Gratituesday: Missing Teeth

I am continually thankful for our four healthy boys. Health is nothing to take for granted. As I catch myself when my boys whiz by me with their crazy, neverending high levels of energy…and shake my head as they constantly outgrow their jeans and shoes, I am reminded to praise God for the blessing of kids who are doing exactly what He created them to do:  grow, learn, change, become stronger and become young men with big appetites and big hearts.

Our youngest lost the first of his wiggly teeth this week. It was bittersweet for me. He was pretty proud of those tiny baby teeth he got to put under his pillow.

This was Malachi’s attempt as smiling and showing the gap
on his bottom row of teeth all at the same time!

I love my boys…and their Daddy, who is doing such a great job of showing them what it means to be a man of God.

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  1. Amy Bradsher says

    We’re redoing the last nursery in our house this week. It’s so sad – and yet so wonderful to see them so excited and growing so big!


  2. Samantha says

    This week would be how grown up my (almost) 15 month old is. She is now jumping, dancing, and finally letting Mommy cuddle her again! & instead of loosing teeth, she cut 3 this week! We are up to 11 teeth now! Wooo Hooo Kenna!


  3. says

    We’re still working on baby teeth coming in there…. but I was at the dentist last week and he thinks I could be in the guiness book of world records for the oldest baby teeth…. 30 years and counting! :)


  4. says

    I am feeling left out since it has been many years since I had a little one to lose any teeth. Oh wait, my “baby” at 6 feet tall is getting his wisdom teeth out in 2 weeks. He will NOT be putting them under his pillow however! :)


  5. says

    Thank you for the reminder of our children’s health. It is something I am also thankful for-I have multiples, and my pregnancy and their life has been so healthy in comparison to what it could have been. Your boys are adorable!


  6. says

    That photo is precious and I feel your heartbreak at them growing so quickly. My boy is now 4 and a half and I’m sad and overjoyed that he’ll begin school next year. Such a mix of emotions. We’re so proud of them getting big, but so sad at them not being small any longer.


  7. says

    Hi Laura, It won’t be long until my granddaughter loses her first tooth. It seems like yesterday her daddy was a snaggle toothed kid! Blessings to you and yours! Teresa from NanaHood


  8. says

    Hi Laura,

    I enjoy looking at those empty gaps in their mouths. I love it when their talking changes slightly b/c of no teeth. (Does that make me a mean mama? I mean I still love them GREATLY) I’m thankful today that unlike someone close to me and many others out there, my family is allergy free. Thank you God! Thanks for your site, I love it and all the recipes.


  9. says

    Missing teeth pictures are adorable! I’m gonna miss those pictures! I bought our youngest a Christmas ornament with blacked out front teeth a few years ago – to mark that time in his life. It is so cute!

    Have a great day, everyone :).


  10. Jayme says

    I love it when people realize they need to appreciate that their children are healthy. It actually gets me a little teary-eyed. Until 11/11/10, I thought I truly appreciated I had a healthy 14 month old and a healthy 2 1/2 year old. That was the date my 14 month old (now 17 months) was diagnosed with cancer. He will beat this but it makes me really appreciate that my 2 year old is healthy and that one day my 1 year old will be as well.


    Samantha Reply:

    We are praying for both of your children at our household if that is okay.
    My cousin is 16 months old and has cancer as well. We are praying that
    he will get better soon. =]


    Jayme Reply:

    We’ll pray for your cousin as well. Thank you.


  11. Heather in Michigan says

    My 7yo’s got a tooth that has been hangin’ on for dear life for the longest time! Seems like months… that ol’ tooth just will not let go! But I dont mind- keeps him younger for a little while longer.


  12. says

    Losing teeth is always a big deal in our house — we have a special tooth fairy kit and everything :-) I love photos with those missing teeth!

    I’m new to your meme, thank you for hosting it and I’d love to have you come visit. I’m off to visit some of the others and say hello :-)


  13. Victoria says

    I am definitely grateful for my children’s health, and how active they are. I knew a mom who lost her son who was the same age as my little boy when he was almost 2. She also has a daughter the same age as mine. Whenever I find myself getting annoyed by my children’s bickering or whatnot…I remember her and the fact she would probably do anything to hear her kids bicker.


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