Gratituesday: Kidless

We didn’t plan it. Somehow it just happened.

Our two oldest boys headed out for a mission trip with our church youth group. Our two youngest boys stayed back with grandparents after Memorial Day festivities. That leaves us at home with exactly…zero children.

None. No kids. At our house. For four days.

Whatever shall we do with ourselves? ;)

We’ll likely spend our time balancing work on big projects (Matt painting the house, me writing away on a new ebook and eCourse) with sitting and relaxing together. We may actually have conversations that don’t end with dangling paragraphs left unfinished.

I’m pretty sure I have no idea how to cook for just two people. I am quite certain the house is way too quiet. And the laundry pile? It is freakishly small.

But this gift of time is one that we’ll cherish together while our kids are having a blast away from home. Then, come Friday, we will welcome all the noise back into our house, along with a week’s worth of mission trip laundry, extra kids to feed (cousins are coming!), and a mad dash to get our oldest straight off to Leadership Camp.

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  1. Laura S. says

    I remember you mentioning this in Colo Spgs… Yay!! You both will love the time alone together! And you will be ready for the kids to come back, with renewed energy and a stronger marriage. Enjoy!


  2. says

    Four days with no children…wow! As a mom of 5, I can’t imagine! Enjoy this precious time with your husband!

    Long time follower, 1st time linking up! Love your site!!!


  3. says

    What a huge blessing Laura. SO thankful you get to spend some real alone time. As far as the food, good luck with cooking for just 2. Now that takes superwoman abilities! :)


  4. says

    mine are 5, 3, 1…. I would be happy with just 24 hours of no kids to nap, eat a hot meal, and enjoy a full conversation with my husband as well. My day will come at some point I’m sure. :) At that point we’d probably end up with baby #4 as a result. ha ha :)


  5. Fletcher R. says

    Enjoy your time together! The first time my husband took all 3 kids away to go camping I was absolutely lost!! I drove around town trying to do errands and I could hardly remember where I was. When I called my Mom, she just laughed at me. Hopefully, you won’t forget where you are while the boys are gone :)


  6. says

    I cook for 2 people right now – we have a 1-year-old son, but he doesn’t factor into my cooking very often. My advice: make smaller batches and make stuff you like since leftovers are your friend! What a fun challenge to have for a little while!


  7. Rebecca says

    We will be having a similar week this summer when both of our boys, who are autistic, will be at respite camp for 5 days and our daughter is being shipped out to grandma’s house. I can’t wait!!!!!


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