Gratituesday: Houseful of Teenagers

It all started over the weekend when I ran into a friend at the Home School Conference. She’s one of the moms of some boys on Asa’s basketball team. We were talking about how the boys missed each other since basketball season had ended in early March. One thing led to another, and we figured out a time to get her boys over to hang out with Asa.

And then that one thing led to another, and we decided to call more boys on the basketball team. 

And to make a long story short…there are seven teenage boys in my house right now.

Since Monday night and Tuesday were the days that worked best for everyone, we all just decided to cram Tuesday’s school work into Monday and Wednesday (ah, the beauty of home schooling!) so that Tuesday can be a big day for hanging out and shooting hoops. 

Three lasagnas and four loaves of bread later, I’d say these boys are having a pretty good time…

Seven teenage boys might seem a little intimidating…but I promise you that even I am having a wonderful time. These have GOT to be the most polite boys on the earth. I love them.  Our younger boys love them.  Their mothers should be proud.

We’ll be having pancakes in the morning. I’m trying to decide how many times I should quadruple this recipe to fill them all. (How’s that for a gluten-filled sentence in the middle of our Gluten Free Recipe Parade week!?)  :)

What a blessing for my son to have friends like this in his life. Bring on the hollow legs!

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  1. says

    I love it when my kids have their friends over. It is the house I always wanted to have. One full of kids having fun & letting me get in on it a little bit. You are blessed that your son has some great friends and that you could have them all over! Enjoy it!


  2. says

    Thanks for reminding us every week to be thankful for the little things…or in your case, for quite a few big things that can inhale lasagna at an alarming rate.


  3. Sharon says

    Enjoy every minute of these times. My kids have grown up and left home, but I am thankful for all the times their friends came to our house and devoured everything in sight. It all seems to come to an end too fast. God always provided food, fellowship and willings hands to help out when things were tight.


  4. Lana says

    What fun! I remember those days! I loved having my boys friends over! They are way different than a house full of drama queens—I mean teenage girls!!


  5. says

    So much fun! Enjoy these days while they’re here… My three oldest children are all married; they grow up so fast! Thankfully, I still have two at home and get to do it all over again. :)

    Thanks for sharing (and for hosting!). Today I’m linking my post about being thankful for the deer fencing my husband and youngest son put up to protect our new cherry trees. Blessings, ~Lisa


  6. Andrea says

    I was just talking with my husband the other night about my fear or feeding our teenage son and his friends someday… :) I pray that he has as great of friends. What a blessing!


  7. says

    It is great you invest in your children! My 90 year old neighbor once told me (when I said how much our basketball hoop had cost) that it was one of the best investments we could make to keep our children off the street. She has been proved correct.


  8. says

    This brought back memories some long ago and some recent. Our oldest son at home has a band, all guys from church that are fabulous. They would come on Friday night play their instruments till we made them stop (we love our neighbors)and then spend the night. Breakfast was fun having them all here. Best advice from an old Mom, make it YOUR house that kids come to. That is how God will bless your teens during those tough years.


  9. sharon says

    Sounds like a wonderful time!! this week I ahve a house full, six kids all week, and a few days this week, there will be even more. I love it love it love it!!!!! I can say from experience, that my friend sabrina, my best friend all through school, her mom was wonderful, and we all were always at her house, always!!!! and i can say for a fact that if not for her, a bunch of us would have wound up in trouble a time or two. that is my plan for my kids and their friends as they get older. blessings to you and yours!!!!


  10. Susan says

    Are we to write what we are for? Well, I am thankful that I can homeschool the kids & my husband has complete faith in my ability & prefers homeschooling.


  11. Andrea says

    I was excited that we were closing on our house on Tuesday so I could rush over and share it with you here! God is good. I hope I can share more on Gratituesday in the future. It sure isn’t for lack of blessings that I don’t!


  12. says

    Thank you for reminding us to take time and be thankful!

    “A grateful heart is one that finds the countless blessings of God in the seemingly mundane everyday life.”


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