues to do beautiful things.

    I am so thankful the Lord has brought my husband home spiritually and emotionally.

    Hurray for family worship!!

    Smiles to you Danielle :)


  10. Rhoda says

    Not having children for the first 17 years of marriage was really difficult for me–especially Mother/Daughter events. Like you I didn’t think I could go as I wasn’t a mother. But a godly lady one day reminded me that though God had not chosen to make me a mother (at that point), I was still a daughter. More importantly, I was God’s child. Four years ago God graciously enabled my husband and I to adopt 2 children from Vietnam. This mama’s heart is full. Thank you for your posts, your perspectives, and your sharing your heart with us.


  11. says

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. It’s interesting that you choose the mother daughter to be thankful for. Yesterday when I was posting about my two older daughters I decided that I would post my Gratituesday about them.


  12. Danielle B says

    Today I’m grateful that my week of depression is over! It was horrendous. I’m also grateful for God, my husband, pastor and my bestest friend who helped me through it. Without them… I KNOW I wouldn’t be here.


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