Gratituesday: I Love Mondays

I know. I’m weird. 

Most people despise Mondays and instead, love Fridays. And truly, I love all the days of the week for different reasons. There’s lots of fun to be had while running crazy all weekend, seeing lots of friends, going to ball games, feeding a houseful of teenagers, making a plan and beginning to execute said plan for the upcoming week on this blog, and throwing my hands in the air at the laundry piles that begin to take over the upstairs hallway.

I love it all.

But by Monday, I am ready to have a quiet day at home. I’m ready to take a break from all of the “out of the house busyness”.  I’m ready to get back into a routine. I’m ready to sit down and read books with my boys. I’m ready to reconnect with you – my blog readers. I’m ready to have an evening with nothing to do and nowhere to be (which sometimes, believe it or not, actually happens on Mondays…yay!). 

I’ve learned the hard way not to schedule much on Mondays. I really need my Mondays at home so that I can try to catch up on rest and work. I need to take a breath and sometimes…I need to take a nap. ;)

By Monday night, I find that I am refreshed and ready to move on to whatever Tuesday through Sunday brings. Hooray for Mondays! 

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  1. says

    Wow what an excellent outlook on Mondays ! Saturdays are usually the day I turn everything off and just relax but even then I usually have chores to catch up on at home and so there is really no “turning off”. Oh well ! Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting Gratituesdays this week once again. Linking-up on your website has brought in a lot of traffic to my blog and I just wanted you to know that. God bless you and keep you this week.


  2. Jessica says

    Honestly, I was thinking the same thing yesterday morning! Right now. we are a multi generational household, and while it’s definitely a blessing, the introvert in me loves Monday mornings, when everyone has left for work and it’s just me and my kids, doing our thing and learning together.


  3. says

    I’m with you, I love Mondays, too. I welcome the structure, though I also love the NON structure of the weekends. It’s kind of like how I welcome each of the seasons.

    Today I’ve linked up an old post, one from four years ago, shortly after two of my adopted kids arrived home. I am very grateful for how much they have learned in that time!


  4. Maria says

    I agree! Mondays I stay home, workout, and get lots of cooking done, too. Sometimes I bake bread or cook a big pot of beans, preparing for the onslaught of Tues., Wed. and Thurs. Those are the “outside commitment” days around here. Mondays make the rest of the week possible.


  5. says

    I hadn’t thought of it in terms of ‘I LOVE Mondays,’ but I’m happy to have that day at home, too. I catch up on laundry, we can move more slowly through school (than other days when we have coops or special classes). I think I love Mondays, too. :-)


  6. says

    I agree about Mondays. Weekends wear me out, and yesterday the hubs was off for the holiday. This means today is my Monday, and I’m playing catch up on cleaning and rest from the extended weekend. I also love reading the different Gratituesday entries. :)


  7. Tonya says

    I truly don’t mean to come across as snarky, although inevitably someone will read it that way.

    I would look forward to Mondays too if I got to stay home. I would venture a guess that those of us who hate Mondays don’t have that option, and are off to the grind that keeps us away from our children and homes. I’ve been a stay at home mom and a working mom, and although no mom’s job is easy, I truly enjoyed the stay at home mom role MUCH more.

    Not a lot of options for some of us, though.


    Tonya Reply:

    I see that the comment below mine has made in through moderation. I hope that this isn’t an indication that the fact that I’m different from the rest of your “commenters” and offering a differing opinion isn’t the only reason I haven’t received approval.

    I do think I messed up on my email address the last time, putting “” instead of “” Maybe that’s the issue?


    Laura Reply:

    No issue at all! I’ve simply been out of the house all day and off the computer, unable to moderate comments! (The comments below yours didn’t require moderation because they’ve commented here before, therefore they showed up on the blog immediately after they wrote it.) Here I am finally…moderating all the comments that came in today. :)


    Laura Reply:

    Hope you didn’t read my post to say that people who hate Mondays were wrong in my opinion, since that’s not at all what I meant. We all have our favorite days! Mondays just happen to be mine, so I shared about it. And unlike many who look forward to Fridays so that they can relax a little and be home over the weekend, that’s the day I brace myself for the upcoming rat-race of busyness with taking our kids to games (and packing all of our food), hosting high school youth group on Sunday night (usually about 30 people), ministering to people in our community, etc. I love the busyness of that too, but it sure does wear me out and put me behind on my business work and house work. That’s why I love Mondays.

    What’s your favorite day of the week?


  8. Sheri Beeker says

    I like Mondays as well. And never want to plan anything for Mondays. There is just something about being at home and catching up a little on the house…my kids don’t seem to want to leave the house either.


  9. says

    Totally understand your feelings – we need a Sabbath rest – one day of the week to just not have to go anywhere, play anything but just normal routine or doing somethings totally different.

    Linking in and thanking you for the opportunity.


  10. Dona says

    Tuesday Laundry & scrubbing
    Wednesday Visiting friends
    Thursday Planning & budgeting
    Friday Errands & shopping
    Saturday Family farm projects (work)
    Sunday Everyone home & resting
    Monday MY DAY at home, enjoying alone


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