Gratituesday: Making Headway

I know, I know…I haven’t posted the storage room pictures (aka freaky-mess-scary pictures) yet. You talked me into at least taking the pictures and they’ve been uploaded and everything. But I just didn’t see how posting my scary storage room pictures would be a good thing to share for Gratituesday.

I am thankful to have a storage room and enough stuff to make it messy, but still, I like keeping Gratituesday a place of refreshment…not a place to make you run screaming away from my site.

And so, I’ll wait a little while longer to post those pictures (but really, they are coming soon). In the meantime, think grateful thoughts and don’t try to imagine how messy my storage room is. It’s Gratituesday, after all.

I will share that while I was getting myself very dirty and having some very productive storage-room-cleaning-out time today, I found a nice stash of big plastic storage containers. I love glass jars best, but for bulk dry ingredients, it’s great to have big ol’ plastic buckets and jugs for storage. I forgot I had these containers, so I was very happy to dump out the dust and dead crickets (told you that room was scary) so that I can use them again!

I got them all washed up, so soon they’ll be ready to be put to good use in my new organizational system for food storage. I’m very excited and feel good about the headway I’ve made so far!!

I also feel very filthy. Yuck, this is a dirty job. :)

In case you were curious, I made this simple Stir Fried Chicken and Veggies for dinner
tonight using the food we have on hand. All the kids love this meal and it is so easy to make!
(And yes, that was really on the menu for tomorrow, but I switched the two night’s dinners.
This is what happens when you’re busy cleaning and forget to put the roast in the crock pot.)

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  1. cheryl says

    I am thankful for your blog. I use a lot of your recipes. You really should write a cookbook and I would be first in line to buy bit. Also wanted to say check your Kraft First Taste account.
    I received an offer for free Breakstone 100 calorie cottage cheese snack. Yum I love cottage cheese. Thanks


  2. says

    So glad to hear someone else gets caught up in projects! I do that and then feel bad that I didn’t think ahead to put something in the crock pot while I worked! Quick easy meals help with that! Your stir fry looks delish. Good luck with the storage room.


  3. says

    Don’t you just love it when you find things that you have forgotten about?
    The stir fry looks so delicious and very colorful. The more colors the healthier! Yummo.


  4. says

    Thanks for hosting! I have been enjoying the Gratituesday posts for several weeks now, and decided to participate this week.

    By the way, your stir-fry looks yummy!


  5. Wendy says

    Is that a Tuppeware Container I see?!! My love is for Tupperware instead of jars, that’s why I sell it. I have saved so much money by using my Tupperware to keep my food in. I love your posts and can’t wait to see what’s next. I also get to doing things and forget to put something in the crockpot, so don’t feel bad. Thanks for all you do. I love trying your recipes. Have a great Gratituesday!!!!!


  6. Shannon says

    I am grateful for an online community, for my church family and the awesome weather that we had last week.


  7. Lana says

    I am grateful for the the Lord’s protection during the awful storms and tornados we had in the SE over the weekend. We had a very large dead oak tree near the house that we were waiting for tree sevice to take down and by God’s grace it stayed standing. It was taken down yesterday and the man who climbed it and did the work said it was very weak and he was afraid it would break under his weight while he was in the top cutting off branches and lowering them to the ground with a rope. Praise God for His protection for our family and the men who took down the tree.


  8. Carly says

    We have bought several years worth of almonds from Sam’s Club. (Smile) They come in a cute square 4lb plastic container with a brown lid. I have recycled these and made the cutest storage cabinet in my kitchen. They are filled with beans, rice, pasta,sugar, etc. and lined up on my shelf like little soldiers. I love how organized they look and I can tell at a glance what needs to be filled. Since I was paying for the container anyway, we decided to find a use for them. Everyone who stops by loves how organized they look! I want to print some cute labels for them soon as I can find a cute label online. I thought that maybe some of your readers might shop at Sam’s Club, too!


    Wendy Reply:

    I shop at Sam’s Club!!! I love it!!! I’m able to stock pile and still have items to cook daily. Plus it helps save money.


  9. says

    Your rice looks *fabulous*! We’ll be trying that this week. Any way to get my kids to eat veggies & rice sounds good to me. :)


  10. Season says

    I am thankful today because I am a nursing student, homeschool mom of 2 and wife and today were my finals for the semester and now I get a break from school!!!! Now I can spend more time with my kids doing lots of fun things.


  11. Courtney says

    I’ve been so busy with work today which makes me thankful that I am able to work from home so I can be here with my boys :)


  12. says

    I was trying to decide what to post this week for Gratituesday when it hit me. I have time to sit at my computer and post because the washer, dryer, and dishwasher are all doing jobs for me that in another time or place, I’d have to be doing by hand. Ugh. From there it was easy. Today I’m grateful for my household servants/appliances that make my life easier.

    I too love your recipes, Laura! Have a great week, friend! :)


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