Gratituesday: Lego Room Make-Over


Yay, yay, yay, and yay some more! Our Lego Room is finalllllly clean!

You know how you have those places in your house that you walk by and immediately upon looking at it, your shoulders droop, you suddenly feel tired, and you just have to walk away? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I am so happy for you. I hope to be like you some day.) 

Our Lego Room is such a place as this. It is constantly a mess. We clean it, and within days it is a mess once again. Legos all over the floor. Legos beginning to string out into the hallway. Legos, Legos everywhere.

First, how is it, you might ask, that we happen to have such a room in our house that is dedicated only to Legos? It is a blessing and a kid’s dream come true, that’s for sure. Well, the simple answer is that we have a Lego Room because all four of our boys sleep in one big bedroom. We used to have them divided into two bedrooms, but they’d always end up sleeping in the same room anyway (and fighting each night over which room and which bed and whose turn and bleh). So, enough was enough, and all the beds got put into one room which  became “the boys room”. Then the other room became a Lego Room. 

Side note, because apparently I’ve decided to jump around in this post:  It is awesome to have all of our boys in the same room. Sure, sometimes (like once a year at the most) one of them mentions something about having their own room, and truly, we’d figure it out if they really wanted it that badly. But having them all together means that they are making awesome memories together. At night, we hear them reading together, making up stories together, singing together (serious or goofy), and laughing together. It’s incredible and wonderful, and Matt and I love listening to it. 

Anyway, back to the dreaded Lego Room. It was constantly a disaster, and nothing I’d tried in the past to make it better had ever worked. Finally, last week, the boys and I talked about how we could work together to solve the problem (so that Mom could learn to like Legos again). After way too many suggestions (seriously), we finally decided that the best idea would be to purchase some drawers so that they could separate and store the Legos by color. 

We spent hours and hours the next few days, sorting colors, sorting Lego people, sorting, sorting, forgetting that we were sorting and starting to play, being reminded that we were sorting, and sorting some more. Then we re-arranged, swept, dusted, set up some ground rules, and we were finished!

Isn’t it lovely!? Now, instead of feeling discouraged when I walk by, I get excited. It looks like a great place to create and play! I’ve made the kids promise NEVER to dump out a container of Legos again for the rest of their lives!! And if they are working on a project and have Legos on the floor, when it’s time to do something else, they are to put their project into a plastic container until later. 

Will this new system work? Oh I hope so. I think so. It better. ;)

I’m thankful to have this project behind me, and thankful that together, we figured out a system for Lego Room survival. :)

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  1. says

    Gorgeous!! My son would love it! We have plans to get his LEGO sorted the same way, but he doesn’t have a whole room dedicated to it! :)


  2. says

    Finally! I think I have found someone with just as much Lego as me! LOL My boys love Lego. So does my daughter. I find it every where. Lego men in the bathroom. Lego Airplanes in the living room. Lego Weapons in the kitchen, and the hardest one to be thankful for a stray piece on the floor that your foot finds first thing in the morning! I do love it though, such a great imagination sparking toy!


  3. says

    This is wonderful! We actually did the same thing (conquer the toy room by color sorting legos) a few years back. At the time I thought, “How long will this really last?” I have been pleasantly surprised with how long it has lasted.. the boys enjoy having the room and legos so organized that they are keeping it that way without any “nagging”. It’s been a life saver for us. BTW, after 24 years of parenting, and with 8 of my 11 children being boys, we have TONS of legos (probably 3 times what you show here). I could probably open up a small lego store! They are a toy that just lasts and lasts!


  4. says

    This looks beautiful. Organizaton is a mother’s beauty, right? My own experience would dictate, however, that it won’t last long. Here’s prayers that it will!


  5. says

    I showed my husband,and now he thinks we need a Lego room ASAP for himself. He doesn’t seem to care that it is one giant choking hazard for our little one!


  6. Jenn says

    Looks awesome! My two girlies are five and three and they’re already on their way to large collections, so it will be good to have some organization ideas tucked away in my brain.

    My inlaws still have all the Legos that my brothers-in-law had growing up. The first time my girls discovered them in their little nook, they collected at least a hundred dismembered Lego man heads. Turns out their male cousins, all of a similar age to them, had decapitated all the Lego men on their last visit. We thought it was pretty funny – the boys doing the decapitating and the girls straightening up and organizing the mess of heads. :)


  7. CeCe says

    Boy oh boy how I needed this post today!!! We just got our 5 yr old daughter a “big girl bed” (twin bed) and the only things we removed from the room was her toddler bed and a changing table/dresser thing (which really only held a box of books). But now, for some reason, the room is chaos. Is it just b/c she now sees more floor to dump stuff?? Can’t wait until school starts next week; while she’s gone, then I’ll get time to sort thru and make some things “disappear”. Gonna have to get some drawer systems like in Laura’s pics and try that out. Also, got to try the “rotation system”: hide away some toys, bring them out later.


  8. Joy says

    To help keep our Lego mess under control, we spread out an old sheet on the floor whenever they feel like dumping and sorting through their Lego pieces. Clean up is easy – just pick up the corners of the sheet and pour them back into the big Lego box. (By the way, we tried sorting by color, too, but it didn’t last … maybe your kids are more motivated to stay organized than mine were! (-:)


    Jenn Reply:

    This is brilliant. Thanks for sharing. I’m off to put a sheet by the Lego bin…


  9. CJ says

    I can relate – this morning, I was woken up at 6:30 by the familiar crash of an entire bin being dumped on the floor.


  10. Amy says

    Seeing this MADE my morning! My husband and I have a lego store on and we need our own lego room. Seeing your kids enjoy the legos makes me excited to spend today sorting and organizing legos for kids and the kids-at-heart. Thanks for the inspiration!


  11. Amy says

    Seeing this MADE my morning! My husband and I have a lego store on and we need our own lego room. Seeing your kids enjoy the legos makes me excited to spend today sorting and organizing legos for kids and the kids-at-heart. Thanks for the inspiration!


  12. says

    Makes me feel better about my son’s collection that he inherited from his older brother!! I want to separate them by color in bins as well, and then for the figures and other odds and ends I have been holding onto coffee cans. I plan on taking pictures of the items and printing them on labels to put on the cans. Now I just need to find the motivation to do it!


  13. Nathan says

    We’ll see how long it lasts. :) Me and my brothers were Lego maniacs growing up, and we would occasionally organize our Legos, but it never lasted long.

    FYI, if your boys feel like they need to dump out a drawer of Legos, have them do it on a sheet. That way they can find the pieces they need, and then you pick up the sheet by the four corners, and dump all the Legos back in the drawer.


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